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BitLife Forrest Gump Challenge Guide: How to Ace the Forrest Gump Challenge

As we’ve noticed over the past few months, Candywriter has become virtually automatic when it comes to releasing new BitLife challenges on the weekend. By now, you should know that this game is probably the deepest and most comprehensive life simulator game on iOS and Android, and it’s from the same company that gave you Letter Soup and other trivia games prior to BitLife’s massive success. And while the game is regularly updated with tons of new features, those challenges definitely come in handy when it comes to keeping players busy while the bigger updates are still being worked on.

Just like the recent Rock Star and Brangelina Challenges, Candywriter’s latest addition to the list of challenges has a very strong pop culture feel to it. That’s because it’s called the Forrest Gump Challenge, and while playing BitLife is very much like the proverbial box of chocolates, this challenge should not take you much time to complete. That’s because it covers some of Forrest’s most memorable accomplishments, including his college football stardom and the fact he had a son with the same name.

bitlife forrest gump challenge requirements

There are other requirements apart from the ones we mentioned, but if you want to complete the new challenge sooner rather than later, go check out this BitLife mini strategy guide! We were able to get it done before our Bitizen turned 30, and who knows — maybe you might complete it faster than we did.

Starting Out – Be A Male Who Goes To The Gym

When starting out with the Forrest Gump challenge, there aren’t any specific requirements for your character aside that he be male. Ironically, if you have God Mode, you could start out with good Smarts in order to improve your chances of getting a college scholarship, but as you can see in the accompanying photo, we obviously used God Mode to make our ersatz Forrest Gump as close as possible to the character played by Tom Hanks in the movie.

bitlife male

But even if your Smarts are especially low, you can get past that by studying hard, joining extracurricular activities, and not acting up in class/bullying others/fighting back when bullied in order to keep your Grades high.

As one of the other requirements is to play college football, we would recommend going to the gym regularly from the time you turn 12 years old if your Athleticism is in the red or orange level. Taking martial arts classes, which is free before you turn 18, could also help get that Athleticism up, so you could ask your parents for that, even at the age of 8, which is when this option becomes available. By following these steps, you should have a full green bar of Athleticism by the time you enter college — and hopefully good enough grades to get a scholarship.

bitlife college football team

As Candywriter has yet to release an in-depth sports update for BitLife, you don’t even have to be good enough to become team captain or practice hard — you can even drop out after your freshman year if you wish, and that will still count toward the requirement, as long as you made the football team as a frosh. The bottom line is that there’s nothing to the football requirement — unlike the one we will be discussing below.

Join The Military And Flag Some Mines Successfully

As Forrest Gump had served in the Vietnam War, it’s no surprise that fighting a “war” is one of the requirements of the BitLife challenge that bears his name. If you graduated college, you can get in as an officer, but if you dropped out, you can enter the military as a private — any one of the five branches will do, just as long as you join the military and get asked to flag those mines once you’re deployed to a foreign country.

joining the army in bitlife

If you’ve played Minesweeper on Windows or completed the mine-sweeping mini game on BitLife, this should need no further explanation. But for those who haven’t, remember that your first tap is designed to set things up — you will never get blown up following your first tap on a square. Use the numbers that appear on the field as a guide — this represents the number of mines that surround the square in question.

At times, you may have no choice but to guess which mines you need to flag (and you will do this by long-pressing on a square instead of tapping on it), and you could get blown up as a result. And we’re not quite sure if the recent nerf affected mine sweeping-related deaths, which could mean you’ll have to start from scratch if you get killed during such a mission. But if you “merely” get injured by stepping on a mine, you can always quit the game and hope that your commanding officer deploys you within the next few years.

mine sweeping mini game in bitlife

After successfully completing that dangerous mission, you’re free to leave the military and ask for a discharge, just as long as you’ve spent at least four years in the service — you can go AWOL, but doing so will always be at your own risk! It’s also possible to do the next two things required in the challenge before you serve in the military, but in case you decided to enlist first, read on as we show you how to complete the final two requirements.

Get A Job As A Fisherman And Have A Kid Named Forrest

The first of the two requirements we haven’t discussed yet would ask you to get a job as a Fisherman, and that’s just as easy as applying for the Fisherman job if it becomes available, or quitting and restarting the game until you see a Fisherman opening, then applying for the vacancy. There’s no need to wait a certain number of years or until you get promoted — the moment you’re hired, you’re all good to go.

bitlife baby boy

Lastly, you’re also going to need to have a son named Forrest, and that, of course, means having a baby with your significant other, or perhaps, if you want to get adventurous, a woman you met at the club or via the Hook Up option. Again, the quit-and-restart technique works if you end up with a daughter, but there’s essentially a 50-50 chance it’ll be a boy, and when that happens, just enter the name Forrest.

As you can see, this is indeed one of the easiest challenges we’ve completed in a while, and if you do, expect more of the same rewards — either new eyewear or a new hat, depending on which of the four prize chests you open.