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Goddess MUA Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up and Increase Your Combat Power Fast

Goddess MUA is a brand new MMORPG title from 4399en game, the company behind Crasher: Origin, Yong Heroes, and Raider: Origin, among others. Like the developer’s previous releases, Goddess MUA is an RPG that sends you through fast-paced progression in a fantasy world brimming with adventure and vast content and features. Although there are no unique classes to choose from and players only get to choose genders for their hero, Goddess MUA offers plenty of opportunities for a customized look and feel for every player’s character.

The numerous icons and menus that litter the game’s screen may seem overwhelming for players, especially beginners, but Goddess MUA is actually designed to make it easy for just about anyone to pick up and play.

goddess mua strategies

The auto battle feature, as well as the indicators that pop up for additional features that require attention make almost everything doable with a click of a button. There are various upgrade and enhancement options as well and each one can be done easily and swiftly.

If you happen to come across a challenge you cannot beat or quest that you cannot accomplish, or if you are looking for tips to boost your hero’s combat power (CP) then be sure to read our Goddess MUA beginner’s guide!

1. Follow The Main Quests

Goddess MUA actually offers a linear story line that centers around the goddesses or the companions you take with you to battle. Your overall progression is generally depicted by the goddess you have on hand as indicated by its icon on the upper left side of the screen.

While you can continue to challenge story battles one after another, however, you will quickly reach a point where the recommended CP for a particular story challenge will be more than what your hero has. To avoid instances of defeat, therefore, adhering to the main quests should be your top priority.

goddess mua story

The main quests can easily be spotted at the top of the quest list at the right side of your screen. Although there are other side quests or goals that will be available occasionally as you make progress, the main quests stand as your key towards unlocking the next main objective and earning more opportunities to boost up your CP.

On top of the immediate loot you can obtain as drops from enemies in battle, accomplishing quests also earn you various resources that basically cycle around the most basic necessities. Main quests will also direct you towards completing story battles from time to time so, in essence, you will also make good progress as far as unlocking each new goddess’ story is concerned.

While progression comes very rapidly especially at the early part of your journey, there will certainly come a point where you have to engage in other activities as you gather resources or raise your CP further to meet the objectives of the main quest. In such cases, Goddess MUA offers a wide variety of additional game modes that offer plenty of much needed resources and XP to help you raise your hero’s level and CP, on top of other rewards.

Although some of these game modes have limited attempts, you will have a plethora of consumables that grant you extra instances so feel free to expend some of them to ensure that you meet the CP or level requirements of the main task at hand.

2. Enhance And Upgrade Your Hero At Every Opportunity

Goddess MUA offers a plethora of avenues for you to raise your hero’s power. These enhancements and upgrades may be actions you can confer onto the hero itself, your goddess companion, your pet, your mount, and even your wings.

While there are also numerous icons and windows you can manually explore to initiate every upgrade and enhancement feature, and while there are indicators on each one to tell you if an actionable item exists, Goddess MUA makes it even more convenient for players to do so via the “Become Stronger” icon that appears at the left side of the screen.

It may be a little challenging to notice at first as most of your attention will probably be captivated by the character designs and skill effects you see on screen. As you make progress, though, you will constantly see it as every upgradeable item in the game will be indicated within it. You simply need to tap it to drop down a list of areas you can upgrade.

how to upgrade hero in goddess mua

You can apply upgrades and enhancements in most cases, even while you are engaged in battles. There may be some instances when you have to manually check on each of these sets of features. For the most part, you will have to click on the flower icon at the right side of the screen to switch from battle skills to menus. You should check the Character, Soulmaster, Karma, and the Goddess icons.

The Character icon is where you will find attributes directly related to the hero itself. For free players, any other title that you can equip will be difficult to obtain as titles other than those based on your VIP level are often left for thos who achieve a number 1 rank in numerous events and game modes. Skills are likewise based on the class upgrade level of your hero and may take a while to unlock.

What you should note, however, is that you can change the sequence by which skills are activate in battle on auto mode. You can rank up your hero’s state every once in a while as the Epiphany time bar gradually fills up over time and you can level up the state once it is full. At the tenth state, though, you will need to meet certain condition relative to the goddess you have unlocked.

So this enhancement option basically cycles back to the need to progress in the game’s story. The Veins feature basically relies on Anima, which you will have plenty of, but once the current grade of veins has been unlocked, you will need Vens Breakthrough Pills to ascend to the next one.

For the Class Transfer, you will also need to meet conditions in terms of the hero’s level, the overall rating of your gears, the goddess training level, and progressing enough through the demon world.

The Soulmaster menu houses enhancement options for both your pet and your mount. While you may have some apprehensions relative to consuming enhancement materials for either one, as you will regularly have both exhibit different cosmetic features. Both the pet and mount are basically the same one all through out in terms of enhancement levels. You can train both using Pet Essences and Soulmaster Dews, respectively and each enhancement earns them a star.

Once a tar grade has been maxed out at 10 stars, they can be promoted to the next grade using Promotion Pills. Various resource materials can be consumed to increase the stats of your pet through the Beast Soul option, and your mount through the Soul Control feature. Both can be equipped with special gears as well once you reach level 420.

The Karma menu provides a wide variety of upgrade options for your wings, your divine weapon, your artifact, and your shadow. Just to make it clear, your divine weapon is treated very differently from all the usual gears you equip your hero with. Unlike conventional MMORPGs, Goddess MUA makes it so that your weapon is a little trickier to upgrade and enhance and sets it at par with these extra equips.

Your shadow, on the other hand is basically the aura you see around your hero. Though the enhancement options may be named differently for each item, and requires unique resource materials to be enhanced or upgraded, they all work the same way. Training each one is the most basic enhancement option and equates to levelling the item up.

For the first 3 items, the maximum level is ten while the max level for your shadow is level 20. Once the level cap is reached, each one can be promoted to the next grade, unlocking a different look for it as well. The last tab within each feature requires resource materials to upgrade certain stats that the item boosts.

The Goddess menu holds one of the more significant indicators of your progress in the game, which revolves around goddesses. It can be a little confusing at first since unlocking a goddess typically starts out like having another pet. The spirit usually appears in the form of a cute animal and as you level them up and promote them, they will start to appear more human-like until you are finally able to deploy them.

In addition to meeting a certain level of progression in the game’s main story, there are also resource materials you need to consume for each enhancement and upgrade option.

For the most part, every bit of enhancement you can perform in Goddess MUA requires a specific resource material. There are basically two points to keep in mind with regard to utilizing each one. The first is that you can tap on the resources you are missing or lacking, and you will be directed to where you can obtain those resources.

The second point is that there is no reason to save any of these resources for later. The best way to go is to perform an upgrade as soon as you are able to and every bit of CP you obtain out of it will help ease the journey towards and through the next challenge.

3. Keep Your Gears And Inventory In Check

Another feature in Goddess MUA that sets it apart from most MMORPGs is that gears are basically lumped in with the rest of your inventory and can be accessed via the “Pack” icon at the right side of your screen. The right side of the window showcases all the contents of your inventory while you can see on the left side your hero as well as the gears you have equipped. Do note that while there are 10 different gear slots, the bottom 4 will take some time to fill up.

Goddess of MUA makes it easy for you to equip new gears that have better stats. Whenever you acquire better gear, it will appear on the right side of your character on the screen and you can instantly equip the item with a tap of a button. If you miss to do so, however, you can tap on the “Pack” icon, and manually equip the better gear by tapping on it and choosing to equip it. Gears with better overall stats can easily be spotted as they have have a green upwards arrow indicator in the icon. For the most part, you will have more an overabundance of excess equipment to worry about so disposing of them will require a lot more of your time.

best gear in goddess mua

One feature of the inventory system to keep an eye on is the limited number of free slots you have. Another concern you need to pay close attention to is that some rewards do not directly come in the form of consumable rewards. There will be plenty of rewards you will earn that come as treasure chests or similar items that you need to open up to receive the true rewards within it.
As we mentioned earlier, upgrade materials are always best used sooner than later in Goddess MUA and, as such, you should browse through the “Others” tab of the pack and use as many of the rewards that grant you upgrade materials.

If there are pieces of gears that you wish to save, despite them offering lower stats than the ones you have, you can transfer them over to the stash. One good thing about equipment upgrades in Goddess MUA is fusion feature that allows you to sacrifice 3 pieces of gears to produce a much better one. The procedure can be a little challenging for beginners but after performing it several times to fulfill the requirements of some quests, you will eventually get the hang of it.

Note that you can only synthesize either 3-star or 5-star gears. You will basically be fusing gears to obtain a higher grade gear. Later on, you will have to check on the gear tab of your bag to see if you have enough ingredients prior to attempting a synthesis. As fusion has a 100% success rate, it can be a fun and thrilling activity to spend time on while auto-battling.

As a last resort for disposing inferior equipment, you can melt them at the Majestic Tripod. This will contribute to unlocking even more stat boosts for your hero and help ease out the need for more vacant slots within your inventory.

Relative to this, always pay attention to the “Friends” icon just beside the chat at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on it gives you access to your in-game mail as well, which basically contains tons of gifts and rewards that do not directly reach your inventory. Chances are that you will have a lot of mail that contains attached rewards and you will have to clear up your bag to claim them.

It may even take several cycles of claiming rewards and melting gears and consuming upgrade materials before you empty the mail out, so pay attention to its indicator as the mail will often have something in store for you.

4. Join A Guild And Add Friends

Like any other MMORPG, Goddess MUA can be played and enjoyed all on your own. As there are certain contents and features that are cooperative by nature, ensuring that you make progress as much as you can requires joining other players in a variety of quests and game modes. If you have played other online strategy or RPGs before, then the concept of guilds, alliances, clans, or factions are already familiar to you.

For total beginners, however, especially players who maybe more fond of single player titles, the idea of working together with other people may give rise to apprehensions. Although it is possible to actually have friends in real life who play the same game you do, there are avenues in MMORPGs to gain a lot of in-game friends and these feature always come with benefits with no drawbacks at all. As much as you can, add friends to party up with as it will be very helpful in terms of boosting your overall progress.

goddess mua guild

Through the “Love” icon at the right side of your screen, you can even choose one of your in-game friends to have a close virtual relationship with that results in more gifting opportunities, a chance of entering marriage, and even having kids based on your intimacy levels. This can also help boost your hero’s overall CP and comes mostly as a result of effort rather than extra expenditures.

Like having a lot of friends, joining a guild also comes with a plethora of benefits. Some guilds may impose entry and staying requirements revolving around activity and contributions but some are a lot more tolerant or forgiving as far as player levels and contributions are concerned. Goddess MUA also holds some events and game modes that you can access only if you are a member of a guild.

Likewise, The Guild Stash feature that lets you donate gears you no longer need, to earn points that can be used to redeem better gears can be a huge boost to your progress. On top of it all, your guild can be a great source of additional friends whom you can chat with if you need more tips about the game.

5. Participate Actively In Daily Dungeons And Events

While the main story, along with quests tied into it, makes for a wide variety of activities for your hero to revel in, Goddess MUA provides a ton more of other game modes you can challenge as well some events that can earn you more XP and materials you constantly need to power up your hero, gears, and allies. Although some missions early one will require you to venture into newly unlocked dungeons, you should check each one by tapping on the “Daily” icon at the upper right side of your screen.

Although levelling up is a lot faster in Goddess MUA compared with most conventional RPGs, a lot of its content is locked behind hero levels you initially would not expect to even exist. This adds more reason for you to prioritize accomplishing quests early on as you would want to unlock as many dungeons and features sooner to partake in each one of them.

goddess mua daily dungeons and events

There are currently 16 unique activities to engage in the Daily Activities list and though we cannot elaborate in each one, it can help to describe them in general. Some of these activities are available throughout the day while others can only be accessed at certain timeframes. As such, you should take not of the span of time within which the limited events will be open and engage in them ahead of everything else within those timeframes.

Another way to categorize these features is that some will reward you based on your performance relative to your hero’s CP while others will earn you the same amount of rewards regardless of your hero’s strength. By highlighting each activity icon, you can very much obtain a firm idea of the game mode’s mechanics. With that, you can opt to start accomplishing those that will not be impacted by your CP and save the rest for later when you earn more CP.

Another item to keep your sights on is the activity points you can earn with every engagement to the daily dungeons and activities. You can actually earn extra rewards based on the total number of points you have earned within the day. Your progress can be seen at the bottom of the daily activity page and there are rewards for every milestone you reach with the points you earn. Going for the grand rewards after earning 250 points is important especially if you want to progress fast in your adventure.

6. Keep Competing In The Peerless Arena

Solo quests, cooperative gameplay, and competitive gameplay have always been integral components of MMORPGs. While beginners in the genre may have apprehensions with regard to partaking in party quests and dungeon raids, the hesitations may even be more dominant in competing against other players.

This is especially true with games that have features that allow players who spend real money get ahead of non-paying players. Although such options do exist in Goddess MUA, its impact does not adversely affect a players performance in the arena.

The arena in Goddess MUA is actually designed to be easily accomplishable for beginners. You can easily acces it via the “Compete” icon at the upper right side of your screen and you have 10 attempts to climb the ranks.

how to earn more rewards in goddess mua

Regardless if you win or lose, you will receive rewards that include an exclusive currency you can exchange for valuable resources. There are also no waiting period between matches, making the task of expending all attempts accomplishable in a couple of minutes or less.

The arena is designed in that you will be readily able to see the potential opponents’ CP and with that, you can easily challenge opponents whose CP are lower than yours. The battle is automated so it boils down to basically a fight between raw power and you can even skip the whole combat scenario to see the results of the match.

As you rise higher within the ranks, expect to be matched with players whose respective CPs are close to yours. You may still opt to contend with those who have lower CPs and even purchase additional attempts using ingots to push your hero farther up the ranks.

One thing to remember is that like some of the dungeons within the daily activities, it is best to challenge players in the arena towards the latter part of the day when your hero’s CP is at its peak. Doing so will leave you with a bit more assurance of ensuring victory with every challenge attempt.

Given that Goddess of MUA still holds a wide variety of content that may take a while of playing and grinding to uncover, this is where we will end our beginner’s guide. We are confident enough that the basic features, as well as the simple tips and strategies we shared, will suffice to give you a good grasp of the game’s content including the ones we cannot dive deep into for now.

Considering everything, progression in Goddess MUA largely depends on the amount of time and effort you can dedicate t playing it so if you really enjoyed your time within its unique fantasy world, then take advantage of its features that allow you to make progress limitlessly as much as you can. If you have played Goddess MUA extensively enough, and have uncovered something we have not mentioned in this guide, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!