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BitLife Careers Guide: How to Become a Runway Model, Veterinarian, Real Estate Agent or a Dental Hygienist

BitLife is a text-based life simulator that takes you into a journey of living another life by just tapping your fingers on your mobile device. It comes very close to real life as your choices in life decides your fate in the game. Whether you’ll be lucky and born with amazing wealth and looks or the complete opposite, how you really live your life determines if you come out successful in the end.

Because it is text-based, the captions and dialogues you’ll encounter will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. They’re extremely funny, witty, and very unexpected. Life events also adds to the charm as you can develop relationships, train pets, get stalked by an ex, get sent to jail and many more. Time will definitely pass by when you play this game, and you won’t even notice that hours have passed.

In this BitLife careers guide, we will help you become a runway model, interior designer, museum director, veterinarian, real estate agent or a dental hygienist. The jobs mentioned are only a few of the many careers you can choose in the game. If the mentioned jobs is the one that you want, keep on reading to find what the requirements are to obtain them.

How To Become A Runway Model In BitLife

To become a runway model, starting out as a female character will be to your advantage. You also have to have extremely high stats for everything and don’t really have to be concerned much about smarts. Of course, looks are the main factor here, so being born with great visuals is definitely a must. If you start out with average looks, start a new life until you have extremely high look stats. Happiness and health stats can be easily boosted, but looks can only be drastically improved through plastic surgery. Although you can use the gym, it doesn’t really do much.

bitlife runway model job

What you do throughout your life also matters to your path of becoming a runway model. Having high stats alone won’t be enough as this fluctuates throughout your lifetime. You need to maintain your stats by keeping yourself happy, healthy, and good looking. Also try to interact and keep your relationships with other people positive. Studies aren’t as important because you can start out as a foot model straight out of high school. Just like in real life, models start out young in BitLife.

After graduating from high school, you can go check the job listings if there’s a job opening for a foot model. If it isn’t there, grab another job for the meantime and keep on checking every year until the foot model job appears. Remember to maintain your stats every year to be able to snag that foot model job once it appears. The foot model career isn’t always there so it might take you a few years before it comes up. If you’re lucky enough, it’ll be available right after you graduate high school.

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Once you become a foot model, you will then be promoted to hand model. After being a hand model, the next step is catalog model. The next promotion after catalog model is lingerie model. The last stop for the modeling career is runway model. If you aren’t satisfied with your salary, you can always ask for a raise or check the job listings for the same or a higher job position with better salary.

How To Become An Interior Designer In BitLife

Becoming an interior designer is one of those jobs that’s very easy to obtain. After graduating from high school, you will need to take up arts as your major and nothing else. If it doesn’t appear in the choices, start over again. Once you graduate from college, the junior interior designer job will be available right away along with other art related jobs such as graphics designer. If it isn’t there, it will definitely be there the following year. This is one of those jobs that isn’t hard to trigger as it will always show up just as long as you take up arts as your major.

bitlife interior designer job

Once you become a junior interior designer, you will be instantly promoted to interior designer. After that, the last promotion is to become a senior interior designer. That’s pretty much it for the interior designer career path. Raises and promotions come quite often, so you’ll find yourself in the senior interior designer position early on. Same with other jobs, if you aren’t satisfied with your salary, you can always ask for a raise or look for another job opening that has a higher salary than what you currently have.

The interior designer career path is one you should take if you don’t want a stressful life. You don’t necessarily need extremely high stats or anything like that. Just as long as you take up the arts major, you’re all set. However, it doesn’t mean you should let go and not maintain your stats. Of course, having stats that are at least green will keep you from getting fired. It is still better to have above average stats and try to make your life fulfilling as possible with what you have.

How To Become A Museum Director In BitLife

Similar to the previous career mentioned in this article, becoming a museum director is also one of those jobs that you won’t have to patiently check year after year in the job listings for it to appear. This career path immediately appears after graduating university with a related major, which is in this case is history. If it isn’t there, start another life and hope the history major appears in the choices. Also same as above, stats don’t have to be excellent, but it should be above average.

bitlife museum director job

To become a museum director, after graduating from university, check the job listings for the docent or exhibit associate job opening. You can start out from either one, but it’s better to apply for the exhibit associate position as this leads straight to a promotion to assistant curator. If the docent position is the only one available, still grab it as this will trigger the other related job positions to appear as well. From being a docent, you can then apply as an exhibit associate the following year as it might take a while to get promoted.

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Once you become an exhibit associate, you will then be promoted to assistant curator. After that, the next position will be curator. From curator, you will finally land the museum director job position. It will take you years before reaching the museum director job as promotions don’t happen quickly. You can always ask for a promotion to reach your goal faster, but sometimes the company would just give you a raise instead of a promotion. It still raises your salary, so it’s still a winning situation.

How To Become A Veterinarian In BitLife

To become a veterinarian, you will need to graduate from university with a related major and then go to veterinary school. You will only get accepted to veterinary school if you take biology, chemistry, or even nursing as a major in university. There is no need to go to graduate school for this. What you should do is to make sure you have the smarts to get in and maintain it, although having perfect smart stats is not really a requirement. Being above average is enough and also as long you graduate with the required major.

bitlife veterinarian job

After graduating with any of the mentioned majors, apply for veterinary school. Once accepted, you need to study for three years until you graduate. Right after graduating, look for a junior veterinarian job opening in the job listings. If it doesn’t appear, it’ll definitely appear the following year as this is the only career path that you can take after veterinary school. Once you become a junior veterinarian, you will then be promoted to veterinarian. After that, you will become a senior veterinarian. This might take years of working and several raises before you reach your goal.

The veterinarian career path is a relatively easy career path to take. You just need to study hard every year and go to the library whenever you can to maintain your smart stats. After high school, take up a related major, graduate university, get into veterinary school, and then that’s it. It isn’t as overly complicated like other careers where you need get into medical school or need years of job experience before getting accepted. If you’re looking for a job that won’t waste your years but is still a very satisfying one, the veterinarian career path is one you should try.

How To Become A Real Estate Agent In BitLife

The real estate agent career path is one of those careers in BitLife that doesn’t require a university degree. You can apply for this job even as a high school graduate. However, there are other requirements needed before you get accepted for this job. First, you will need to have a driver’s license. You usually take the test once you reach 15 years old. Failing the test is fine as you can always take it the following year until you get it. Other than the license, you will also need a car. Any car will do even if it’s really cheap and broken down. Once you have all requirements, you will definitely be accepted as a real estate agent.

bitlife real estate agent job

The cheapest car you could find will cost probably around a thousand dollars. As a high school graduate, you can apply for other jobs first to save up money to purchase a car. Sometimes the real estate agent job isn’t always there, so it’s best to be prepared for it once it does appear. You can also try asking money from your parents, but they will rarely give you enough to get a car, unless your parents are filthy rich of course. You can also opt for a life of crime just to have that car, but it’s too risky and getting jailed for it isn’t worth it.

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When it comes to stats, as long as your stats are in green, you’re good to go. But once it drops down and becomes orange, you will be fired. Just try to live a normal life and maintain your stats whenever you can. Go to the gym, library, and meditate to keep stats to green. You can also go on vacations and cruises to keep yourself happy. Get plastic surgery if you want to improve your looks as well. Just keep in mind that as long as your stats are in green, even if it’s below average, you can get the real estate agent job.

How To Become A Dental Hygienist In BitLife

To become a dental hygienist in BitLife, you will only need to graduate from community college. No need to go to dental school or anything. This is the only way to become a dental hygienist and nothing else will lead you to this career path. Getting this job is really easy as it doesn’t really require high smart stats and having average stats is enough.

bitlife dental hygienist job

After graduating from community college, the dental hygienist career path will appear in the job listings. If it isn’t there, get another job for the meantime and check year after year until the dental hygienist option appears. This career has no other job promotion.

Being a dental hygienist is one of the easiest jobs you can have in this game as you don’t really need to exert that much effort into studying, and you don’t have to ask or wait for promotions. If you aren’t satisfied with your earnings, asking for a raise or checking other job offers is what you should do. Other than that, that is it for this career path.

We’re at the end of our latest BitLife careers guide. We hope you found this guide helpful for finding the career of your dreams. If you have any additional tips and tricks for the careers mentioned, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!