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BitLife Careers Guide: How to Become a Brain Surgeon, Chief Justice, Engineer or an Executive Chef

Your life is literally in the palm of your hands in BitLife, a text-based life simulation game from Candywriter, where each choice you make determines where your life will lead you. Whether it be a life of crime or a living a straight life, everything depends on the tap of your finger. There are a lot of things to do from gambling to adopting. You can even go on vacations too. Although the game is simple, it is definitely entertaining enough to keep you glued on your phone for hours.

One of the many charms of BitLifenis the myriad of careers you can choose from. There are jobs that are easy to obtain and others that you have to work a bit harder to get your hands on. In this BitLife guide, we’ll help you become a brain surgeon, chief justice, engineer, midwife, banker, or an executive chef. Keep on reading to find out which jobs can be done with ease and which ones you need to sweat on.

How To Become A Brain Surgeon In BitLife

Becoming a brain surgeon in BitLife is no easy task. Although it’s a single career path with no promotions, it’s not as easy as you might think. Just like in real life, being blessed in the intellectual aspect is a must. If you’re born with low or even average smart stats, forget about being a brain surgeon and pursue something else instead. Even if you’re really diligent in studying and reach at least over 70, it won’t be enough. Smart stats need to be extremely high and maintained.

bitlife brain surgeon

To become a brain surgeon, you need to take up any major related to the medical field and go to medical school after. In BitLife, you have several majors to choose from. It could be anything from nursing, biology, chemistry, or psychology. After graduating from university, you need to take up medical school for seven years. Although you may get into university by taking the mentioned majors without having the need for high smart stats, getting into medical school is different. You need close to perfect smart stats to be considered. If you tried and your application gets rejected, it means your stats aren’t enough. You need to have really high stats in order to even be considered.

After you graduate medical school, the brain surgeon option will appear at the job listing. Although it is a one-track career path, it’s still very rewarding. Aside from the high salary, you get raises quite often as well. In no time your salary will be six figures, and you’ll live a very comfortable and happy life. Be careful though because once your stats become lower, you will get fired. Always make sure your stats are in the green and higher than average.

How To Become A Chief Justice In BitLife

Becoming a chief justice is probably one of the hardest or even the most difficult career to get in BitLife. You need to be extremely smart and lucky to get this job. No matter how smart you are, time is against you in this career. To become a chief justice, you need to go to university, continue studying in law school, spend decades working, and hope you’ll be promoted into the chief justice position before your death.

To get into law school, then you need to either study political science or English as your major. Only the mentioned majors will get you into law school. Other majors, like arts or history, will not get you into law school. You also have to be extremely smart to get in. As we’ve said before, if you start out with low or average smart stats, it’s best to just focus on another career instead. You can also start a new life and hope that one has better smart stats.

bitlife chief justice

After law school, you need to apply for either law clerk or junior associate. You can get in both of these jobs once you graduate from law school. Once you have a job in the lawyer career path, you need to stay in this job for 30 years so that you can apply for the magistrate position under the judge career path. From the magistrate career path, you need to be promoted or apply to become a magistrate court judge.

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Once you become a magistrate court judge, you can either wait to be promoted to district court judge or apply for it. It’s best to stick to one company because applying for another and then getting rejected also risks you into losing your job and being fired. After being a district court judge, you’ll then be promoted to associate chief justice. Finally, when you become an associate chief justice, you just need to wait to be promoted into chief justice.

There’s a lot when it comes to career progress and experience on your journey to becoming a chief justice. This is extremely difficult mostly because of your age by the time you become a magistrate. You’ll need to wait years before you get promoted, and it isn’t even the chief justice position yet. By the time you become a chief justice, you’ll be way past your prime and will only have a few years left to enjoy your new career.

To have a higher chance in snagging that chief justice position, you need to do your best to live a clean life and have high stats all throughout the later years in your life. You don’t want to risk your chances and lose everything you’ve worked so hard for. Avoid getting into fights, arguments, committing crime, and anything illegal. If your happiness goes down, take a vacation or go on a cruise to increase it. Make everyone in your life happy. However, the game still determines if your life is to end or not. This career path really depends on how long you’ll live and how lucky you are to snag that chief justice role.

How To Become An Engineer In BitLife

The engineer career path is very simple. All you have to do is take the engineering major once you graduate high school. No other majors will let you get an engineering job. The majors you chose from are random. If the engineering major isn’t there, you can start a new life and hope that it will be there this time. You have to possess decent smarts in order to get in. Once you graduate university, you can now apply for a job in either the chemical engineer path or the mechanical engineer path. Either one or both options will appear once you graduate from engineering.

bitlife vp of engineering

The career path for both the chemical engineer and mechanical engineer is the same. From engineer I, you get promoted to engineer II and then engineer III. After engineer III, you’ll be promoted to assistant engineering manager and then engineering manager. From engineering manager, you’ll be director of engineering next. The highest position you can obtain in any career path is VP of engineering.

Being an engineer is an easy path to take. All you have to do is take up engineering as your major and you’re good to go. You don’t need extremely high grades, but you still have to make sure your stats are high enough to be able to study engineering. Once you graduate from engineering and get a job, you can stick to that company and get promotions. You can also try to check the job listings for higher salary offers in other companies. Although the salary isn’t as high as the others, it’s still one of the easier career paths and worth taking if you want an easy life.

How To Become A Midwife In BitLife

To become a midwife, you need to graduate from university with a nursing degree. You can only be a midwife this way and no other major will get you in that career path. Getting a nursing degree is easy as you don’t need to have high smart stats and decent stats is enough for it. After you graduate from university, the apprentice midwife option will appear in the job listings. Once you become an apprentice midwife, you’ll be promoted to midwife in a few years.

bitlife midwife

Being a midwife is one of the easiest careers because you don’t need to be extremely smart and you get promoted to midwife after a few years of being an apprentice midwife. If you aren’t satisfied with your salary, you can always ask for a raise or check out other offers from other companies every year.

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How To Become A Banker In BitLife

To become a banker, you need to graduate from university with a related major and apply for a job as a junior banker. This option will only appear if you take finance or mathematics, although finance is the better option than the two. Your smart stats don’t have to be extremely high, but it needs to be above average to get you in one of those majors. If the junior banker option isn’t there, you can try again the following year.

bitlife banker

Similar to previous careers mentioned in this BitLife guide, being a banker is one of the easier career paths once you graduate with the required major. The only problem you’ll really encounter is if the major needed isn’t in the list of choices you have. You have no other choice but to restart a new life and hope it’s there the next time. If you have average smart stats, you’ll need to work harder at studying too.

Once you become a junior banker, you will then get promoted to banker in several years. After a few more years of working, you’ll be promoted to senior banker which is the highest position in this career path. You can always check yearly for higher salaries in other companies if you want to earn more.

How To Become An Executive Chef In BitLife

Becoming an executive chef is one of those jobs that are very elusive and require more luck than anything else. You don’t need to be smart, but you at least have to keep your stats green. There’s no need to go to university and community college is enough. However, the job position required for the chef career path isn’t always available. You’ll have to check the job listings every year and see if a position appears or not.

bitlife executive chef

After you graduate community college, you need to work for at least three years before you can take the chef career path. You can go for any job, but ideally you should go for something in the restaurant business like a bartender or a waiter. After three years, you can check the job listings if there’s either a line cook, short order cook, or apprentice chef. You can apply for any of the mentioned positions as long as you’ve worked for three years. Once accepted, you can stay in that company or look somewhere else.

The chef career path starts with the line cook, which will then be promoted as a short order cook, then apprentice chef. These three positions are the starter options for the chef career path and you must apply for them immediately once they appear. From apprentice chef, you will be promoted to chef tournant and then chef garde manger. After chef garde manger, you will move on to being a junior sous chef, saucier, and then sous chef. Next, you’ll be chef de cuisine and finally, you’ll become an executive chef. It’s best to stick to one company as your career progresses. Once you’ve reached executive chef, you can ask for a raise or check other offers.

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Being an executive chef is one of those careers that you only take on if you really want it. Although you don’t really need to be smart and don’t need to go to university for this, you might waste years and years of waiting for the starter positions to appear before you can take on this career path. It is mostly dependent on luck more than anything else. Even if your parents are chefs or you have full green stats, the option will not always appear. If you want a challenge, then taking on this career path is definitely for you.

That’s it for our BitLife careers guide. If one of your dream jobs is listed above, remember to follow our tips and you’ll surely get the career you want. If you have suggestions and other strategies that are not mentioned, please feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below!