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Dragon Raja Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Get Started in the Game

Dragon Raja is one of the most highly-anticipated mobile RPGs of the year, and it’s finally available on iOS and Android platforms. With over 1,000,000+ downloads and counting, Dragon Raja has set the bar for mobile RPGs, boasting some of the most impressive graphics ever developed for mobile. The game was developed by veteran game studio Archosaur Studios, the same folks behind other popular titles like Naval Creed: Warships and Novoland: The Castle in the Sky.

Dragon Raja is an RPG built from the ground up for mobile systems. Running on Unreal Engine 4, the game’s main draw is its stunning graphics and the same full-quality 3D you’d expect from a AAA title for PC or dedicated gaming consoles. Dragon Raja puts players in a massively detailed and truly stunning open world.

Featuring a deep and comprehensive character creation and progression system complete with classes, skills, pets, and equipment, Dragon Raja gives players full control over their characters as they explore the gigantic game world that’s brought to life by a host of NPCs, various real-world locations, and the presence of hundreds of thousands of other players.

As with any MMORPG, Dragon Raja isn’t just here to look pretty, either. With high-intensity, real-time combat systems in place, a competitive PvP system, and hundreds of quests, events, and activities for players to take part in, Dragon Raja is the culmination of cutting-edge gaming technology for mobile devices.

It’s a fun game that offers players a ton of content and infinite playability thanks to interactive player-to-player gameplay, but as is expected of an RPG of this size and scale, it can get real complicated real fast. While most hardcore gamers might have no trouble at all adjusting to the many systems and game modes available in Dragon Raja, a lot of players may find it a little daunting or even overwhelming just to get started.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with a comprehensive Dragon Raja beginner’s guide, featuring tips, cheats and strategies, to show new players how to get started in the game. If you want some tips, tricks, and general strategies to getting stronger and better at the game, you’ve come to the right place. So without further ado, let’s get dive into our Dragon Raja beginner’s guide!

1. Get To Know The User Interface

Dragon Raja is a fun, full-fledged RPG on Mobile, and features a bunch of revolutionary gameplay devices and systems. With so much customizability and depth available to players, more than a few of you may struggle with just figuring out which button does which and which menu you should tap to see what you want to see.

dragon raja user interface

Now, don’t get me wrong – Dragon Raja is a very well-polished game, and its various complexities and nuances help make the game that much more interesting and playable. However, if you’re one of the many players who struggle with the menus right out of the box, allow us to show you the ropes and get you familiar with the Dragon Raja user interface.

The Motor Menu

Your one-stop-shop for all-things mounts and vehicles. Press the Motor button to open the mounts interface where players can unlock and upgrade their mounts.

The Skills Menu

This part of the UI is reserved for players to view their skills in great detail, providing plenty of information regarding damage numbers, effects, modifiers, and more.

The Rank Interface

Open the Rank interface to see how your character compares to other players from around the world. Participate in events and PvP to rise through the leaderboards.

The Pet Interface

Characters in Dragon Raja can gain access to Pets that follow them around and often give bonuses. Use the Pet interface to view, feed, upgrade and even evolve your pets.

The Wardrobe

Check out the Wardrobe to access any clothes and cosmetic items that your character has unlocked, and equip them directly from the menu no matter where you are.

The Core Interface

The Core interface provides players with a much more detailed overview regarding their core and advanced stats, particularly highlighting the bonuses received from Cores or gems.

The Gear Interface

This is where players can access all of the gear and equipment they come across in their adventures.

The Career Interface

Each Character can choose a profession when they start the game. Through the Career interface, they can monitor their progress in their chose profession, or even choose a second profession at level 60.

The World Map

The Purple Square visible near the top right corner of the screen, when tapped, displays the World Map.

The Peace Button

Located near your player’s icon in the top-right corner of the screen, the Peace Button enables/disables PvP for your character.

Other interface elements, such as Settings, Social, and Club (Guild) are far more straightforward. Settings allow you to adjust various game settings. Social lets you communicate with other players. And Club is where you can access everything your Club has to offer.

2. Choose Your Class Wisely

When you first create a character, one of the first big choices you’ll have to make is what class you want to play. Dragon Raja features an impressive class-based character system that gives each class unique visuals and abilities. Of course, the abilities tied to each class also makes them optimal for certain roles.

dragon raja classes

Whether you’re a fan of brawls and face-tanking gameplay or prefer to take on enemies skillfully at long range, or even if you just want to be everybody’s favorite healer, Dragon Raja offers six unique classes to choose from so you can play the way you want to play. These classes are:

Fighter Class

One of the most popular RPG archetypes, Dragon Raja’s Fighter class is a full-on brawler and an expert in martial arts. While experts in combat and dealing damage up close and with blinding speed, the most interesting trait for Fighters in Dragon Raja is their innate robotic companion, called a Titan. Titans work together with the Fighter to deal and tank damage for the player, while also providing plenty of utility and support.

Gunslinger Class

Masters of ranged combat, Dragon Raja’s Gunslingers are high-tech combatants wielding an impressive arsenal of weapons and technology to lay waste to their foes. Specializing in ranged DPS, Gunslingers are unequaled in terms of raw damage potential and use their extensive array of weapons to lethal effect. Apart from the guns that the class is named after, Gunslingers also have access to artillery strikes, landmines, invisibility fields, and particle beams.

Assassin Class

Born from the combination of next-generation technology fused with the blood of dragons, Dragon Raja’s Assassin class employs a wide variety of weapons and techniques to dominate the battlefield. Focusing on mobility and evasiveness, Assassins are hardy combatants that are capable of outputting some of the biggest damage numbers in the game, while staying cool and out of harm’s way thanks to high-end gadgetry and legerdemain.

Blademaster Class

Blademasters are disciplined fighters, favoring close-combat encounters and using enemy numbers against them. Wielding two swords into combat – one giant blade for dispatching large numbers of enemies, and one thinner, more dextrous sword for precise strokes and killing blows, Dragon Raja’s Blademasters take pride in their superb attack and defense and serve as the game’s go-to Tank class.

Scythe Class

Wielding a gigantic Scythe on the battlefield, the Scythe class is aptly named and strikes fear and dread into the hearts and minds of his enemies. Dragon Raja’s Scythe class makes use of the long reach of her weapons to deal massive damage to multiple enemies while keeping a safe distance away. Combining mobility and an innate capacity to hold off multiple enemies at once, Scythes are masters of death itself.

Soul Dancer Class

Arguably one of the most unique classes in Dragon Raja, the Soul Dancer’s main draw is that it’s always followed around by a shadow – a being of light or spiritual essence that manifests like a twin brother or sister to the Soul Dancer. Dragon Raja’s main Support class, the Soul Dancer uses magic to deal damage and break through enemy defenses, causing them to become vulnerable or unable to attack. Soul Dancers use their magic for a variety of other things, too, making them a well-rounded class that excels in providing Support, and is almost always a welcome addition to any party.

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3. Getting Started In Dragon Raja

Once you’re in the game, you’ll see a sequence of cinematics and a quick battle that’s long enough to give you a taste of the combat, and right after that is where a lot of people start getting lost.

dragon raja tricks

At this point, the best course of action is to just continue the main quests. If you’re having trouble navigating, you can press the quest markers on the left side of the screen. This will trigger Auto-Find which will automatically walk you to the proper quest NPCs, making it a lot easier to go through the first few quests as a new player.

Continue doing the main quests until you turn level 20 – don’t worry, it won’t take too long. At level 20, players gain access to Dailies – considerably expanding their options in terms of progression and play. In your first day of play, you’ll be able to get to Level 35 just by doing the main quests before you run into some challenges and barriers. At this point, work on your dailies and quests to improve your character, and empower them enough to break through your Main Quest plateaus.

Gear isn’t that hard to find either – at least not at lower levels – so don’t worry too much about spending gold or diamonds on equipment.

4. Pick A Popular Build

Thanks to the wide variety of stats, skills, and equipment available in Dragon Raja, players have so much freedom to experiment with how they play their characters, in different roles and in different game modes. However, this complexity in customization has also made it just a little bit harder to optimize a character, and made it that much easier to screw up a character in a big way.

dragon raja builds

As players level up in Dragon Raja, they gain access to a bunch of stats and talents that they can choose. By following a popular build – there are plenty available on the internet – players can sidestep hours upon hours of build experimentation and theory-crafting and go straight to the end result. Players and content creators offer plenty of varied builds and playstyles for different classes, so pick one that you like, and follow it to see the effects.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to follow these builds right down to the letter. Once you gain a better understanding of how classes, stats, and abilities work – which you undoubtedly will just by playing the game and reading the builds – you’ll be able to adjust the builds based on your own preferred style and knowledge.

5. Don’t Go Alone

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this. Okay, maybe it’s not as dangerous as it was in Legend of Zelda, but the point is, don’t go alone when you play Dragon Raja. It’s an MMORPG, and even though you technically can go about everything alone, chances are you won’t want to – not after you find out how rewarding it is to go with a party, or even to join a guild.

dragon raja tips

If you prefer the Lone Wolf style of play, then more power to you! But, if you want to experience everything that Dragon Raja has to offer, and net some excellent exclusive rewards along the way, then it’ll do you (and other players, too) a lot of good to form parties and go about adventuring together.

Most of the content in Dragon Raja explicitly encourages players to take part in the social aspect of the game – parties, guilds, quests, etc. – and give massive rewards for players who aren’t alone.

Although partying up and joining forces with other players has a whole bunch of benefits – i.e. you’ll be able to take on tougher content, go on party-exclusive quests, and net some fancy rewards in the process – the most beneficial part (especially for players who like to go solo) is the in-game Gifting system and Item Crafting.

In Dragon Raja, players are able to craft certain goods and items that are required for upgrades, quests, and other kinds of content. However, some items can only be crafted by a specific class. That means that if you play a Fighter, there are going to be some items that only you can craft, as well as some items that you’ll never be able to craft yourself.

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That’s where Gifting comes in. With Gifting (and, by extension, Trading) you can get these exclusive Job Item crafts from friends and guild members, so you’ll never be lacking in these important items.

Plus, you know, you might make a friend or two, so that’s a bonus.

6. Invite Your Friends

In case you don’t really want to make new friends or you’re the type that has too many friends already, we recommend inviting your friends to play Dragon Raja. While we’re sure you’ll have a lot more fun with the game if you have friends to play with, there’s also another reason why inviting your friends is a good idea.

how to invite friends in dragon raja

Dragon Raja currently offers an excellent referral system. Whenever a player makes a new character, they have the option to input a referral ID or an invite code. If you refer your friends to the game, make sure you give them your Referral ID so that you both can benefit from the substantial in-game rewards.

In case you’re wondering what the rewards are, here’s how it works. If you refer a player to the game, and they reach level 60, both you and the person you referred will receive 800 gems. Gems are the game’s premium currency, obtainable through events (limited) or through in-app purchases.

The Referral System lets you invite as many players as you want, but you only benefit from the first ten players to reach level 60. That means through the Referral System alone, players stand to gain up to 8000 (or even 8800 gems if you were referred by someone else).

7. Know Your Stats

Just like in any RPG, stats in Dragon Raja represent your character’s abilities. How much damage do they do? How much damage can they tank? How long do their abilities take to recharge? In Dragon Raja, each class has a particular set of Primary Stats which identifies which stats grow in power the most as the player levels and also serves as a general guideline as to which stats players should focus on improving through gear and equipment.

dragon raja stats

Each character in Dragon Raja has five base stats, which then translate directly to combat ability depending on their class. These base stats are:


CON, or Constitution, represents a character’s toughness, hardiness, or resistance to damage. In Dragon Raja, CON increases health, physical defenses, magical defenses, and resistance to critical damage, depending on the class.


STR, or Strength, represents a character’s might and physical abilities. In Dragon Raja, STR increases health and ability power, and other stats depending on the class.


INT, or Intelligence, represents a character’s intellectual capacity and is almost always related to magical prowess and ability. In Dragon Raja, INT increases health, magical attack, and a player’s ability to strike multiple enemies at once (multistrike), depending on the class.


DEX, or Dexterity, represents a character’s physical ability, agility, and skill. Dexterity is often related speed instead of strength and is favored by ranged combatants. In Dragon Raja, DEX increases health, magical/physical attacks, critical hits, and multistrike, depending on the class.


INS, or Insight, is a unique Stat in Dragon Raja but works similarly to Wisdom in other RPGs. Generally favored by magic users, INS in Dragon Raja increases health, magical and physical attacks, ability power, and cooldown reduction depending on their class.

That should be enough to get you started on your very own Dragon Raja adventure! We hope this guide helps make your gameplay experience better. If you happen to know any other tips or tricks for the game, feel free to leave us a message in the comments below!


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