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BitLife Rock Star Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Rock Star Challenge

As most BitLife players should know by now, it was several months ago when its maker, Candywriter, introduced the concept of challenges, which are limited-time events that require players to create a character whose life moments tick certain boxes and fulfill certain requirements based on a given theme.

This feature is available on both iOS and Android versions of the game, and the latest such challenge to go live should be a treat for anyone who may have, at specific points in their lives, wanted to be a rich and famous musician.

bitlife rock star challenge requirements

Personally, the latest BitLife challenge was quite an easy one for us, and it could be for you too, if you’re the type of player who wants to turn their Bitizens into celebrities. The challenge we are referring to is the Rock Star Challenge, and this is your chance to unleash your inner Mick Jagger…or Adam Levine, if you prefer newer rock stars who’ve got the “moves like Jagger.”

But it’s more than just becoming famous in here, as you’ll also need to live up to another third of the “sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll” maxim, and it’s not the one that has something to do with getting wasted. So without further ado, here’s our BitLife mini guide for quickly completing the Rock Star Challenge.

Creating Your Character – Smarts Are Optional, Looks Are Everything

When creating a new character for the Rock Star Challenge, there is one stat that you should be prioritizing above everything else, and that’s Looks. Based on our experience, a Smarts stat of 40 or above is necessary in order to get an entry-level job in the Pop Star career track, but you need not worry too much about this stat — if you don’t have God Mode so you can edit your stats before your character is born, we would suggest re-rolling until you get a character with 80 Looks or better. This challenge is open to male or female Bitizens, so you don’t need to pay attention to gender either — again, it’s all about Looks when it comes to character creation.

bitlife character attributes

When living out your formative years, there aren’t any restrictions that would require you to stay out of trouble and/or get good grades in school. The stereotypical rock star, after all, isn’t exactly the scholarly type, so you can act up in class, fight back against bullies, mess with classmates, or play hooky as you please. You can even rack up a criminal record as a juvenile or drop out once you reach the legal age to do so and it won’t matter — the Background Vocalist job does not require any diploma nor does it disqualify those with a criminal record.

background vocalist job in bitlife

If you’d rather have a fallback in case rock stardom doesn’t work out, it’s also your call if you wish to stay well-behaved and attend college before starting your career. But for the purposes of completing this challenge as quickly as possible, we recommend getting that Background Vocalist job right after graduating from (or dropping out of) high school. As usual, you may have to quit the app and restart it repeatedly before the opening becomes available in the Jobs menu.

The 100 Lovers Requirement – Use The Hook Up Option Freely, But Play It Safe

One of the four requirements of the Rock Star Challenge is to sleep with a minimum of 100 lovers. This would include all types of lovers regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, but the fact that you’re going to need to have at least a hundred of them may make this a bit time-consuming. However, there is one option that you can practically spam by repeating it several times per year, starting from the time you turn 18, and that’s the Hook Up option in the Love sub-menu under Activities.

bitlife safe sex

With that in mind, there’s no need to enter a relationship or have children if you want to complete this challenge — if anything, having a family could cut into your bank balance and net worth. That also means your character will need to practice safe sex for the duration of the challenge if you want to avoid having kids. You can also choose the “Use a Condom” option if available and “Make Sure to Pull Out” if it isn’t, but that doesn’t just put you at risk of getting your fling pregnant — or getting pregnant if your character is female.

That also puts you at the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, though in our playthrough, our character had an STD for several years (it appears that genital herpes is now virtually incurable in the game), got several partners infected, and died with the Wicked ribbon at a rather old age, well after the challenge was completed.

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If you can help it, we’d advise backing out of any encounters where a condom isn’t available, but the key thing here is to keep spamming Hook Up. And if you choose to go to the club and party, pass on the drugs (you wouldn’t want to kill your character prematurely or give them an addiction that could affect their job performance) and don’t pass on the random hookups — that, too, can help!

Posing For A Nude Spread

Perhaps the easiest of the four requirements to fulfill is the one that would require you to pose for a nude spread on the cover of a magazine, but before you get there, you would need to become a Famous Pop Star first. Provided you don’t get any addictions, keep working hard each year, and get your performance bar filled up as soon as possible, you could become famous by the time you reach your late 20s, assuming you started work as a Background Vocalist right after high school.

pop star life in bitlife

Having social media is optional, all things considered, but it does help if you have at least one account active in the game, as getting verified increases your Fame by about 20 percent. But other than that, the best ways to boost your Fame stat are to keep starring in commercials and publish your first book and make sure it isn’t a flop.

Once your Fame reaches the 50 percent mark, that’s when you would normally get your first offers to pose for a magazine cover. Oftentimes, the initial offer would require you to pose in a swimsuit, but eventually, and also because magazine photoshoots almost always increase Fame substantially, you should get a nude photoshoot offer in a year or two.

Just be prepared for the consequences — if you have a partner, there’s a chance they could argue with you over your decision to pose nude, and if your mother’s still alive, they could also do the same! As such, you may want to limit yourself to one nude shoot, given that these don’t pay as much as commercials. And that would actually bring us to the final point in this guide.

How To Get Your Net Worth Up To $100 Million Quickly

The final requirement in the BitLife Rock Star Challenge is to accumulate a net worth of at least $100 million, and there are two ways you can get there before the age of 60. The first method is the organic one, as there would come a time when your salary as a Lead Vocalist would increase exponentially — oftentimes from the $100,000 annual range to about $5 million or more upon hitting the age button!

bitlife rock star tv commercials

This usually happens once you’re in your mid-to-late 30s, and once it does, this could really get things going as far as increasing your net worth is concerned. Again, it’s better not to have kids for the purposes of this challenge, and while you can buy a home if you wish, it’s recommended that you don’t buy any cars, as their value depreciates much faster and you’ve also got annual maintenance costs to consider, especially if you’re trying to make things even more rock star-authentic by buying a sports car.

In addition to letting your fortune grow organically, we would suggest starring in as many commercials as possible, especially once your Fame is at 95 percent or higher. If Fame is at 95 to 98 percent, you could do ads for $1 million per pop, but if it’s at a perfect 100 percent (or 99 percent), that figure increases to $2 million for each advertisement you cut.

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As long as the option to star in a commercial is available, go and take the opportunity — it also helps to release multiple books when you can, though this option usually is available every five to 10 years or so.

If you follow all of the steps we had suggested above, there’s a good chance you may end up completing the challenge by the time your character is in their middle-to-late 50s. Upon completion, you will be given the now-usual choice of four prize boxes, each of which contains a new hat or a new piece of eyewear you can add to your list of unlocked Accessories.