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Hip Hop Dance School (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Guide to Improve Your Rating and Reputation

Coco Play’s Hip Hop Dance School is a new Android and iOS title that resembles a lot of those teen-oriented games that Glu likes to crank out, only without a notable celebrity endorsement. As a young dancer who’s just been discovered by the “best hip-hop talent agent,” it’s up to you to improve your moves, widen your fan base, and sharpen up your fashion sense. You will have to follow the instructions of your mentor, but you can also choreograph your own dance moves, and choose your own music from the music app of your choice. And, as you improve your dancing ability and gain more fans, you can earn some nice prizes. But you’ve also got challenges to deal with, such as the possibility of dance injuries, which would require you to take a rest and see a doctor. And that’s one of the few things you want to avoid in this game.

If you’ve played time management games where you play the role of an up-and-coming actor or singer or celebrity, this game should come easily to you. But it’s also a completely new experience compared to similar titles, and you will find out soon enough that becoming famous in your field isn’t as easy or as stress-free as it sounds. So read on as we now give you some Hip Hop Dance School tips and tricks to help you get started in your quest for mad skills…and fame.

1. Listen To Your Mentor

Once you start playing the game, you will be paired with an NPC mentor that will offer you some advice that can help you get started. You can think of this as your hands-on tutorial to the game, so make sure you’re paying close attention to what your mentor is telling you – more often than not, the advice will give you an edge and slightly fast-track you on your way to success in the hip-hop dance industry.

2. You Need To Be In Good Shape, So Go To The Gym

It’s one thing to keep your character looking all hip and trendy, by giving him or her a thorough fashion makeover, or changing their hairstyle. But you shouldn’t just look good in terms of fashion, you should also be keeping your body in shape – you won’t appear that way in the game and you won’t look like you had let yourself go and put on a lot of pounds. Nonetheless, you still have to head to the gym and work out, as that’s going to keep you in shape for the dance challenges. And aside from working out, you should also make regular visits to the spa – hip-hop dancing isn’t all fun and games, and relaxing at the spa can help you unwind from all the stress that comes with trying to make it big!

3. It’s More Than Just Aesthetics

Normally, customizing your character through the collection and use of different outfits is strictly an aesthetic thing. But in Hip Hop Dance School, the clothes you wear can make or break you as you strive for stardom. You want your character to look trendy and appealing, and aside from choosing the right top, bottom, and accessories, you may also want to apply some makeup and change your character’s hairdo if needed. Looking sharp could help you get better ratings at the dance challenges, so don’t be afraid to spend on some new outfits, because they do mean something in this game!

4. How Does The Dancing Mechanic Work?

As this is mainly a beginner’s strategy guide to Hip Hop Dance School, we won’t get into any in-depth explanations. But we can give you some basic advice ,such as clicking on the icon that matches the move you’re asked to do – that’s all there is to it when it comes to busting a move on the dance floor. If your move combos are spot-on, that’s going to boost your rating once you’re done dancing. Also, you can unlock additional moves as you go along, so don’t worry if you’re tired doing the same old routine time and again. As an aside, you want to be sure that the moves you’re performing are safe, as doing unsafe routines could get you injured – you won’t be able to compete, and your reputation may take a hit as you sit on the sidelines waiting to recover.

5. Get Social, Join A Dance Crew

Although you’re free to play this game solo, without getting your friends involved, you might also want to join a dance crew, much like you’d join a clan or alliance or guild in RPGs. That will allow you to compete in group dance contests, and earn some neat group rewards if you’re able to do all the moves properly and get a high rating.

And this wraps up our list of tips, tricks and cheats for Hip Hop Dance School. Do you know any other hints for the game? Let us know in the comment area.


Wednesday 13th of January 2021

You will need to pay sadly.


Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Hy,am at the final stage and I can't unlock lots of things like the spa,hospital etc,what did I need to do.