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Crossing Void Advanced Guide: Tips & Strategies to Progress Through the Chapters Fast

This new Crossing Void guide is aimed at people who already cleared a couple of chapters of Crossing Void, and are looking for a more advanced guide to help them smoothen the progression curve from chapter 4-5 and onwards.

If you are new to the game, be sure check to read our Crossing Void beginner’s guide first, as it comes with several useful tips and tricks for starters. In case you are looking for a guide that showcases the best characters in the game, then we suggest you to check out our Crossing Void tier list. Moreover, we have published a team guide, which explains how to get the most out of your characters and build the best team compositions.

Now, let’s move on to our Crossing Void advanced guide, as we are going to share with you loads of tips and strategies to improve your gameplay and progress through the chapters as fast as possible.

1. How The Battle System Works

We already talked about this in the beginner’s guide, but the battle system in Crossing Void is quite deep, and deserves a more thorough explanation.

Each fight will be between 3 main characters and their respective supports. Each character occupies a specific position on the battlefield: the front row, the middle row, or the rear row. The position is important because a lot of characters specialize in hitting a specific row, for example Asuna will deal most of her damage to the enemy in the front row, whereas Kuroyukihime focuses on dealing damage to the enemy in the middle row.

how the battle system works in crossing void

Generally speaking, the characters in the front row will be the ones who will take the most damage, as many damage dealers have the ability of damaging the front row. If you are struggling with clearing a story chapter, try to change your party up a little, and try to focus on the enemy that is causing you the most problems, or you can simply rearrange your party so that your most valuable member is less exposed to your enemies’ attacks.

There are two types of points you need to keep track of in battle, and you can see how many of each you have on the bottom corner. The blue points are your regular skill points, while the yellow ones are your climax points. You gain 1 climax point for each skill point you use, and you gain skill points every turn. You use skill points to cast your skills, cross skills included, and climax points are used to unleash your character’s climax skill, an extremely powerful skill.

crossing void climax skill

Each character has their own unique climax skill, and since they are so powerful and you can only use them sparsely, using them at the right time is paramount to winning battles. Also, you should calculate how many points you spend in order to unlock your next usage of your climax skill.

We already talked about battles should be conducted in the beginner’s guide, and there’s not much more to add. Focus on the most dangerous enemy, dispel enemy buffs, and dispel your team’s debuffs. Also be careful of buffs such as the one that reflects half the damage you deal, consider skipping your turn if it’s active, or hit someone else if you can.

2. Upgrade Your Equipment

Equipment is the best way to quickly increase your character’s stats. You can have up to 4 pieces of equipment on your character at any time. You can easily get more equipment by completing story missions, or by participating in the challenges, particularly in the Treasure Hunt, the Uncharted Void, and in the Void Expedition. You should also play in the Mirage challenge so that you can earn Equipment Experience, an item you will need to upgrade your equipment’s level.

Each piece of equipment has a rarity level, and its rarity level determines the maximum level you can upgrade it to. For example, the basic equipment can only be upgraded to level 4. Do not forget to give equipment to your support characters as well, as the bonus stats will be shared with the main character, plus it will directly influence the power of the Cross Skill.

To upgrade your equipment you will need Equipment Experience. Select the piece of equipment you want to upgrade, and then select which material to use to upgrade the selected piece of equipment. Upgrading your equipment will increase the stats it gives to the character it is equipped to.

There are 3 different types of equipment: offensive, balanced, and defensive. The offensive equipment is the best one, and you should focus on upgrading your offensive pieces first. Having high offensive stats is more important than having high defensive stats in this game: for starters, you clear content much more quickly this way, also offense is the best defense in this game, as killing an enemy will help you defend yourself more than anything else. Lastly, levels have a turn cap, which means that if the battle goes past turn 8 you will lose the battle, and you will have wasted your energy.

You can also get rid of equipment you don’t need anymore: select the item you don’t want anymore in your bag, and select “Decompose”. Dismantling higher-level gear earns you crystals, which you can then use to infuse your equipment, which improves the random % stat increase. Decomposing lower level gear earns you Equipment Experience.

Another way of getting equipment is through the Impression gacha, which earns you Impression Weapons, a special type of weapons that improve the character they are equipped on by a lot. Your account needs to be level 45 to unlock the Impression Gacha.

3. The Gacha System

The gacha system is similar to that of other games in the same genre, but there are some particularities. First off, the game offers a feature called “perfect ten”, in which you can roll for 10 characters and see what you get, if you like the result of the roll, you can pay 10.99€ and get the characters you rolled. You can roll as many times as you want for free, so if you are looking for a specific character and want to spend some money on the game, this is a nice way of getting them. The perfect ten roll always guarantees an S-tier character in it.

crossing void perfect ten

Then there are 3 types of regular gacha, in which you summon characters with tickets or Maigo (the premium currency of the game). 2 of these always offer a rate up for a specific character, which means you have a higher chance of getting the character with the better rate. Also, you have a higher chance of getting the S-tier version of the character, and the game even guarantees you get one after a certain number of summons, but this number is very high, so you will need a lot of tickets if you absolutely need the S-tier version of the character.

Another particularity of the rate up gachas is that they exclusively summon either Main or Support characters, while the gacha labeled as “Normal” can summon both types of characters. You get free rolls at the normal gacha machine every day.

how to rate up gacha in crossing void

There are also Limited Gacha events, in which you can summon a specific unit, and they will be the only way to summon that specific unit. This is annoying if you miss out on a character you really like.

The Impression Gacha unlocks at character level 45, and there you can get Impression Weapons, which are weapons that give the characters they are equipped to an extra skill or boosts to their stats. We already talked about Impression Weapons in the equipment section of this guide, so scroll up if you need a refresher.

The Fragment Gacha unlocks at account level 30, and it requires fragments to use. In this gacha, you will be able to trade 10 fragments for a random character that could be of A, B, or C tier. Fragments can be earned in the Void Trial.

how to exchange characters in crossing void

The Exchange is a place in which you can exchange your hard-earned Gacha Points for a S-tier character. There is a rotation of characters, so if aren’t interested in any of the characters currently available just wait until the next refresh (there is a timer on this screen to let you know when the rotation will happen). Gacha Points are earned simply by summoning character through the gacha system, so just keep summoning and eventually you will have enough points to get a free S-tier character. This helps even the unluckiest free to play players to assemble a powerful squad if they keep playing and summoning.

4. Gain More Resources, Here’s How

A lot of people overlook the energy multiplier feature when they are starting out, but using energy multipliers to clear levels you can clear easily on memory mode is the single best way to gain extra resources, particularly experience. So if you need to quickly level up your account just access a mission you already cleared, and use the energy multiplier. The maximum level of the multiplier you can use depends on how many stars you got when you cleared the mission, up to 18, unless you purchase the subscription plan of the game, in which case you will be able to use 24 energy in a single fight.

Memory mode simply replays the fight and uses the exact same moves you used when you cleared the story mission, so if you got 3 stars it’s an extremely safe way of farming that story level, since it guarantees you will clear the level again with 3 stars.

crossing void level pack

Maigo is the premium currency of the game, and it is needed to summon units at the Gacha Machine. You can purchase Maigo with real money, but you can get it for free as well by playing the game. You can get a great boost of Maigo by purchasing the Level Packs in the shop. These Level Packs cost coins, and you can buy them every 10 levels. For example you can get 500 Maigo for 75.000 coins when you reach level 20.

There are other ways of earning Maigo, you can get Maigo from missions and achievements, and even in the challenges, specifically in the Void Trial and in the Decrepit Dreams. Events are another nice source of Maigo, so make sure to participate in as many as you can, and you will find yourself swimming in Maigo very quickly. Lastly, you get 50 Maigo for clearing all of your daily missions, so make sure to play the game every day to get it!

There are many other resources in the game: Equipment Experience, Gacha Points, Gacha Tickets, Friend Points, Food, Bold Determination, Resolute Will, Challenge Tickets, and it can be hard to keep track of all of them. Luckily the game tells us how to get most of them, so juts select the resource you need from your bag, and then tap on the “Source” button right below its icon.

This wraps up our advanced guide for Crossing Void. The game has a lot of features and there are many interesting mechanics. Also you can tell that a lot of love went into making the Dengeki Bunko characters, especially their climax animations. The game has a lot of content, and mechanics like Inherit and the Exchange allow everyone to progress through the game without wasting resources.

Crossing Void will keep you occupied for a very long time. If you have discovered additional tips or tricks that you want to share with your fellow players, make sure to let us know in the comments!