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New Cookie Run: Kingdom Update Adds Frost Queen Cookie (Legendary) and Cotton Cookie (Epic) to the Game

South Korean developer Devsisters’ super popular mobile RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom is getting a big new update this Wednesday (November 17). The much-anticipated new update for Cookie Run: Kingdom adds some incredible new characters to the game, namely Frost Queen Cookie (Legendary) and Cotton Cookie (Epic).

cookie run kingdom frost queen cookie teaser

Along with the new cookies, Devsisters is launching the second season of the Super Mayhem game mode called Super Mayhem ’Frozen Domain’. The new season will kick off on November 17/18, 2021.

cookie run kingdom cotton cookie teaser

You can check out the teaser about Super Mayhem ‘Frozen Domain’ below:

If you are a fan of the game and looking to maximize your gameplay, then be sure to check out our regularly updated Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list, as well as our comprehensive squad composition guide.

For more information on Cookie Run: Kingdom, feel free to head over to the official website, as well as the game’s Facebook page and Twitter account.