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Fashion Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build a Fashion Empire

Coco Play By TabTale has been active in the mobile gaming industry since 2012 and has consistently been providing wholesome and educational games that typically offer quick and easy controls as well as easy mechanics that everyone can learn in a few minutes. The company currently has 46 games under its app portfolio and has over 500 million total downloads amassed for all its apps. Gymnastics Superstar, Hip Hop Dance School Game, and My Bakery Empire are just 3 of the more than 20 games Coco Play By Tabtale offers that has earned more than 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. Maintaining largely positive reviews from users as well, Coco Play By TabTale has most certainly proven itself to be among the leading providers of casual simulation and role-playing games.

Fashion Tycoon is Coco Play By TabTale’s latest addition to its-ever-growing roster of games. In just a little over a week after its release, the game has already been downloaded more than 100 thousand times from the Google Play Store. As a unique fashion and business-themed game that can be played by people of all ages, Fashion Tycoon stimulates the creative side of people who may only be able to dream of living a fashionista’s life. Likewise, the game reflects a simplified version of the work involved surrounding the lifestyle as you embark on unique adventure to becoming the best fashion tycoon.

Fashion Tycoon sets you on the role of a budding fashion designer whose love for the art, coupled with artistic passion talent, makes up for lack of experience. As you unlock fashion studios one after another, you continuously design dresses and other varieties of clothing and register and participate in various fashion shows to promote your designs and earn fame, experience and more money to finance the growth of your empire. With a plethora of designs you can mix and match, as well as various others you can unlock; only your imagination and sense of creativeness determines the limits of the unique designs you can come up with. If you are up to express your creative talents into fashion design, then Fashion Tycoon is definitely a game designed for you.

Like all of Coco Play By TabTale’s games, Fashion Tycoon is pretty easy to pick up and play. With the introductory tutorial that makes it much easier to follow through all the duties and responsibilities you have to take on as a fast rising fashion guru, everything becomes much easier still. As the game’s interface and general layout makes it very easy to navigate thru different menus and features, clear “red dot” indicators make it easy to track and follow concerns you need to look into and manage.

Regardless of how you play Fashion Tycoon, you are always bound to make progress. If you yearn for fast growth and development, then check out our Fashion Tycoon beginner’s guide for some useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Always Register And Participate In Fashion Shows

The core of Fashion Tycoon’s gameplay revolves around actually designing clothes and dresses but as the end goal being a dominant force in the fashion industry, your path towards being the top tycoon in the game can only be achieved by participating in fashion shows. There will be several fashion shows available for you to take part in and for a minimal cost of registration, you can most likely earn it back at the end of the show. On top of money earned, experience points you gain to level up unlocks more items for your tow work on as well as new designer shops to open.

fashion tycoon fashion show

Fashion shows pave the way and provide the main reasons for you to come up with fresh designs. Although there are quick ways to go about it, take time to really browse through all available designs and attachments to it. A lot of the items and designs can be unlocked by spending coins and some can be made available after watching a 5 to 30-second video ad. As such, don’t settle for just the readily available ones and make each design a masterpiece by using the materials you really want, even if it takes a few more minutes to set it all up.

Your winnings on each fashion show you participate in is based on your rank in the walkway. Don’t feel bad or discouraged if you don’t get the top spot immediately as it is a long and winding road to reach the top of the fashion industry and a lot of hard work and patience is necessary to make it there.

2. Take Note Of And Consider What’s Trendy

While natural talent and a keen eye on good design may help you hit the right mark to earn good spots in the fashion competition, taking note and considering trendy styles will be your key to wowing the crowd. Although it may seem limiting at times, being able to spot and incorporate a trendy style or attachment to your design and especially considering a good combination of it will raise your chance of earning better spots as your model showcases your realized product on the catwalk.

fashion tycoon tips

Although some items from the design panel costs a little more money and with some designs only usable after you watch a short video ad, be sure to pay the extra cost and endure the additional effort for these especially if the trendy item you need lies behind those extra costs and actions. It will be surely worth it so be sure to always consider these things before you finalize your design.

Relative to designing, take note of the rotation buttons beside the garment you are making as you may need to apply your designs on both sides of it. Similarly, take note that you can use a pattern or an attachment multiple times in one project so don’t delimit your imagination with a mindset that you can only use each item once.

Trends won’t end with materials or attachments to an outfit’s overall design. In certain occasions, even models or items to complete an outfit may be trendy as well so be sure to browse through every window you come across and not just instantly settle to what you initially set your eyes on.

3. Remember To Always Complete The Outfit

Your grand designs, as majestic and as fabulous as each one may be will still be wanting on its own in the catwalk. Typically, each design will cover only the upper or lower part of a full outfit and you will have to pair it with other clothing that blends into a complete and perfect outfit for the ramp. Garments won’t be all you need to consider as shoes, eyewear, earrings and necklaces all contribute into turning your design a complete bid for wows and applauses as your model hits the ramp.

fashion tycoon cheats

Relative to trends, be sure to keep an eye out for trendy accessories as well as models that showcase your masterpiece. Although some are more expensive than the usual choice, consider it a worthy investment and money is just a small price to pay to gain fame and experience at a much faster rate. Remember as well that eyewear, earrings, and necklaces can be used in combination as being under the same tab of choices may make you think that you can actually only choose one of them to pair with your outfit.

4. Tend To Orders To Boost Your Income

Although it is natural to expect a good amount of monetary profit to be realized after every fashion show you engage in, it will never be a certain outcome most especially if you are just starting out. In some instances, you will be spending a little more than the reward money you will gain as a result of landing lower spots in the fashion competition. For starters, do not be discouraged easily by this as it is a natural part of your progression towards being a top fashion tycoon.

how to boost income in fashion tycoon

To help sustain your growing empire’s needs as far as money matters are concerned, always tend to the orders for your design masterpieces. You can access and attend to orders by tapping on the “Order” icon at the upper right side of your screen. Start production of all orders and as some may take a while to complete manufacturing, be sure to remember getting back to it to collect your earnings. To speed up production, you have the option of watching a short ad to instantly finish it and collect your income. If you are running low on cash and need instant money to finance your fashion activities without trouble, then don’t hesitate to go for it.

5. Experience And Fame Comes First

Although money is important in Fashion Tycoon as the business you are running requires spending some cash here and there, it is not the top-most necessity you would want to earn. What you should always focus on is earning experience and fame so don’t hesitate to spend a little extra with the designs you have as well as other attributable costs that follows whenever you participate in a fashion show.

Be sure to always remember this as you will always be at some point in the game where you will run low on money as you will have to invest a little more heavily in fashion design to earn better spots in some shows. As long as you have a little left by the time you are ready to proceed to the catwalk, you are always safe financially as orders will come pouring in after the show, more so if you performed spectacularly on the catwalk.

These would be our tips cheats and strategies for Fashion Tycoon. If you have anything to add to our list of tips and tricks, you are very much welcome to do so. Be sure to share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comment section!


Tuesday 25th of February 2020

Gamer should be able to see all the designs she/he has made till now in all the shops.