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Dragon Raja Class Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Each Character Class

Dragon Raja is the latest title from Archosaur Games, one of the premier mobile game developers in the world today. Built with the amazing new Unreal Engine 4, Dragon Raja features high-end gameplay and graphics that rival those of console and even PC gaming. With a massive open-world and revolutionary multiplayer gameplay, Dragon Raja is rapidly becoming one of the best and most popular mobile titles available on both Android and iOS platforms.

In Dragon Raja, players enter a futuristic world that combines fantasy and sci-fi elements to create a truly unique universe. Combine advanced technology and powerful magic as you team up with friends from all over the world, doing quests and participating in events to level up your characters and take on tougher and more challenging enemies. Dragon Raja also features some of the most intense combat gameplay on mobile, with intense real-time combat for both PvE and PvP.

One of the first decisions that players have to make in this sprawling new mobile MMORPG is picking a character class for their avatars. Your choice of character class in Dragon Raja determines the skills available to your character, and their designated roles in groups and team play.

There is a bunch of classes currently available in Dragon Raja, with more to come, so it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed with what class to choose. That’s why we came up with a comprehensive Dragon Raja class guide to help you decide which class is the best for you.

Picking A Class

There are currently four classes available to play in Dragon Raja: the Assassin, the Soul Dancer, the Gunslinger, and the Blademaster. In this Dragon Raja class guide, we’ll go through each of the classes and their particular strengths and weaknesses, and then run through a few quick tips and tricks to mastering your character class and leveling up your game.

Assassin Class

assassin class in dragon raja

The Assassin class in Dragon Raja is a little different than how the archetype is usually presented in other MMORPGs. Unlike other games’ assassins, the Assassin class in Dragon Raja isn’t a squishy but sneaky rogue. Instead, the Assassin is a master of both melee and ranged combat, and is a versatile pick capable of adopting a variety of playstyles.

The Assassin is a highly-mobile damage-oriented character that lets players travel freely across the field, taking out high-value targets with ease. With a combination of ranged and melee attacks, the Assassin is at home in all kinds of situations and party compositions, capable of providing the party with a reliable source of precision damage to kill enemy healers, buffers, and even bosses.

If you like having lots of tricks up your sleeve to deal damage in a variety of ways, keep yourself alive, and reposition yourself to more advantageous spots in the middle of combat, then the Assassin is the perfect class for you.

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As deadly as he is slippery, the Assassin class in Dragon Raja is an extremely agile character with fast-paced gameplay, an accomodating learning curve, and, in the right hands, is capable of dishing out some of the biggest damage numbers in the game.

Assassin Abilities

assassin abilities in dragon raja

One of the unique things about the Assassin class in Dragon Raja is that it actually has access to two separate skill trees. In Hunter Form, the Assassin gains access to the Hunt skill tree which represents the class’s ranged abilities – often magical attacks that deal damage in an area of effect. In contrast, the Shadow Form gives the Assassin access to the Dark Shadow skill tree which represents the melee abilities and skills that allow him to deal massive damage to enemies at close range. In order to switch between these two skill trees, the Assassin has access to two abilities that are available in each of his stances.

Void Storm

Void Storm is used to go from the melee-oriented Shadow Form to the ranged-caster Hunter Form. Using this ability enhances attacks and magical damage as long as the player remains in the form. Using Void Storm instantly gives players access to Hunt abilities.

Dark Hunt

Dark Hunt is used to change stances into the melee-oriented Shadow Form, replacing the Assassin’s Hunt skills with Dark Shadow skills. Casting Dark Hunt also grants players temporary invisibility, increased movement speed, and immunity to control effects. Dark Hunt also applies Hunt Mark to nearby enemies, providing the player with bonuses to damage and cooldown while lowering enemy defenses.

Hunt Abilities

Prelude Dawn

The ranged Assassin’s bread and butter ability, Prelude Dawn is a constant source of area-of-effect damage that can be used frequently in combat thanks to its low cooldown.

Dark Rhapsody

This ability is used to pull enemies together to set up combos. Enemies within the area of effect are pulled towards the center, slowed, and take damage over time.

Nocturne Luna

With this ability, players throw a large spinning blade at a target area where it will stay for the duration of the ability, dealing damage to all enemies caught in its area of effect.

Crystal Coffin

This ability encases the player in a crystal coffin, rendering them unable to move or attack for the duration, but also makes them impervious to damage and control effects. This ability can be canceled at any time.

Dark Shadow Abilities

Soul Fissure

This ability slows and damages foes directly in front of you.

Shadow Dart

This ability allows the player to throw darts in a line that deal damage to everything in their path. Shadow Dart also applies Nether Mark to all targets hit, causing basic attacks directed at them to reduce the cooldown of all Dark Shadow abilities per hit.

Shadow Strike

This ability lets players swiftly charge at distant enemies, dealing area-of-effect damage upon arrival. Enemies afflicted by Nether Mark reset the cooldown of Shadow Strike when hit.

Obsidian Edge

This ability is a massive area-of-effect nuke that homes in on enemies, making it very difficult to dodge or avoid.

How To Play As An Assassin

The Assassin’s gameplay is fast-paced and action-oriented, often demanding lots of skill, precision, and timing in order to play him well. Use Void Storm and the class’s Hunt abilities to decimate enemies from afar, and then use to Dark Hunt to switch into your more potent melee-oriented Dark Shadow form once they’re within melee range.

Dark Rhapsody is a great way to bunch lots of enemies together, so you can use to set up your more powerful area-of-effect abilities like Nocturne Luna or even Obsidian Edge if you can switch stances fast enough. In Shadow Form, one of the best skill combinations is using Shadow Dart to mark targets and then quickly following up with Shadow Strike to constantly engage far away enemies in rapid succession.

Finally, mastering when and how to use the Assassin’s Crystal Coffin ability is key to playing the class well. Make sure you use Crystal Coffin to negate your enemies’ most powerful attacks and canceling it at the perfect time to unleash your own abilities on unsuspecting foes.

Soul Dancer Class

soul dancer class in dragon raja

In stark contrast to the Assassin class that’s focused on dealing as much damage as possible, the Soul Dancer is the go-to support and healer class in Dragon Raja. While the Soul Dancer’s abilities revolve around providing the team with a combination of defensive and offensive buffs as well as constant healing, his damage output is still good enough to make him a viable solo class.

Of course, being a support hero, the Soul Dancer’s true potential is unlocked when the player engages in parties and team-based combat. The Soul Dancer is also the most unique class in Dragon Raja, and thanks to its innate versatility, it is often a welcome addition to groups looking for members.

If you favor the support role in other RPGs, then the Soul Dancer class is your best bet. While other classes do offer some form of team utility, only the Soul Dancer can provide the support capabilities needed to get past Dragon Raja’s most challenging content. Featuring a mix of support, damage, and control abilities, the Soul Dancer is a versatile choice for players who value teamwork and lean towards supporting others with their style of play.

Soul Dancer Abilities

soul dancer abilities in dragon raja

Soul Dancer’s Pact

With this ability, the Soul Dancer can share the effects of Time Expansion alongside the Soul Dancer, granting them increased size, speed, cooldown reduction, and damage mitigation for the duration.

Iceglare Shock

The Soul Dancer’s bread and butter, this magical attack deals damage to an enemy target and nearby targets in a small area of effect and slows all enemies hit.

Phase Shock

This ability is a hard-hitting magical attack that deals heavy damage and causes enemies that were hit to take additional damage for the duration.

Azure Mark

This ability creates a large area-of-effect attack that deals damage to enemies caught within its radius over the duration.

Time Expansion

This ability is the Soul Dancer’s primary buffing skill, used to increase movement speed, critical resistance, and cooldown reduction for the duration.

Shadowy Light

With this ability, the Soul Dancer’s Gemini or Soul Twin will mimic the player’s actions and cast an extra instance of the next skill used. It also passively increases the attack and damage of the Gemini.

Recall Light

This ability gives the Soul Dancer access to healing and buffing. It restores health on yourself and a target ally, and all allies within the area-of-effect receive increased criticals, AP, and multistrike for the duration while restoring a small bit of health as well.

Time Lock

One of the best control abilities in the game, Time Lock stuns – or more accurately, stops time for – enemy targets caught within its radius.

Witch’s Kiss

Another great single-target control ability, Witch’s Kiss turns the target into a duckling that’s incapable of attacking or using abilities and has greatly reduced defenses.

How To Play As A Soul Dancer

Soul Dancer is a fun and easy class to play, using a wide array of abilities to empower self and allies while making sure they stay healthy and alive throughout every combat encounter. What the Soul Dancer lacks in offensive capability, he makes up for with tons of utility and control. Start each combat with Time Expansion to maximize your damage output, set up your combos with Azure Mark, and frequently cast Iceglare Shock and Phase Shock to keep your DPS nice and high.

In groups, make sure you use Soul Dancer’s Pact to empower your most powerful ally, as they’re likely to benefit the most from the speed and damage buffs. Recall Light can be used to replenish health to allies who need it, and Time Lock works both offensively and defensively, as either a great way to open up combos or as a panic button to save yourself or your allies from a dangerous situation.

Finally, Witch’s Kiss is a great control ability that can be used in just about any situation, but make sure you use it against only the most powerful targets since it has a high cooldown that demands strategic use.

Gunslinger Class

gunslinger class in dragon raja

The ultimate ranged DPS class, the Gunslinger may not have as many tricks up his sleeve as Dragon Raja’s Assassin class, but it makes up for it with sheer firepower. Deadly at long range and the de-facto best DPS class in-game, the Gunslinger is one of the most highly recommended solo classes. The Gunslinger also has unmatched damage capabilities, so she’s just about essential to most teams and parties.

While the Gunslinger is on the squishier side of the spectrum, his damage output and long-range capabilities keep him far enough from the fray that it doesn’t really matter. When paired with a Soul Dancer or a Blademaster to keep enemies at bay, the Gunslinger can dominate the field without having to worry about taking too much damage.

If you love ranged classes, then the Gunslinger won’t disappoint. The Gunslinger’s abilities allow him to become a rapid-firing desperado, precision marksman, or even heavy artillery capable of decimating entire battlefields. His gung-ho playstyle also allows for rapid clears and easy progression, so you really can’t go wrong choosing this one for your character class.

Gunslinger Abilities

gunslinger abilities in dragon raja

Pulse Bomb

This ability is a great way to stack up on area-of-effect damage, especially at lower levels. With a very low cooldown and high damage output, Pulse Bomb is the Gunslinger’s bread and butter ability for dealing massive damage to groups of enemies.

Wind Shot

This ability deals damage and restores Energy to the Gunslinger, while at the same time inflicting Wind Mark on enemies hit. Enemies afflicted by Wind Mark trigger an additional Wind Blast explosion that restores energy and deals area damage when hit by Pulse Bomb.

Alpha-Particle Cannon

This ability uses up all of the Gunslinger’s available Energy to deal massive damage in a straight line. Alpha-Particle Cannon deals more damage depending on how much energy was spent to cast it. The Gunslinger is also immune to control effects while casting this ability.

Arbiter of Peace

This ability is a great panic button skill that Gunslingers can use when they’re surrounded by enemies. It knocks away up to five targets surrounding the player while inflicting damage and switching the player to Heavy Weapon.

Tesla Solenoid

This ability summons a Tesla Solenoid at the target location, inflicting several instances of minor but rapid damage to enemies within range, and inflicting shock.

SPI Landmine

This ability is typically used defensively to protect the Gunslinger as she attacks distant enemies. The SPI Landmine lasts 25 seconds and becomes invisible a few seconds after being placed. The SPI Landmine can be triggered by invisible enemies and allows players to track any invisible targets hit.

Heat Blast

This ability allows the Gunslinger to call on satellite artillery to bombard a target area and deal heavy damage to all targets within the area of effect. Heat Blast also inflicts Delay on all enemies hit.

Stealth Camouflage

Another great defensive ability for the Gunslinger, Stealth Camouflage renders the player invisible for a duration, increasing defense and purging them of all negative effects.

How To Play As A Gunslinger

When playing the Gunslinger class, it’s important to maximize the advantage of long-range abilities. In fact, a lot of the Gunslinger’s abilities cannot be used when targets are too close, so it’s important to effectively manage the distance between you and your enemies. With Gunslinger, your ability to kite enemies will determine how effective you are in combat.

Rotate your abilities and master the use of your unique resource, Energy, in order to deal as much damage as possible.

Pulse Bomb is a great damage source, but make sure you use it in tandem with Wind Shot to mitigate its high Energy cost. Alpha-Particle Cannon is a great opening move, allowing players to expend all of their energy to deal with far-away enemies, giving them time to recover the energy spent as remaining foes try to close the distance. Alpha-Particle Cannon is also great at sniping high-value enemy targets, such as ranged damage dealers and enemy supports.

Stealth Camouflage can save your life in dangerous situations, while Heat Blast is a massive nuke that can turn the tide of a battle but should be used sparingly because of its high cooldown. SPI Landmine is a great way to fortify your position, so place them around you in the thick of a fight to give you a brief window to reposition in case the enemy gets within melee range.

Blade Master Class

blade master class in dragon raja

The Blade Master is Dragon Raja’s Fighter/Tank archetype, wielding melee weapons in combat to fight their enemies head-on. Blade Master’s excel when they’re in the forefront of combat. Capable of taking damage as well as they deal damage, the Blade Master class in Dragon Raja is also extremely versatile thanks to its ability to switch combat stances.

Wield the precise and keen Meitou to strike swiftly at your foes, or swap it out for the massive greatsword-like Odachi to even the odds against overwhelming numbers. The Blade Master’s playstyle revolves around getting right into the brunt of combat, using a combination of melee abilities to damage enemies and take control of the field.

If you like getting up close and personal with the action, the Blade Master is an excellent class to play. Since he’s the only class capable of consistently face-tanking damage and laughing it off with nary a grimace, the Blade Master is also an essential member of any party. Thanks to their innate tanking capabilities, Blade Masters also make for excellent leadership roles in combat, since they’re always at the front of battle – protecting teammates while fending off enemies.

Many of the Blade Master’s abilities are designed to be effective as combo skills, so while the skill tree does look a little bit complicated, rest assured that it’s still plenty of fun and pretty easy to understand.

Blade Master Abilities

blade master abilities in dragon raja

Red Lotus

This ability deals damage to enemies in a straight line and is used to switch weapons from the Odachi to the Meitou. While wielding the Odachi, this ability also allows players to charge-up their normal attack for a few seconds to gain additional combat effects and bonus fire damage. Alternatively, Red Lotus can be replaced with Whirlwind and Thunder to deal bonus ice or lightning damage, respectively.

Night: Aftershock

This ability throws the Odachi at an enemy, causing the player to switch to the Meitou. When the Odachi lands, it deals damage and knocks enemies up. Alternatively, Night: Aftershock can be replaced with Redoubtable, which causes the thrown Odachi to buff ally defenses, or Fighting Spirit, which instead buffs allies’ offensive capabilities.

Odachi Abilities

Roundhouse Kill

This ability causes the Blade Master to perform a whirling cleave attack that deals damage, inflicts delay, and knocks enemies back.

Azure Moon

This two-part skill allows the Blade Master to leap to an enemy, deal damage and knock them back. On a hit, this ability can trigger Diagonal Slash which lets the Blade Master charge at the target dealing massive area-of-effect damage upon arrival.

Demon Rage

This ability lets the Blade Master enter the Berserk state, massively increasing attack and damage, but also increasing damage received for the duration. If the player is killed while in Berserk, the ability Naraka is triggered, temporarily resurrecting the Blade Master for the duration.

Meitou Abilities


This ability is a quick attack that deals damage and knocks up enemies in a small area-of-effect. This ability can combo into Wane, which keeps enemies in the air longer and deals bonus damage, while increasing the players’ dodge chance for the duration.

Blossom Dance

This ability is small area-of-effect slash that deals damage and inflicts the Cherry Blossom status, which can be used to combo with Sakura Slay.

Sakura Slay

This ability allows the Blade Master to charge at a target and deal damage in an area-of-effect. Sakura Slay detonates the Cherry Blossom inflicted on enemies for bonus damage, and allows the use of Ephemeral Beauty which is a wide area-of-effect slashing ability that deals heavy damage.


This ability is used to buff the player and increases dodge, movement speed, and defenses for the duration. Additionally, Void grants the Blade Master the Super Armor effect which provides them with further dodge capabilities and counterattacks.

How To Play As A Blade Master

Blade Master is an awesome class – it’s fun to play, it’s highly sought-after in groups, and it’s got some of the best and loudest ability animations in the game, too. Playing Blade Master revolves around getting right into the thick of the fight. Let yourself get surrounded by enemies only to unleash your abilities on them up-close and personal.

Becoming a good Blade Master means actually mastering the class’s abilities, particularly the combos. The Blade Master’s abilities synergize with each other, and pretty soon, you’ll start to notice how these abilities interact. The Meitou abilities Blossom Dance and Sakura Slay are a great combo for massive damage output. Azure Moon into Diagonal Slash is a great way to close the distance against highly mobile targets.

In combat, the Blade Master must also determine which between the heavy-hitting but slow Odachi or the swift-striking Meitou are ideal for the combat situation. The Odachi is ideal for dealing with lots of enemies coming your way, while the Meitou is great for tearing down more agile enemies and single targets. Of course, once you really get the hang of Blade Master, you’ll be able to effectively swap in and out of each weapon stance as needed, maximizing the class’s potential and damage output.

Thank you for reading out Dragon Raja class guide! Whether you decided to go with the versatile Assassin, the essential Soul Dancer, the deadly Gunslinger, or the fearsome Blade Master, we hope this guide was able to help you figure out which class is the best for you! If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check back with us for the latest updates to Dragon Raja!