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Slashy Knight Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

These days, knights are expected to do a lot more than just save damsels in distress. Slashy Knight is an endless hack-and-slash game that follows the adventures of one such knight. Available on Android and iOS, this game lets you embark on a journey across different lands. Explore the blocky worlds and fight off evil monsters. Complete epic quests in exchange for awesome rewards. Keep fighting monsters in order to gain experience and level up. Recruit new heroes along the way and choose your favorite one! You can play as a Panda Samurai, a wizard, a Viking, or even an angry villager with a pitchfork. What is great about this game is that you only need one finger to play. You can feel the thrill of battle while still remaining casual enough for one-hand play. If you need help progressing in the game, just read our Slashy Knight beginner’s guide for tips, tricks and cheats!

1. The Mechanics Of Power

Power in Slashy Knight works a little differently from most hack-and-slash games. You cannot just hack away at a stronger opponent and hope he eventually goes down. You will only be able to kill enemies that have equal or lower power than you. This can be tough in the beginning since you will only have a starting attack power of 1 at level 1. Your starting power increases as your level increases. That does not mean, however, that you need to wait for the next level to be able to take on stronger opponents. Every time you kill an opponent, your power increases by one. That means if you kill two monsters, you will be able to take on a monster with a power rating of 3. The more you kill, the stronger you will become!

2. Complete Your Quests

Before you even enter a stage, make sure you have checked your current Quests. Completing these Quests should be your priority over anything else. Quests reward you with plenty of gold, currency that you will need later on. When you complete a Quest, it will take a while before the next one becomes available. You will be given the option to watch a video advertisement in order to instantly get a new Quest. We recommend that you take advantage of the offer in order to complete as many Quests as you can while you have time to play.

3. Get Even More Gold

When you go to the main menu screen, you will see a Free Gold button. Make sure you tap on it whenever it is available. You can also watch another ad in order to double your earnings. There are also ad offers that double your earnings from completing quests or finishing stages. Regardless, make it a habit to accept these ads when you have time in order to maximize your gold gain.

4. Beware Of Obstacles

As you progress through the stages, you will eventually come across obstacles. Trees and hay bales will immediately end your run if you crash into them. You will also fail if you fall into the water. One object you can look forward to, however, is the barrel. Barrels often contain coins, extra lives, or even a fire sword that allows you to kill any monster regardless of power rating. Don’t worry too much about crops on the fields because you can easily cut through them.

5. Unlock New Locations

The game starts you off in the Croppy Fields. As you level up, you will be able to unlock new locations. The Mystic Forest becomes available at level 5. Reaching level 10 will give you access to the Rocky Mountains. The Frost Land is unlocked at level 15. The Gloomy Graveyard is available at level 20, and the Dangerous Desert is unlocked at level 25. More locations will be added in future updates, so just keep on leveling up in order to prepare for even better locations.

It is time to save the world from evil monsters in Slashy Knight! Just follow the tips and tricks above to ensure your success!