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BitLife Careers Guide: How to Become a Financial Advisor, Physical Therapist, Professor, Pornographer, Chiropractor or a Chief Pilot

Candywriter’s BitLife is notable for a lot of things as arguably the most comprehensive life simulator game available for iOS and Android gamers alike. One of those things is the ability to choose from hundreds of careers for all types of Bitizens, or virtual characters. Regardless of your level of education or the course you took at university or in your post-graduate studies, there’s a job for you, and these could range from the traditional (doctor, teacher, etc.) to the glamorous (singer, actor, etc.) to the less-glamorous (janitor, bus driver, etc.), to the outright bizarre (worm picker, exorcist, etc.) And there are specific steps you need to take if you want to collect these in-game careers.

In this BitLife careers guide, we’re going to be looking at six varied careers that could all pay you a ton of money once you’ve reached the highest position, thus allowing you to live comfortably with (ideally) a lot of spending money and a lot left over in the bank once you’re done spending. We’re referring to the Financial Advisor, Physical Therapist, Professor, Pornographer, Chiropractor, and Chief Pilot career tracks, and we’re talking about salaries of $100,000 or more once you’ve reached the top of the ladder.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all about what you need to do to collect the careers and get promoted to the highest possible position in each of them, but before we proceed, keep in mind that you need to work at least 20 years in the same career in order to collect it, and all the currency figures we shall refer to below are in US dollars. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at all six careers and how to succeed in them!

How To Become A Financial Advisor In BitLife

If you’re trying to collect the Financial Advisor career, it is highly recommended that you have a character who has at least decent Smarts — all other stats are irrelevant, as long as your starting Smarts are around 60 or so. You can then get this figure up once you start middle school and extracurricular activities become available — it doesn’t matter which one you join, as being part of a club from your first year of middle school or high school until graduation could greatly increase your Smarts.

After high school graduation, you will definitely want to attend university, and as long as you’ve kept your grades up and stayed out of trouble, you should have no problem getting a scholarship. Finance is the obvious first choice of college course, and you can always quit the app and restart it if Finance is not among the available options. However, it also appears that you can take an English or Information Systems course and still get a job as a Financial Advisor after college. If your Popularity is high enough, we suggest joining a fraternity or sorority for a chance of bypassing the job interview.

how to become a financial advisor in bitlife

The first job in the Financial Advisor career track is Jr. Financial Advisor, and it should pay you a solid, but not spectacular amount of money — usually, this would be around $35,000 per year. Keep working hard and maintain a good relationship with your supervisor and the first promotion, which should earn you about $60,000, will have you moving up the ranks to Financial Advisor after five to seven years.

Once you’ve been working for about 12 to 15 years, you will then move up to Sr. Financial Advisor, where you could earn well over $100,000 annually and make a good enough living to have three kids, a house, and a car — pretty much the epitome of a successful life in the real world, and the same certainly applies in the BitLife universe.

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Normally, Sr. Financial Advisor will be as far as you can go in the Financial Advisor track, and as long as you work 20 years in any capacity under that track, you can collect the career. But if you want to go even further up the corporate ladder, you can get promoted to Assistant Vice President and move all the way up to company CEO once you’ve worked at least 15 years as a Financial Advisor. This, however, requires that you have finished Graduate School or Business School — it’s only two years, so you might as well have a post-graduate education if your grades in college are high enough and you want to become your company’s chief executive.

How To Become A Physical Therapist In BitLife

Physical Therapist arguably isn’t the most popular career track you can go on if you’re trying to turn your Bitizen into a doctor or medical professional of some sort, but it’s not a bad source of income, and it’s certainly attainable if you’ve got the right stats. Compared to Financial Advisor, you might want to start out with slightly higher starting Smarts, perhaps in the range of 70 or higher.

physical therapist promotion in bitlife

If your Smarts are still below 85 by the time you enter middle school, we would strongly recommend joining a club to get that stat up to the 90 range by the time you’re ready to choose your college course. Spoiler alert — you’ll need to go through Medical School if you want to be a Physical Therapist, and oftentimes, you can’t get in there with good grades alone. And with that said, it’s imperative that you study hard and avoid trouble all throughout.

When choosing a college course, Biology is the most recommended course to take if you want to get into med school. Again, it’s best to keep your grades up and join a fraternity if you’re popular enough to simplify the hiring process. Make sure your grades are perfect or close to it if you want to make it to the next step.

Medical School, for those who haven’t explored this option in BitLife, lasts six years, so it’s also important that you aim for a scholarship — otherwise, it could set you back big-time in the following years if you take out a student loan, and good luck asking your parents to pay for it if they aren’t loaded! But once you’re done with med school, a number of jobs will be available, including Physical Therapist.

The career track for Physical Therapist includes three positions, starting with Jr. Physical Therapist, which pays around $60,000. Work hard, keep your Smarts high by reading books if the stat goes down, and keep your performance bar high for about five to seven years or so, and you can get promoted to Physical Therapist, which pays around $75,000 to $80,000.

how to become a physical therapist in bitlife

Work about five to seven more years and you can get a promotion to Sr. Physical Therapist, which is the highest available position and one that will typically pay you around $90,000 to $100,000. As you can see, the salary increase between entry-level and the highest level isn’t exactly the highest out there, but you’ll still be earning far more than the average Bitizen on an annual basis when you’re working a Physical Therapist career.

Given that BitLife’s education features aren’t broad enough to cover specific specializations, one interesting thing about working as a Physical Therapist is that you can switch jobs to other ones that require a Medical School degree, such as Psychiatrist of Brain Surgeon. Of course, you’ll be starting out again at the entry level, but if you’re young enough and want to earn more money while broadening your horizons, you can definitely go for the aforementioned changes in career at any time.

How To Become A Professor In BitLife

Compared to most of the other jobs in this list, becoming a Professor requires a bit more patience. Naturally, this would require a high Smarts stat, but once again, you should be okay if you’re starting out with your Smarts at around 60. If you’re not born with exceptionally high Smarts, the same would apply — study hard, don’t get into fights or play hooky or act up in class, start getting involved in clubs once you reach middle school, and keep joining clubs in high school in order to get your Smarts up right in time for university.

There’s nothing too complicated here, and when it comes to your choice of college course, there don’t appear to be any restrictions — you can choose any course you want, though we would probably discourage you from taking Music, Dance, or Arts. While there are professors who specialize in such fields, it’s best to be safe by taking any of the other courses.

The important thing when aspiring for a Professor job in BitLife is to make sure you attend Graduate School, so you’re going to want to continue studying hard and keeping your nose clean in order to get a scholarship to grad school. This always lasts two years in the BitLife universe, so once you get your grad school diploma, you should be around 24 years old and ready to get a job that’s relevant to the course you had taken. What kind of job? There aren’t too many restrictions, but you certainly should be avoiding entertainment-related jobs or menial jobs, because that’s not the relevant experience colleges want when hiring professors.

how to become a professor in bitlife

For example, if you took up Biology, you can become a Marine Biologist, or if you took up Psychology, you could work as a School Psychologist. You don’t necessarily need previous teaching experience (say, as a History Teacher) in order to become a Professor in the game, but you would need to accrue 10 years of experience at work (again, make sure it’s relevant to your course and not menial or entertainment-related) before applying for work as a Professor.

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There aren’t any further promotions forthcoming once you start working as a Professor, but the good thing is that your pay should increase progressively with each passing year — by the time you reach the requisite 20-year mark as a Professor, you should be earning well over $100,000. (Starting salaries are typically in the neighborhood of $70,000.) This is in contrast to other jobs, where the pay increases stop at a certain time, usually after a few years, and don’t come again until you get promoted. This is indeed a job that could allow you to live comfortably in the in-game universe, but don’t expect the benefits to really pay off until you reach your mid-40s or so.

How To Become A Pornographer In BitLife

Being that BitLife is a game recommended for players aged 17 and above, it’s no surprise that there are a few controversial career choices out there, and one of these is the Pornographer career. Now this is not to be confused with the Porn Set Janitor and Pornography Historian careers, which are listed separately — when trying to collect the Pornographer career, you want to take either one of three jobs, and these are Porn Writer, Porn Cameraman, and Porn Actor. A good memory tool for this would be to look for the icon with a starry-eyed smiley.

Given what is expected from either one of the aforementioned jobs, a college degree is definitely optional. You can even get expelled or drop out of high school and still have a chance to work as a Pornographer starting from the age of 18. Likewise, you don’t need a lot of Smarts to become successful in this career track — what you obviously need is good Looks, which would mean somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 and above.

porn actor promotion in bitlife

This stat is far more important for the Porn Actor job than Porn Cameraman — even average-looking Bitizens can find work as a Porn Cameraman, though that might limit your chances of getting promoted to Porn Actor after a few years. Of course, be prepared for rebukes from your family if you have parents with high Religiousness stats — they won’t be happy to hear that their son or daughter is working in such a sinful trade.

Working as a Porn Actor, in specific, is one way in which you can become a celebrity in the BitLife universe. If you perform well at work, avoid getting in trouble with your co-workers (and especially your supervisor), and avoid addictions that could affect your work performance, you can become a famous Porn Star by the time you reach your late 20s or early 30s. And that’s a career that could earn you around $100,000 per year once you’re at the height of your fame. Just don’t expect to be filthy rich right away, as Porn Writer, Porn Cameraman, and Porn Actor have starting salaries of around $25,000, $40,000, and $50,000 respectively.

However, you won’t get all the perks that may otherwise be available in other celebrity lines of work — you cannot star in TV commercials, because what ad agency in their right mind would cast an adult film star to endorse a mainstream product? However, you can still publish books every few years or so, you can appear on late-night talk shows, and you can definitely pose for magazine covers, especially if it’s a nude photoshoot. Just make sure to expect some resistance from your partner, especially if they’re particularly religious — they might not take kindly to seeing you on a magazine cover wearing nothing else but your birthday suit!

how to become a pornographer in bitlife

Aside from missing out on those $2 million-per-pop commercial deals, another downside of working as a famous Porn Star is the fact that most companies will terminate you once you reach your early 50s. Unlike in movies and in music, where it’s not uncommon for Hollywood megastars and rock/pop stars to still be relevant in their 50s and beyond, you won’t be seen as marketable once you reach middle age.

As such, you may opt to retire before you get fired, or you can use your earnings to go back to school — or even start a new, similarly lucrative, but more wholesome line of work if you have a college degree. Your options may depend on your age or the degree you earned, but in most cases, you should have more than enough saved up once your porn career comes to an end and the countdown to fading out of the spotlight begins.

How To Become A Chiropractor In BitLife

Moving on to the world of alternative medicine, Chiropractor is another less than traditional career option you could explore after completing Medical School, and since we did mention med school once again, you should probably know the drill by now. Make sure you’ve got a character with Smarts of 70 or more at birth and keep re-rolling if you have to, don’t get into any sort of trouble in school, and keep using the Study Harder button to ensure you have perfect grades.

If Smarts isn’t that high yet once you reach middle school age, join a club or two so that the stat is in the neighborhood of 85, or even 90 once you reach college. As for the college course you should be taking, Biology is again among the safest options, although Psychology can also get you into Medical School once all is said and done. And just as usual, joining a fraternity is a great way to avoid the job interview and get hired right from the get-go, although this isn’t always guaranteed.

how to become a chiropractor in bitlife

After you’ve completed six years of Medical School, you can start out on the Chiropractor career track, which would begin with Jr. Chiropractor and a salary of about $65,000. As we’ve observed, it may be more important than ever to keep your Smarts stat high as it did go down for no apparent reason during one of our playthroughs — if your Smarts are in the 85 range, you might not get past Chiropractor, which is a job that normally pays around $85,000. But if your Smarts are at 90 or greater, similar timelines should apply — five to seven years from Jr. Chiropractor to Chiropractor, and seven to 10 years from Chiropractor to Sr. Chiropractor.

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Although chiropractors don’t get as much love in the real world as the average medical practitioner, you could earn well over $100,000 per year once you make it to Sr. Chiropractor, thus making it one of the better job options for those with a college education or better. And just like in the Physical Therapist career path, you can always switch to another practice and start out at the entry level if you feel that a Chiropractor’s salary isn’t cutting the mustard.

Again, you want to do this while you’re younger, as it might not be a very wise idea to switch careers later in life and have to work your way up once again to a salary of $100,000 or greater!

How To Become A Chief Pilot In BitLife

Back in the day, you needed to take a rather unorthodox path if you wanted to be a Chief Pilot in BitLife — before the introduction of pilot’s licenses in the game, you actually had to finish Medical School if you wanted to become a Chief Pilot, and if that doesn’t sound strange, we don’t know what is. However, the Luxury Update changed all that, and you no longer need to go through this whole process if you’re aiming for a Pilot career. So what type of character do you need to start with when trying to collect the Pilot career in the game?

pilot test in bitlife

Compared to the medical professions we mentioned above, you don’t need to be exceptionally smart for starters — perhaps a starting Smarts of 50 will do. With that in mind, you probably wouldn’t need to study as hard as you normally would, and there may be some leeway for some juvenile shenanigans along the way, just as long as you don’t end up in juvie for attacking people in school. That is, however, provided your Smarts are at 70 or greater by the time you’re in middle school. Otherwise, the same strategy applies — join a club or two so you can get Smarts to 70 by college.

When talking about college course for Chief Pilot, there aren’t any specific courses you should take — our character got a History degree at university and was still able to find work as a Pilot Trainee after graduation. What’s important, however, is completing 40 hours of Flight School and passing your pilot’s license.

This will cost you some money — an hour’s worth of training costs about $150, so you could be looking at $6,000 worth of training, plus an additional fee of $900 to $1,000 for taking your pilot’s license test. That means taking a part-time job, even in your final year of college if you’re on a scholarship, may be necessary in order for you to have enough money to pay for Flight School and your license.

Getting the entry-level Pilot Trainee job, which pays around $35,000 to $40,000 in most cases, would require three things in general — a university degree, a pilot’s license, and Smarts of 65 or greater. If your Smarts still aren’t up to speed after college graduation, you have the option to read a book for a generous stat boost. Now you may think that the aforementioned pay isn’t too exciting, but if you’re patient enough, you’ll find out how lucrative the Chief Pilot job is, especially compared to the other jobs in this guide.

how to become a chief pilot in bitlife

After about five years, provided your performance is good, you should then get a promotion to Co-Pilot, which pays about $65,000 to $70,000 in most cases. The Pilot job is next, usually about seven to ten years later, and that’s where your annual salary will crack the $100,000 mark. Wait another five to seven years and make sure your performance remains good, and the next step up the ladder is Airline Captain, which offers a starting pay of about $175,000 per year or a few thousands more.

You’ll probably collect the Pilot career a little later, but just keep on going, keep working hard, and keep that Performance bar in the green. After another seven to 10 years, you’ll reach the top of the ranks, which is Chief Pilot — a job that pays $220,000 and upward, which is one of the best ways for you to earn money without entering the world of entertainment or becoming a Brain Surgeon! And if we may reiterate, you can do all that without having to attend Medical School, just like in those pre-Luxury Update days.

And this ends this edition of BitLife careers guide. If you have additional tips or tricks for the careers that we mentioned in this guide, don’t hesitate to let us know!