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Draw Climber Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete More Levels

Ready to take part in the “funniest’ race you’ve ever competed in as a mobile gamer? If you are, then you may want to check out Voodoo’s latest hit mobile title, Draw Climber. This is a game from the same company that brought you top-rated casual titles such as Helix Jump and Snake VS Block, and just as you may be expecting, the mechanics of this game are fairly simple — draw your character’s arms and make it run from the starting line to the finish, with “any drawing,” as the description suggests, capable of doing so. This game is available for iOS and Android devices, and as is often the case, it’s absolutely free.

As usual, we won’t make this particular guide too long, because casual games have a far easier learning curve than in-depth titles with tons of features and high-end graphics. But just like many other games in the genre, there’s more than meets the eye, and this particular game would require a good deal of strategy once you reach a certain point! So read on and check out our Draw Climber guide, where we talk about some tips, cheats and tricks you can utilize in order to beat more human opponents and make faster progress by completing more levels!

1. The Basics Of Draw Climber

Draw Climber may be one of those casual games that don’t have much to it, and it is indeed quite easy to learn. The premise here is that you are controlling the blue, cube-like character and competing against a human opponent, with their character in green and shaped similarly. After hitting on the Start button, you will be asked to draw what appears to be the path you want your character to take. What you will be doing, actually, is drawing the shape of your character’s arm, and this will play a huge part in determining your success — or lack thereof.

draw climber basics

As you and your opponent race each other through the course, you will run into a progressively tougher set of obstacles — balls, blocks, walls, water, combinations of the aforementioned obstacles, and more — while also gathering coins until you reach the Checkpoint. Ostensibly, the objective when drawing the arms is to replicate the AI’s sample drawing — the game is called Draw Climber, and it would seem that this is one of those titles where you need to be as precise as possible when replicating things. However, as we will explain later, drawing isn’t as straightforward as it may seem at first.

It’s important to take note that the first player who reaches the checkpoint is technically the winner. There may be some instances where your character may reach the finish line slightly ahead of your opponent — if your character didn’t cross the checkpoint first, that’s not going to count as a win! Winning is the only way to earn the coins you collect along the way, and if you lose, you don’t get any rewards at all. If you end up victorious, however, you will typically have a chance to watch an ad video to multiply your winnings by five. In most cases — we will elaborate on this later on — it is strongly advisable to watch the video to improve your post-race earnings and level up your character’s speed and offline earnings.

Technically, this is an endless casual type of game, which means it appears there’s an unlimited number of levels to play here. However, that also means you cannot replay levels you have already completed if you’re thinking of grinding for coins or if you aren’t satisfied with your performance the first time around! Still, the tradeoff here is tons of levels and endless opportunities to earn coins.

2. Drawing The Arms – You Don’t Need To Replicate The AI’s Original

As we mentioned above, Draw Climber would make it appear at first that you have to come as close as possible to imitating how the AI draws the arms on the virtual slate under the word “DRAW!” That, however, is not the case at all, as we eventually learned after losing multiple times during the earliest levels. In fact, drawing a long, straight horizontal line is usually the best way to go! That will allow your character to move quickly and reach farther as it progresses across the track and gets closer to the Checkpoint.

Compare how it looks like while you’re drawing that curved line and while you’re opting for a longer, straighter line. Choosing the former option will result in your character having a hard time breaking down walls or climbing up stair-like platforms. Choosing the latter, on the other hand, could also increase your character’s momentum and help it fly off the top of walls rather than running into them, while also easily navigating ball and block-shaped obstacles.

draw climber cheats

Another common misconception for new players is that you can only draw the arms once and cannot redraw them once the race/level has already started. On the contrary — the arms can change dynamically, and it’s all up to you to choose the right time when to redraw the arms!

For example, you can draw shorter arms if you need to negotiate through a tight passage and avoid a large wall or a similarly daunting obstacle, then redraw them, making them longer so you could quickly make it through the open spaces or increase your chances of grabbing more coins. In fact, you’ll want to draw longer or shorter lines from time to time if you’re trying to maximize your coin earnings for each level!

Knowing that you don’t need to exactly duplicate the sample drawing and knowing that you can redraw arms in the middle of a race could both be game-changers for anyone who’s struggling in the early goings. Of course, the game is going to get harder as you keep completing more levels, but knowing you can adjust your strategy as you go along could be very helpful when it comes to your progress!

If you’re willing to sacrifice losing a few times (and it wouldn’t matter, at the end of the day), feel free to experiment with different arm shapes and see which one works for you the best. (The long lines are best in general, but there are others that may be more useful during certain occasions!) Just remember that the game will only count what you’re able to draw in one go, so if you lift your finger off the screen in order to do a second line, you won’t be able to do that!

3. Act Fast, Especially In The Later Levels

It is common in the casual gaming genre for titles to demand not just speed, but also precision in order to succeed and complete as many levels as possible. And we believe we’ve established that you don’t need to be 100 percent precise when trying to retrace the sample given by the AI and drawing your character’s arms. Likewise, 100 percent accuracy is not important either when drawing the actual lines — it doesn’t need to be perfectly straight, just as long as it is fairly long and straight so that it could reach farther, and for the shorter lines, you don’t need to make it that straight either.

draw climber strategies

You will, however, need to act quickly when redrawing lines in order to seamlessly make your way through the tight spaces that become common in the later levels. If the arms are too long, your character sometimes won’t be able to move an inch, and even if it does move, its movement may be impeded if an arm makes contact with the ceiling or floor of the tight space in question.

That means you should be at least precise enough to determine the correct length to make it through the passage, but fast enough to change the arm design quickly and avoid the possibility of getting stuck — or your character’s arm splitting into two. Yes, that could happen if you make it too long and it comes in contact with an unbreakable obstacle — that way, you could probably move through a narrow passage, but most likely not as fast as you want to!

4. Upgrading Your Character’s Skills – Prioritize Speed In Most Cases

As you can see in the game, there are only three “skills” available in Draw Climber — Speed, Offline Earnings, and Arms. Among all those three skills, Speed is, we would say, the most important for most players. If you’re going to be playing the game regularly, you probably won’t be collecting a lot of offline earnings aside from the in-game coins you earn while you’re sleeping. But those long arms won’t be of much help unless you’ve leveled up your Speed substantially, depending on the amount of coins you have already earned.

draw climber character skills

Granted, you might not have to upgrade as often as you think, considering what we had told you in the above tip. However, it’s still important to focus on Speed, especially while that stat and Offline Earnings are the only two options you can choose from. More speed means more momentum as you bounce off certain obstacles, and better performance in open spaces in general.

And when it comes to momentum, more of that could help you break down walls and get past obstacles easier, so make sure you are prioritizing Speed — unless you only plan to play a few times a day, in which case you may want to focus a little more on Offline Earnings.

As an additional tip worth noting, you can also watch ad videos in order to upgrade stats when you’re all out of coins. Remember, however, that you can only take advantage of this “lifeline,” so to say, once per level. But once you watch that 30-second video, you can still level your character up even if you don’t have any coins to spend at the moment.

5. Every Fifth Level Is A Bonus Round

Remember those arcade games that come with a bonus round where your only objective is to grab as many coins as possible? Anyone who’s played the Super Mario series should be very, very familiar with these levels, and as you may know, these levels have no obstacles, no stakes involved, and are pretty much there for players to earn more resources with as little trouble as possible. That’s also how it works in the bonus levels of Draw Climber, where you aren’t facing a human opponent — or any opponent for that matter — and your only objective is to collect as many coins as possible.

draw climber bonus round

Whereas regular levels could only earn you up to 20 coins before the ad video option, the bonus round could earn you up to 100-plus coins — meaning you could earn up to 500 coins if the option to watch a video is available afterward! While you don’t need to worry about any opponents, you’ll still need to navigate obstacles and platforms, and that means changing your arm design as you go along, and starting out with that horizontal-line design that we suggested a couple tips ago.

For the steep stair-like platforms, you may specifically shorten your arms at that point in order to climb the stairs more easily — take note that there is no time limit as well, so you can take as long as you want to make sure you grab all the coins possible! (Of course, that doesn’t mean you can climb backwards, which is not possible in these levels or in others.)

There may be no stakes involved, but if you want to earn more coins in a hurry so you can sufficiently level up your character’s stats, you will want to take the bonus round seriously and — just as previously teased — save your ad videos for them! That’s right — it makes sense to skip watching ad videos after completing some regular races/levels, so that way, you can enter the bonus round with some videos ready to watch and that sweet coin multiplier taking effect!

6. Take Advantage Of The Boosts

how to unlock boosts in draw climber

Once you complete level 18 in Draw Climber, you will unlock the first boost after the introduction of all those obstacles beforehand. The lightning bolt-shaped speed boost allows your character to gain a quick, temporary burst of speed that allows it to climb or cross platforms or power through obstacles and walls faster.

Of course, your opponent will get the same boost as you would, but in most cases, you will notice yourself thundering past the opponent and gaining quite a healthy lead, one which you will still need to take care of as the race proceeds! That’s why it is important to draw your character’s arms in such a way that it could make contact with the boost — not everyone is able to pick this up right away, so make sure that you do once you make it to these levels!

And this is where our Draw Climber guide ends. If you happen to know additional tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!


Thursday 24th of December 2020

I have the same issue. 101 and $1015

Joshua white

Friday 24th of April 2020

I am having an issue with upgrading speed. I dont know if 101 is the max but the game takes the money while no change to the speed lvl happens, it stays at 101.


Tuesday 1st of June 2021

@Kobus, ditto. I think 101 is Max speed, but the programmers didn’t put a stop on the spending part. I don’t understand why they haven’t fixed this in the years they’ve had to do so. I imagine it was the same guy who is supposed to be making arms “soon”! LOL! 😝🤓


Wednesday 29th of April 2020

Hello. I have the same issue


Tuesday 21st of April 2020

How do I edit my username?


Tuesday 1st of June 2021

@Potato, I could be wrong, cuz we can’t see our own name as far as I can tell, but it may get the name from the users gaming account.

Duane Nelson

Monday 2nd of March 2020

What is considered a "small shape' for the missions. I've tried so many things and never get credit. I dont mind losing


Wednesday 18th of March 2020

Something that takes up less than one fourth of the draw space is a small shape.


Friday 28th of February 2020

Why does the Draw Climber go faster on my phone than on my grandson's iPad? He's played more games than me on his iPad. On my iphone it goes so fast.

Heather Stricklin

Saturday 29th of February 2020

Hi Karen, it’s probably just a glitch. Soak the phone in dr. Pepper for four hours to remove the rfip chip and stop the glitch. Have fun