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NetEase Launches Anime-Style Battle Royale Game ‘Eclipse Isle’ in SEA Region

NetEase Games has a lot of titles under its belt by now, but it looks like they have a soft spot for the battle royale genre. Just a few weeks after launching Super Mecha Champions, the company has now released anime-style battle royal game Eclipse Isle in the SEA region. While Super Mecha Champions made its mark as the first to bring giant robots into the genre, Eclipse Isle has completely changed the game by adding MOBA elements to its gameplay.

eclipse isle release date

Unlike most battle royale games where players all start out as generic characters who hunt for loot, Eclipse Isle lets players choose specific characters with unique skills before entering the battlefield. While there is still the concept of scrambling for gear, the skills each character brings to the battle completely changes how they aim for the win.

Another feature of Eclipse Isle that was borrowed from the MOBA genre is the level system. Characters can gain experience by killing off NPC monsters, making them more powerful as they level up. Players will also be able to find various treasures and buffs whenever they kill these monsters.

eclipse isle launch

If you live in the Southeast Asian region, then you can grab Eclipse Isle for free from Google Play or the App Store. For more information about the game, you can head over to the game’s official Facebook page.