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Novoland: The Castle in the Sky Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Boost Your Ratings and Succeed on Each Quest

Based on the award-winning Chinese fantasy drama series that banked on its own original story, Novoland: The Castle in the Sky has been released recently by ZLOONG on both Android and iOS platforms. With several successful 3D simulation and RPGs like Naval Creed: Warships, Emperor of Chaos, and Tale of Swords: Eternal Love just to name a few, ZLOONG takes it a step further as Novoland: The Castle in the Sky comes packed with amazing graphics, tons of features, an easy to grasp UI, and tight controls. It has everything you would expect any MMORPG to have these days and offers some new game mechanics as well. If you are into MMORPGs and would want a game to journey through with your friends, regardless of expertise and experience, then Novoland: The Castle in the Sky is worth checking out.

There are 3 species (races) as well as 5 classes to choose from when you begin the game though some classes are only available if you choose a female character or the spirit species. While species are entirely cosmetic, be sure to choose the class that you feel is most suitable to your play style and preferred role in parties and raids. Highlighting each class icon will reveal a bit of idea on how they play.

Just to provide a gist of it, Rangers are your basic swordsman or knight that has good close combat melee skills as well as high defense. Hunters have high physical ranged attack damage that has more single target skills. Cabalists are your typical mage with powerful offensive spells and have the best AoE damage. Both the Dancer and Minstrel class are support-type characters that can heal. Dancers have support spells though while Minstrels focus on control spells. There are no right or wrong choices when it comes to choosing your character, each one has its own purpose and can progress on its own. While the first three classes can do better alone, the latter two are more uncommon and a must for team battles and raids.

Novoland: The Castle in the Sky sets you up on an easy start given that there is an auto mode which lets you proceed through quests and battles with a tap or two on the screen. The tutorial will also guide you on each turn and will explain new mechanics and game modes that you unlock as you progress through the game. With the numerous icons, enhancement options, and game modes that you can venture through in the game, it may seem overwhelming considering the first few hours of your gameplay will unlock several new things one after the other. If you are somewhat lost as to how to go about the game to grow stronger faster and find it difficult to decide which tasks to do first, then our Novoland: The Castle in the Sky beginner’s guide can walk you through the basics of empowering your character efficiently and succeeding every quest that opens up for you.

1. Focus On Completing The Main Quests

novoland the castle in the sky quests

Novoland: The Castle in the Sky starts you off on your journey by sending you through a single multi-faceted quest that auto mode can practically complete for you. As easy as progressing through the story is; levelling your character up and unlocking features and game modes will also reveal more additional quests. To be sure that you are still following the main story, click on quests marked by [M] as these are the main story quests. There will hardly be any challenge to these quests, especially with auto mode on, but some quests have minimum level requirements to initiate so that will be your cue to take on other quests and activities to level your character up some more.

The most basic reason you would want to focus on main story quests is that these quests, like in most RPGs, are the keys to unlocking new game modes and features. As far as experience points are concerned as well, main quests typically provide high amounts of it for comparatively easier tasks. There are some items and equipment to be gained as rewards as well from completing each quest in the main story. Although tutorials that pop up whenever you unlock something new may also come from other activities, you will encounter most of them by simply following the storyline.

2. Complete As Many Daily Events As You Can

novoland the castle in the sky daily events

By the time you can no longer proceed with the main quest, there will already be several daily quests available for you to accomplish. All these quests are easy to accomplish and only requires a bit of your time and effort to participate in. Some of the quests here are easily achievable on your own but there are several daily quests that require you to be part of a team. If you don’t have friends who play the game and haven’t earned any in-game ones as well, feel free to auto-match with random players just so you can complete these quests. At this point, there isn’t much value yet on the variety of classes there are on the party as enemies you will engage won’t be much of a challenge yet. Be sure to go for the required number of tries on each daily attempt so you can earn points to claim rewards. Once you earn a total of 120 points, you can earn the top reward and it will be up to you to continue on with the rest of the daily tasks.

3. Team Up With Your Friends

novoland the castle in the sky team

Playing solo on any MMORPG can only take you so far regardless of how strong and dedicated you are. As each class available has its own unique sets of strengths and weaknesses, every characters build are designed to be less effective in certain types of situations. Although you may hardly feel it at first, sooner or later in the game, some battles will either be too difficult or impossible for you to beat on your own and in these situations; you may want to call in for some back-ups. Additionally, some game modes in daily events require you to be in a team before you can proceed with certain quests or activities. Even though there’s nothing wrong with pairing with random players, having a team you can consistently play with leads to a more effective team strategy for when you need it as battles become tougher later on. Additionally, if you are always trying to pair up with random players, it may take a while for the system to find a suitable match for you.
There will also be times when you subscribe to auto-pairing that you will meet some people who are practically at the same level and game progress as you are. Feel free to choose to add them as friends and go along if they are proceeding through quests you haven’t accomplished yet.

4. Join A Clan As Soon As Possible

novoland the castle in the sky clan

If you have played any online multiplayer games before that has a clan, guild, or alliance systems in place, then you should know very well by know how important it is to be in one. This is on top of having friends to play with and even people to team-up with; clans are highest level of in-game group you have to belong to for you to progress in the game faster. There are a lot of features in the clan system of Novoland: The Castle in the Sky and a lot of the activities are like nothing you have ever seen or experience in any online game.

Even before your continuous progression through the main story quests comes to a halt, you will be prompted to try and apply to join a clan. As there will be many clans to choose from, feel free to take time to choose. Ideally, you would want a clan with a lot of members, and very active as well. If both are present, then the clan’s power and progression and development will surely follow. You may want to make sure that the clan you are planning to join speaks the same language as you do since Novoland: The Castle in the Sky is open to different countries, some of which doesn’t have English as its main language. As communication is very important across clan members, this is something you would want to look into each clan before joining in.

Be sure to partake in available clan activities not just for the experience points and rewards that you can receive, but also to be able to get to know each member as well. It’s a good experience as well to try each of the guild activities available as some actually doesn’t involve combat and will make the entire experience refreshing for you.

5. Always Allocate Available Stat Points And Upgrade Skills

novoland the castle in the sky skills

Given that there are numerous ways for you to raise your character’s power ratings, be sure to always be on the lookout for when you can raise it further are your focus on the game may at times dissuade you to look into these mechanics despite the noticeable markers.

From levels 1 through 40, your stat points are automatically distributed and you will only be able to choose how to allocate it when you reach level 41. Depending on your character’s class, there are recommendations as to where you should put each stat point, which is two of four choices, and the two recommendations start out balanced. If you want to have a better idea of what each stat is for, you can click on the Intro button for a summary of each item’s benefits.

You will always see a marker on the skills icon at the lower right of the screen whenever you reach a new level. As each of your skill can be enhance up to the same level as your character, be sure to keep each fully upgraded. Cost won’t be much of an issue at first when levelling your skills up so freely choose Quick Upgrade to max each skill’s level out immediately when it becomes available.

Once you joined a clan and made contributions, you can earn special currencies to learn and upgrade unique skills for your character. This includes increasing stats as well as manufacturing certain items. As it may be a bit more challenging to earn this currency, you may want to focus on one skill initially.

6. Enhance Your Gear, Pets and Wings

novoland the castle in the sky pets and wings

No MMORPG is complete without lots of equipment that you can enhance and upgrade. In Novoland, equipment can be earned as rewards after reaching a certain level, and enhancements done on all your previous gears can be transferred to the newly equipped one easily so there won’t be any wasted resources. Enhancement Stones that are needed for upgrades are not that easy to acquire, especially higher level enhancements. Whenever you can, exert some effort into targeting quests and activities to earn you even low level enhancement stones as you can combine them to make higher level ones. When you have the necessary materials, you can also craft your own equipment but it may take a while as some of the required materials are not common especially for higher tier equipment.

There is also an Inlay feature available which works similarly to the socketing concept in many RPGs. Higher level gears have more available slots and you can choose the type of gem to inlay on each slot so be sure to choose ones that coincide most with your character’s recommended stats. Much like enhancement stones, gems that you can inlay can be synthesized as well to obtain better ones. If you have a lot of extra silver (and you probably should have millions if you take advantage of events and goals) you can visit the shop and buy extra gems and enhancement stones to enhance as much as you can and fill in all those empty equipment slots.

Traveling from one area to another and solo battles aren’t as lonely when you have your pet beside you each step of the way. As pets aren’t just decorations and actually do help you out in battle, make sure to nurture them well and make them as strong as you can to help you better in combat.

Clicking on the “+” sign and then the Pet Icon at the bottom of the screen will take you to the Pet Menu where you can see details about the pets that you have collected so far. In some cases some pets will be similar and yet, their skills will be different. So don’t mind the each pet’s levels for now as you can easily raise them by deploying each in battle. Check the Cultivate Tab as well to find details about the pet, particularly, the stats and skills. If you have a pet you are happy with and would like to invest on it, you can buy Ganoderma Grass at the Store, using premium currency, to boost its stats and you can also check some books from the stall, and buy some skills that your pet can learn.

The Wings which you will obtain at level 35 isn’t all for show as well. Wings actually boost your stats and can even give an additional skill once upgraded to level 3. To achieve this though, you need to spend a lot of Starfall Pollens, which fortunately, can be obtained through finishing several quests.

7. Manage Your Companions

novoland the castle in the sky companions

Another unique element of Novoland: The Castle in the Sky is the companion system where you can recruit some followers that can boost your stats as well as do some quests for rewards as well. By checking the Fellow Icon on the bottom right of the screen, you can see the companions you have earned so far. On the Assist Tab, you can assign the recommended ones on each slot and activate the Array Power which increases your stats. On the Recruit Tab, be sure to claim your 3 free daily attempts and tap carefully as you may accidentally spend your premium currency here.

Whenever you acquire new companions, you should try to remove and reshuffle especially if the newly acquired ones have higher rarity. There won’t be any indicators of any sort to tell you that you have a companion more suitable to the assist slot occupied by another companion. So just to be sure, check by removing all of them and seeing the new recommendations.

There are several quests that your companions can take each day and you can assign two to four of them to go on each quest. Make sure that there is a high enough chance for your team to accomplish the quest so you can earn rewards. You can accomplish 15 quests each day and accomplishing one will unlock another. If the remaining quests are too challenging, you can refresh it for free up to three times.

8. Accomplish Goals To Earn Sycee

novoland the castle in the sky goals

You can click on the Growing Icon at the top of the screen to see your progress as far as enhancements and character development are concerned and you can focus on improving those that are ranked lower than others. More importantly though, you should check on the Goals Tab here and see what else you need to accomplish to earn Sycee, which is the hard to obtain premium currency in Novoland: The Castle in the Sky. Make sure as well that you claim rewards on each category as indicated by the red dot. You would also be able to tell how many more goals can be accomplished under each level group.

9. Be Sure To Claim Bonuses

novoland the castle in the sky bonuses

On top of the flooding in-game rewards you can get from quests and other activities in the game, there are a lot more that you can claim by checking the Bonus Icon at the top of the screen. The rewards you can acquire here depend largely on your progress and activity in the game so just playing regularly will already earn you several free goodies.

There are multiple tabs that you should check for rewards and one of the most remarkable ones would be the Lottery Poetry, so hopefully you still haven’t spent any of your hard-earned Sycee up to this point. In here, you are required to spend a specific amount of Sycee to earn more. It is based on luck but there will always be more to gain and no risk of losing, so you should take advantage of this as much as you can. The more tries you do, the higher the requirements go and as you accomplish goals you will earn more Sycee so be sure to always check this tab as you may have enough to go for earning more Sycee again.

10. Claim Your Free Startrack Treasures

novoland the castle in the sky startrack treasure

By tapping the Regel Icon at the top of your screen, you will be taken to the Startrack Window where you can spend some Sycee to get random rewards as well as earn additional ones depending on the number of attempts you have mad. Rather than spending though, be sure to check if you have free attempts as these regenerate over time and you can claim up to 6 free rewards.

11. Check Your Inventory Occasionally

novoland the castle in the sky inventory

There are limited inventory slots which can still increase as you reach certain levels. Just to be sure that keeping things you don’t need be sure to dispose of lower grade equipment as well as sell some items on your stall to earn more money. As some of these items are better used sooner than later as well, you may want to check the ones that can be used to earn silver or to gain more experience points. Some items, on the other hand, are very important yet cannot be used yet. You can transfer these by clicking on your Warehouse Tab and depositing the items.

That pretty much sums up our Novoland: The Castle in the Sky beginner’s guide. With a bit of patience and some time, we are sure you can continuously reach new heights in the game by following the tips and strategies we mentioned here. As some of the game’s never-before-seen mechanics may become less daunting after reading this guide, we hope you will be able to prioritize more depending on your needs as you move forward through your adventure. If ever there are some tips and strategies you feel are worth-mentioning in our Novoland: The Castle in the Sky guide, you can let us know about them in the comment section!

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