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Puppy Town Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Unlock All the Puppy Breeds Quickly and Painlessly

Merge games have become quite popular among the mobile gaming crowd these days due to their casual and fun nature. Among the latest titles to be released in the mobile gaming space is Puppy Town. Coin+ is the publisher behind the new mobile game, which is obviously aimed at people who love dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Unlike some merge games out there, Puppy Town doesn’t rely on any complex mechanics or advanced storyline. You basically find yourself in a town that is populated by pups and start off with a play area consisting of several kennels and a couple of level 1 Shiba Inu dogs filling those slots.

puppy town tricks

Players are instructed to merge two Shiba Inus to unlock a level 2 Siberian Husky. Following the same pattern, one will need to continue on to merge level 2 pups to unlock a level 3 Chihuahua and so on and on. But where do these pups come from, you might be wondering at this point?

From the beginning, the game auto-generates a new puppy every 8 seconds. Indeed, progress will be a little slow, at least until you figure out how to make use of all the options available in the game to your advantage so that you can improve your pup production.

The main goal of Puppy Town is to unlock as many new dog breeds as you possibly can, in order to ensure that your town is populated by a varied range of dogs.

how to unlock new dogs in puppy town

The premise is extremely simple, so there’s no way players will find themselves stuck and not knowing what to do while playing this game. Where things might get a bit tricky is when it comes to speeding up the game. This is why we’ve created this Puppy Town beginner’s guide, which contains a series of useful tips and tricks that will come in handy when you’re trying to merge dogs in order to unlock new breeds faster.

In addition, the game supposedly throws in the opportunity to win an iPhone 11 Pro, and we will analyze this claim in one of the guide’s sections. So continue reading below to find out more.

1. Gather Up Funds Fast

Each new pup you place on one of the free kennels brings in a sum of money which is added to your total earnings. The higher the dog’s level is, the more you will receive in terms of financial remuneration. Cash is an important resource in Puppy Town as it will allow you speed up the doggy production process, so you need to learn how to make some fast.

For starters, once you have enough money at your disposal you will be able to invest the funds towards purchasing pups so you can continue merging. Tap on the lower left corner of the display to quickly acquire a new dog – the type of breed you can get varies depending on how far along in the game you are. For example, after playing for a while you will be able to get a level 14 Golden Retriever in exchange for the sum of $392m.

Luckily your purse fills up quickly in Puppy Town. All you need to do is populate all the kennels you have available on the play area with pups and let the cash flow in. It won’t be long before you’ll be able to afford purchasing a dog or two. Sometimes players will even be allowed to get a dog for free. Only that in this case, free means you’ll be required to watch a quick ad in return. This option will only be available from time to time, so make sure you keep an eye out for it, so as not to miss your chance.

how to spend money in puppy town

Alternatively, don’t forget to check the Shop which is located in the lower right corner of the screen. Here you will be able to choose between different tier dogs, so make your decision carefully depending on how much you wish to spend. Fortunately, in case you find yourself strapped for cash the game makes one type of dog available for free.

Simply watch an ad, and you will get the dog placed on the play area quickly. Or if you can stomach it, you can go through a series of ads in exchange for a small pack. Fortunately, the game does not appear to put a limit on just how many ads you can watch during a single day, at least not in our experience. So if you are willing, it is possible to populate the whole play area just by watching ads and not paying a dime.

There are other ways to make money in Puppy Town, and we’re going to detail them in the sections below.

2. Always Remember To Check The Daily Tasks And Achievements Tabs

A good way to make more cash in Puppy Town is to remember to check the Daily Tasks and Achievements tabs located in the right side of the display. It’s impossible to miss them, especially since when something to redeem is available, a red exclamation mark will pop up alerting you that it is time to cash in.

For example, players can grab a reward for merging 20 puppies or for buying 5 doggies in the shop. These cash prizes are consistent, and so we recommend that you take advantage of them whenever possible. For example, you can get $44.1m in exchange for watching a video ad. That’s pretty sweet deal!

puppy town achievements

Next, you should also make a point to check the Achievements tab. Here, depending on your progress you will be able to unlock several other rewards. For example, getting to level 20 in the game (more on that later) will provide you with $131m in cash, while merging 1200 times will bring an additional $110m to your wallet.

So remember, whenever you find that you need some dough, go and see whether the Tasks or Achievements tab have anything to offer – chances are that they do, as only checking in the game for the day will unlock a rewards in the Tasks tab. If not, continue playing and eventually some rewards will be unlocked for you.

3. Spend Time Away From The Game

While Puppy Town is a merge game at is core, it also makes use of some idle elements. For example, players have the option of turning on Auto mode (find it on the right side of the display) and let the game do its thing on its own. This means all the pups will be merged automatically while you watch or quickly go grab a sandwich, but take into consideration that progress will be quite slow in such a scenario.

how to earn idle money in puppy town

Similarly, like with most idle games out there, spending time away from the game is a good thing. This is because once you come back you will be able to cash in some nice Idle rewards. These amounts of money vary depending on how much you put off returning to Puppy Town.

Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that spending a few hours focusing on other activities is a good way of handsomely complementing your income. Oh and if you manage to put up with watching yet another pesky ad, you can double the amount of cash you receive.

4. Tap On The Flying Gifts When You See One

As you get immersed in the gameplay you will soon notice that gifts attached to a puppy-shaped balloon will sometimes be flying across the screen. When you spot one, don’t waste any time and tap on it. You will have to watch an ad, but fortunately you will get some extra perks in return, so your annoyance won’t be for naught.

In exchange for your troubles, the game might serve up a power-up which consists of offering 50% chance of gift box in the last 120 seconds. Alternatively, the flying gift can unlock other things, like for instance, more cash or Crazy mode (which includes Second income x2, Output level +1 and Output speed +50%). Crazy mode is a particularly useful power-up as it allows you to generate pups of a higher tier a lot faster (4 seconds).

how to get flying gifts in puppy town

Normally the game generates puppies every 8 seconds, but from time to time it will also conjure up small orange gifts tied up with a purple bow. These show on the play area, and take up one of the kennels that don’t have a dog sitting on them.

What are these gifts good for you might be wondering? Well they can drop a random puppy on the play area, and in exchange for watching an ad you can get it upgraded with 2 additional levels. Once a gift is placed on a kennel it won’t disappear and make space for a new pup unless you tap on it. However, the good news is that you don’t necessary have to endure the ad watching – just press the X in the upper right corner, decline to have the pup upgraded and get rid of the box all at the same time.

5. Use The Double Money Power-Up As Often As Possible

If it happens that you still find yourself lacking the necessary funds to speed up your progress, don’t worry, there’s an additional alternative to be taken into consideration. On the right side of the display, look for the Double Money power-up, tap on it and watch a quick ad in order to allow the game to generate double the resources. Its effect lasts two hours, so it seems like looking at an ad for 30 seconds it’s a pretty fair exchange, if we can say so ourselves.

puppy town double money power-up

Bottom line is that you need to make sure that whenever you open up the game to quickly watch an ad so that you can double your earnings and increase your chances of getting new doggies in your little Puppy Tow.

6. Remember To Always Add More Kennels

Still don’t think you have enough money to invest in the dogs you want to bring to your game? It might be because you don’t have enough kennels spread out in the play area. Each puppy you generate or purchase will occupy a slot (or kennel) and when they run out you won’t be able to bring extra pups in.

By now you already know that once you place a dog on a kennel they start making money depending on their respective levels: higher tier ones will generate more income than lower tier ones. So how do you get more kennels in order to bring more dogs into the fold? You have two options.

how to unlock new kennels in puppy town

The first one is automatic. As you progress in the game and unlock a certain number of dogs and gather enough experience you will level up. Once you hit a new level, the game will automatically unlock a new kennel for you. So basically, all you need to do in this scenario is to keep playing, until new kennels are made available.

Or you can tap the + button located next to the last kennel to watch yet another ad and bring an extra kennel into the fold. Expanding the number of kennels in your possession is a good thing, because as we explained above the more you have the more cash you will be able to produce. So we encourage you to add as many kennels as possible, as to be able to maximize your earnings.

7. Use The Lucky Spin Option

Now, a lot of players might have been drawn to Puppy Town for one particular reason and that’s the alluring possibility of winning an iPhone 11 Pro – Apple’s latest flagship phone which is sold for a considerable price.

In order to be eligible to win this prize, players will need to use the Lucky Spin option which is available in the upper right side of the display.

puppy town lucky spin

How this work is that you get a free spin each day, but also make sure to scroll down and see if you can get more free spins. For example, when you unlock a level 6 puppy, the game will offer you one extra free spin. The daily check in at the bottom also brings one more.

Once you’ve redeemed all the available spins, go back to the top and tap on the Spin button and see what you get. There’s a total of 8 outcomes that can result from spinning the wheel:

– iPhone 11 Pro Puzzle *0.1
– iPhone 11 Pro Puzzle *0.5
– iPhone 11 Pro Puzzle *1
– iPhone 11 Pro Puzzle *2
– iPhone 11 Pro
– 3k Money
– Crazy Time
– Gift Box

Now we should note that we’re a bit skeptic that you can actually win an iPhone 11 Pro by playing Spin and Win. However, the mini game does provide easy access to Crazy Time or tripling the in-game cash. As we told you about Crazy Time comes with an increased puppy output level (a pup will be generated every 4 seconds), which will substantially speed up the pace of the game.

From our experience the three options at the bottom are the most frequent draws, so you might as well milk this opportunity to get some much needed power-ups. As for the whole iPhone 11 Pro thing, you need to fill a 10 meter to be able to became eligible to get your hands on the much coveted smartphone. But getting to 10 isn’t that easy, simply because most often than not you will score the smallest Puzzle pieces (*0.1 and *0.5) and you can usually get a maximum of 3 iPhone hits per day.

In addition, you run out of free spins pretty fast, so if you want to keep spinning you will need to watch ad after ad after ad. At the time of the writing of this article, we can’t confirm or infirm the fact that you can actually win an iPhone 11 Pro through playing Puppy Town, however, we do urge you to take the developer’s claims with a grain of salt.

Putting the iPhone 11 Pro prize issue aside, Puppy Town is still a fun and feel-good game to play, especially if you love dogs. If you’re a cat person, you might want to give games like Kitten Match a try instead.

Anyway, we’ve reached the end of our Puppy Town beginner’s guide and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and that you found some useful tips and strategies that you can apply to your own game play. Puppy Town can be a slow game at times, but luckily if you do your best to employ the strategies outlined above, you’ll be able to take advantage of a nice progression.

If you’ve been playing the game for a while now, and have knowledge of some tips or tricks we haven’t outlined in this guide, do us a favor and share them with the entire community in the comment section below!


Thursday 24th of December 2020

How do you expand kennels ?what do you do if puppeys are full but can’t match any ,or move on ?


Sunday 13th of December 2020

My lucky puppy is increasing but my real money not increase


Saturday 12th of December 2020

How can I get the "wealth puppy.".that's the only left puppy I can't get.. is there a level required

MD Atikul Islam

Friday 11th of December 2020

Puppy kennel is full and not can I do? My Earn money 💰 127 USD..

brianna maraj

Wednesday 18th of November 2020

i am stuck at 98.94 cents and i can't get the 100 dollars i am feed up of trying and it is getting boring also i am trying to watch the videos to see if the app is giving you something but i have reached 9 on the phone and i am not getting anymore for the phone