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Card King: Dragon Wars Cheats & Tips to Get More Dragon Coins

Card King: Dragon Wars is a game we’ve featured quite frequently, providing you several tips, tricks and hints, due to its popularity as an iOS card battler. The game, which is developed by Crooz, stands out for many reasons, and one of them is the presence of more than two types of currency. Usually you’d just have one standard and one premium form of currency, but in here, you’ve got more than just that. Dragon Coins, which we’ll be talking about here, are the most common, and you’ll need them when evolving cards, among other things. As this is the most common, you may think it’s easy to get them in abundance, but there may be times where you’ll be grasping at straws just so you can get more coins to do the things that need to be done. That said, we’ve got some really cool Card King: Dragon Wars cheats, tips and tricks for earning yourself more Dragon Coins.

Fight In The Tavern

If you’ve just started playing Card King: Dragon Wars, the tavern would be your primary source of coins. It’s as simple as fighting frequently in the tavern so you can earn more coins early on. Tougher battles would normally earn you a larger amount of coins, so don’t shy away from a challenge. Additionally, you’ll earn more coins depending on the number of stars you earn in a battle.

Complete The Daily Missions

The main missions, in most cases, earn you Dragon Stones, but the daily missions, on the other hand, are your best bet for Dragon Coins. Go to your Missions folder to see which dailies are available – these missions refresh at midnight, local time, so this may be good reason for some players to stay up late.

Focus On The Saturday Dungeons

There are also daily dungeon challenges you can complete, and the ones on weekdays are going to earn you runes for the most part. But it’s the Saturday dungeons that you want to focus on, as these are the ones that could give you a significant amount of coins. As such, they are more difficult, but it’s all going to be worth it at the end of the day.

Fight In The Arena

Lastly, fighting in the arena in PvP battles could earn you a great number of coins once you’ve advanced far enough in rank.