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Dragon Raja Pets Guide: How to Acquire and Evolve Pets in the Game

Dragon Raja is the latest and greatest MMORPG on iOS and Android today. Developed by Archosaur Games, the same developer behind hit multiplayer titles like King of Kings, Novoland, and Naval Creed: Warships, Dragon Raja is by far their best game yet.

Built with the extremely advanced Unreal Engine 4, Dragon Raja features amazing graphics and intense gameplay that can rival even that of AAA titles for consoles and even for PC. Of course, stunning graphics aren’t the only thing that Dragon Raja has going for it. It’s a full-fledged MMORPG built from the ground-up for mobile devices.

In it, players can explore a vast and detailed open world, create unique characters through the game’s comprehensive character creation and customization system, and even team up with players from all around the world thanks to Dragon Raja’s player-to-player interactive gameplay.

Dragon Raja has a whole bunch of fancy bells and whistles, but at its core, it’s an MMORPG with a lot of the things that we love about MMORPGs. It has lots of loot, an expansive storyline, plenty of fully-voiced characters, costumes, and even pets. That’s right – pets.

If you’re a big fan of collecting pets – from itty-bitty critters that follow you around to robotic powerhouses that damage, tank for, or support players – then have a look at this, our Dragon Raja pets guide, where we walk players through the various pets in the game, as well as showing you how to acquire them, take care of them, and help them grow.

Pets In Dragon Raja

Starting at player Level 50, pets can be unlocked in Dragon Raja. You get the first one for free, but the rest must be unlocked either by purchasing new ones from the shop or by completing quests. Each of these pets brings something new and unique to the table, so go ahead and try to get all of them!

pets in dragon raja

There are a total of six pets in Dragon Raja, and each of them can be trained and upgraded to gain more power. These pets join the player in combat and provide different bonuses depending on which pet you have and which stage of evolution they’ve been able to achieve. There are also two main types of pets in Dragon Raja – Light Pets and Dark Pets – which are used to determine what kind of bonuses and effects they receive and can interact with.

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Players can have one Light Pet and one Dark Pet equipped at any given time, so it’s important to know which attribute a pet has so you know you can equip them. Pets also receive stats depending on their owner, so the stronger you get, the stronger your pet grows alongside you.

Adams Prototype

adams prototype dragon raja

The Adams Prototype is a cool and cute robotic pet that follows you around wherever you go. It’s a Light-type pet that deals physical damage to all enemies in an area-of-effect. He’s a great starter pet that provides tons of utility. Plus, the Adams prototype talks a lot too, and tells a few jokes every now and then, too.

How To Acquire Adams Prototype

You get Adams for free once you hit player level 50.


An alternative to the Adams prototype, Elisa is also a heavy-hitting physical damage dealer but deals better damage to single targets than in an area-of-effect. Elisa is a Light-type pet.

How To Acquire Elisa

You can get Elisa in Kassel College starting at Level 50. Interact with the School Board’s Mysterious Shop NPC to purchase her for coins.

Tamago Cat

tamago cat dragon raja

The Tamago Cat is a Dark-type pet that inflicts heavy magical damage to all enemies in an area of effect. Tamago Cat is pretty similar to the Adams prototype, except that it deals magical damage instead of physical.

How To Acquire Tamago Cat

You can get the Tamago Cat by purchasing him from the Item Mall in exchange for diamonds. Tamago Cat becomes available in the Mall starting at Level 65.


konniski dragon raja

Another magic-oriented pet, Konniski is the Tier II Light-type pet and is a direct upgrade over Adams prototype. Although he deals magical damage instead of physical damage, Konniski is a great choice of pet that’s more capable at higher levels.

How To Acquire Konniski

You can get Konniski by purchasing him from the Item Mall in exchange for diamonds. Konniski becomes available in the Mall starting at Level 75.

Abyss Dragon

abyss dragon dragon raja

One of the stronger pets in the game, Abyss Dragon is the Tier II Dark-type pet and inflicts physical damage in an area-of-effect. Apart from his AoE attacks, Abyss Dragon also causes a geyser to erupt with his ultimate ability, dealing massive damage in a large AoE.

How To Acquire Abyss Dragon

You can get Abyss Dragon as a reward for completing the How To Train Your Dragon quest for Night Watcher.

Kuma II

kuma II dragon raja

Kuma II is another Tier II Dark-type pet that’s easier to acquire than Abyss Dragon but arguably not as effective in combat. Kuma II inflicts magical damage in a wide area of effect.

How To Acquire Kuma II

You can get Kuma II by purchasing him from the Item Mall in exchange for diamonds. Kuma II becomes available in the Mall starting at Level 85.

Pet Evolution

Pets in Dragon Raja are typically acquired in their child-form – their cutest, but also their weakest form. As players progress through the game, they’ll have opportunities to evolve their pets. This improves their combat rating and effectiveness, as well as changing their physical forms.

dragon raja pet evolution

All Pets in Dragon Raja start out in their Child Form but can evolve into their Adult Form and later on, their Ultimate Form. Each time these pets evolve, they gain new abilities and increase attributes, making them more potent combatants overall. However, unlike some other games (I’m looking at you, Pokemon) where most pets evolve on their own, pets in Dragon Raja require special care and attention if you want them to grow alongside you.

In particular, Pet Evolution in Dragon Raja requires you to feed your pet and level them up. There are two kinds of pet food in Dragon Raja – Low XP (Green) and High XP (Purple). Keep feeding your pets to level them up. At Level 60, pets evolve from Child Form into their Adult Form, and at Level 100, they evolve again into their Ultimate Form.

And this is where we end our Dragon Raja pets guide. If you have anything to add to the information we shared in this article, please drop us a line in the comments!