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BitLife My Way Challenge Guide: How to Complete the My Way Challenge

Candywriter’s most recent title, DogLife, has been out for more than a week now, but that doesn’t mean people are giving up on BitLife in order to live their best canine lives in the new game. That’s mostly because the company is still rolling out weekly BitLife challenges and giving players a few days to finish all the stated tasks, all of which are based on a given theme. That theme varies from week to week, but there have been a number of challenges as of late that have focused on some of the music world’s most popular artists, past and present.

Recent months have seen Candywriter seemingly double down on those musical challenges — the WAP Challenge, which, of course, celebrated last year’s mega-hit from Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, was followed up by the Rocket Man Challenge (Elton John) and the Dangerous Woman Challenge (Ariana Grande).

bitlife my way challenge requirements

This time, however, the latest BitLife musical challenge focuses on one of the most iconic performers of the 21st century, and one of the most controversial if you take into account his colorful life behind the scenes. The end may not be near for these weekly challenges, but you can be sure Candywriter did it their way with the My Way Challenge. And in this BitLife mini-strategy guide, we’ll show you how to complete all the Frank Sinatra-esque requirements and get the challenge done sooner rather than later.

Becoming Ol’ Blue Eyes, BitLife Version

The very first thing to do when creating a character for the My Way Challenge is to make sure your character is a male born in New Jersey — Frank Sinatra’s birth city of Hoboken is not available in the game, so you’ll need to go with Newark, which is the only New Jersey city included in BitLife’s default list of U.S. cities. Those who paid for God Mode should have it easy — just choose Music as a Special Skill, set Looks to 80+ and Smarts to 50-70+ — but if you don’t have that feature enabled, you can keep re-rolling until you get a character with those stats.

special music talent in bitlife

After that, however, you may need to keep deleting characters and creating new ones, as you’ll need to find hints in your character’s logs that point toward his musical talent, e.g. a video of him playing the drums going viral on YouTube.

In order to max out your character’s musical talents quickly, you’ll need to start him out on playing a musical instrument at the age of 6 or give him vocal lessons at the age of 8 onwards, with three lessons each year before you hit the Age button.

It doesn’t seem that the challenge has any restrictions on what type of instrument your Sinatra stand-in plays, but just to be on the safe side, we decided to make ours a singer and have him take singing lessons. If you start him out a little late, as we inadvertently did, that’s fine — just don’t make the mistake of only starting those lessons when he’s in his mid-teens.

voice lessons in bitlife

Becoming a famous solo artist is the next requirement, and this should be an easy one — just release one successful solo single in your first year signed to a record label, and that should do it. However, the next requirement related to your musical career is quite the tough one, and if you’ve played music-inspired BitLife challenges before, you probably have a very good idea of what this is.

It Still Isn’t Easy Reaching Platinum Status, Much Less Double Platinum

We think Candywriter likes launching these musical challenges because of how inherently difficult it is for most players to reach Double Platinum certification with their musically talented Bitizens. As we’ve often said in the past, there doesn’t seem to be a magical formula or secret sauce that guarantees double platinum status for the albums you release in BitLife, but once again, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of reaching such certification, and doing it twice, just as the My Way Challenge requires.

bitlife gold record

First off, you should choose the right genre when starting your musical career — or more like, sign the contract if you see that it’s the right genre, given how you can’t technically choose your musical genre in the game. You don’t necessarily need to sign a Pop contract to stay in line with Frank Sinatra’s genre of music (Standards would’ve arguably worked better, but it isn’t among the choices), but you should accept the contract if it’s to play music of a genre that’s popular with a wide range of audiences. Pop, Rock, Rap, and Country are all great choices, while niche genres such as Folk, Worship, and even Metal aren’t really that conducive to double platinum success.

Secondly, don’t expect to reach double platinum right off the bat — it’s best to start off by practicing, then recording a single, then playing some concerts or touring, then recording your first full-length album. If that doesn’t go platinum (even once), that’s fine — just build off its momentum by playing long (20-week-plus) tours, appearing in commercials, getting your socials verified, then recording your follow-up album.

bitlife double platinum album

It won’t always happen, but using this strategy does make it likelier that you’ll go double platinum, at least with every other release. You can also choose to take breaks of 2-3 years in between albums, but make sure to use that time off to tour, play concerts, use the options in the Fame menu, and post stuff on your social media accounts. (Speaking of which, we’d recommend having at least three of them active, and later verified once you become famous.)

Use Your Earnings As A Musician To Win Big Money At The Casino

While not anywhere as difficult as getting two double platinum albums, it can be quite frustrating to complete the next task/requirement, which is to have at least $1 million winnings at the casino. (Take note, the game explicitly specifies the casino, so don’t waste your time and virtual money at the track for this BitLife challenge!)

playing blackjack in bitlife

Playing blackjack may sound like one of the simplest and easiest ways to win big money, as much of it has to do with logic — don’t hit, or draw another card, if your cards total 17 to 20 (or even 16 to 20) if you don’t want to bust and automatically lose your money, confidently hit if your cards total less than 14 or 15.

However, much like real casinos often engage in behind-the-back shenanigans to skew the odds in the dealer’s favor, it won’t always be that easy to win a hand at BitLife’s casinos. Fortunately, solo musicians make much more than band members, so losing $1 million will likely be a drop in the water if you’re trying to complete this requirement at the height of your double platinum stardom.

bitlife casino

If you win $1 million during your very first trip to the casino, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you lose, or you just can’t win for losing, then bet $2 million the second time around

And if you develop a gambling addiction, it could be worse, at least as far as in-game fates are concerned — you can enter rehab right after ending your music career and right before joining the mob.

After Becoming Famous, Commit Some Crimes And Join The Mob

Once you’ve recorded that elusive second double platinum album and opted not to sign a new contract with your label (or a rival label), that’s when you can focus on the last requirement of the My Way Challenge, which is to join the Italian Mafia. That would be the default Mafia among the crime syndicate options — there’s a Latin Mafia and a Russian Mafia, but the one you want to join is the one simply labeled Mafia.

As Mafia bosses seek out prospective new members, regardless of age, who are wanted by the law in one way or another, you’ll need to commit a series of crimes in order to draw their attention. That means committing at least five successful burglaries — if you get caught by the homeowner, their dogs, or the cops, you can always exit out before confirming your fate, then restart the game and try again at another house.

joining the mob in bitlife

Normally, that should be enough to attract the Mafia’s attention, but sometimes, you may have to commit at least one murder — always select random, unnamed NPCs as your victims, and use Drive-By whenever available, as that has the lowest chance of your intended victim turning the tables or fighting back and killing you instead. Killing named victims could get you arrested far more often than not, so stick to the unnamed beggars, stoners, tech bros, and other random individuals that pop up among the murder options.

Once you’ve successfully gotten invited to join the Mafia — either by performing errands or asking them directly — that should wrap up the My Way Challenge. You won’t be guaranteed Frank Sinatra’s signature hat, but you will get a new hat or eyewear, as is always the reward for successfully completing a BitLife challenge.