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V4 (Nexon) Beginner’s Guide: 15 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Strengthen Your Hero

As one of the more popular names in the mobile gaming industry, Nexon hardly needs any introduction especially for fans of their hit PC games Dungeon Fighter Online, MapleStory, and KartRider. On mobile, we have covered some of their popular releases like KartRider Rush+, BnB M, and LYN: The Lightbringer just to name a few. Nexon’s games have been known for its quality and the unique mix of fun and excitement it holds regardless of genre. With an app portfolio containing 40 games, Nexon certainly offers something for players of varying tastes and preferences.

V4 is the company’s latest action MMORPG on iOS and Android platforms and this game looks very much like a worthy adversary for Black Desert Mobile. V4 offers impressive graphics, simple yet stylish gameplay, and a plethora of content and features to immerse players heavily into its world. There are 6 classes players can choose from, each with its own unique traits and abilities.

With various upgrade and enhancement options you can perform on your hero, each class can come out unique from all others depending on your customizations. V4 is definitely very enjoyable to play all on your own, but its multiplayer aspects make it a lot more exciting to play with friends and other people.

v4 strategies

Experienced and veteran MMORPG players will easily familiarize themselves with V4’s basic mechanics. For beginners, however, the initial flow of features and basic mechanics may seem overwhelming. There is no need to worry, though, as the game takes you through a simple and steady enough pace to familiarize yourself with each aspect of the game. Be sure to read through each tutorial for new features you unlock, though.

Overall, V4 is easy enough to pick up and play even for total beginners as the developers has made the controls and features as simple and straightforward as it can possibly be. If you find yourself stuck in a particular challenge, or looking for ways to strengthen your hero, then check out our V4 beginner’s guide below!

1. Choose The Class That Suits Your Play Style

There are certainly more classes that players can choose from later on in the game but for now, the global version of V4 only holds 6 classes players can enjoy. It actually provides more than enough choices and each one of the classes is designed to have offensive skill sets, making it a bit tough to choose which one to get. In truth, each class can stand on his or her own and will do well as a member of a team as well. For the main distinction, it boils down to either being close combat or ranged combat experts.

Beginners typically ask the question as to which from among the given classes is the best one to go for as a main character. While some sources may consider one class to be better than others, all of them are actually created loosely equal with one another and it is simply a matter of which one aligns best with your preferences and play style.

v4 best class

The Slayer, Knight, and Warlord classes are all melee combatants. The slayer can be most closely attributable to the usual assassin classes in other RPGs that excel in DPS based on multiple swift attacks and have high dodge and critical rate. Slayers perform a lot of skills that leaves mark a single target, enabling other high damage skills to be exacted on those targets.

The Knight stands as the most basic melee class in the game and although he may lag a little behind everyone else in terms of offensive strength, has numerous defensive skills on top of his high defense stats to make up for it.

Last but not the least of the melee types is the Warlord, who may be slow but packs strong single target and short-ranged AoE attacks. Warlords are between the Slayers and Knights in terms of attack and defense stats and skills and can be considered on the average for both.

The Gunslinger and Enchantress serves as the main ranged DPS classes in V4. Both have very strong offensive strength and can be suitable for players who enjoy clearing moves from a relatively safer distance and both are likewise expected to be a bit behind in terms of defensive capabilities. The Gunslinger is more focused on dealing damage to single targets and is largely straightforward.

Although some of her the Gunslinger’s skills have added effects, most of them only pack raw damage. The Enchantress, on the other hand has a good mix of single target skills and AoE spells that may also come with a variety of added effects. Stun, bleed, speed reduction, and defense down are just some of the negative status effects Enchantresses can inflict on enemies.

The Boomblade is a unique class in the sense that she can deal both close combat and ranged combat damage. Boomblades have a good mix of single target and AoE attacks as well and can inflict knockback, knockdown, and even speed reduction with some of their skills.

2. Follow The Main Quest Line

While every game is often rated or judged based on the main trio of standards revolving around graphics, gameplay, and story, the value of these aspects naturally vary from one player to the next. While MMORPG enthusiasts, in general, do not necessarily pay attention to the game’s story, V4 actually holds an immersive plotline that introduces you to the rationale behind the need to fight. While V4 exhibits an open world that you can freely explore on your own, following normal progression through the accomplishment of quests serves as your guide towards the right path.

Following the main quest line is not about just the story, though, as you can earn experience points and various resources with every quest you accomplish. Blindly farming mobs can also earn you experience points, but not as much as the amount you can be rewarded through completing quests. You need to earn as much XP early on so you can unlock the rest of V4’s other content and features.

v4 main quest

As far as basic gears and resource materials are concerned as well, the main quest is naturally designed to provide you with every basic need to help you boost your hero’s overall power. There will certainly be a lot progress in the initial stages of your adventure and as new features are introduced, you will be taken through a quick tutorial to grasp its mechanics. You can spend a little more time with each new feature, if possible, and then quickly hop back to progressing the quest at hand.

Like most other mobile MMORPGs, progressing through the main story does not just earn you immediate rewards, as every combat and activity you engage in contributes to the various missions and achievements that serve as indicators of your progress. These earn you a variety of rewards as well that can help boost your character’s power.

You will more likely find yourself breezing through the initial chapters of the main story. As you progress further, however, you are bound to reach a point when a particular quest or battle will require more power from your hero. As one of the main reasons to push forward with the main campaign is to unlock as many of the game’s features as you can, this would be the best time to dive deeper into each one of them, most particularly the ones with indicators. Likewise, it would be helpful as well to grind or farm for more experience points and resources.

3. Choose And Equip The Right Skills

Each of the character classes in V4 holds a wide range of skills that can be unlocked at certain points as your hero reaches new levels. Each hero can only equip 10 different skills in combat and as it is easy to unlock more than this number, you will soon have to choose from among the skills you have which ones to equip. To view your hero’s skills, you can tap the menu button at the upper right corner of the screen, and then tap on the “skills” icon. Highlighting any skill will give you a concrete description of how each one works.

v4 skills

Skills of some classes may all seem closely similar at first but as you earn more primers to level each one up as well as unlock their added effects, each one will become more distinct. Some skills can also be chained to another so it is a good idea to test possible combinations out on your own. You can tap on the “switch” and the “auto equip” buttons at the skill window early on but later, manually choosing skills to equip is an important feat you must do manually.

Passive skills are likewise unlocked and upgraded after obtaining the specific primers. Passive skills are always in effect once you unlock them and may either boost a specific stat or may have an activated special effect after meeting certain battle conditions.

4. Equip The Best Gears And Dispose The Rest

V4 provides 12 different gear slots that you can fill up to fully equip your character and while each one raises your hero’s overall combat power or CP, each one mainly impacts a specific stat or attribute. Proceeding with the main story can quickly enough earn you equipment for each slot and as you grind through various mobs there are chances to earn more or even better gear outright or through the missions and achievements. In any case, you will quickly have more for each slot so you may initially find that you will be changing gears often at the early part of your adventure.

Gears are classified by rarity as well which is clearly indicated by the color of their icon. Whenever you obtain a higher rarity gear or one with better stats, you will be notified as it flashes on the screen and you can tap on it to equip the new gear. Otherwise, you can view and swap gears through either the character icon in the main menu or the inventory icon at the top right area of your screen.

v4 best gears

Gears can be enhanced using enhance scrolls. Weapons require weapon enhance scrolls, the 4 armor pieces require defense gear enhance scrolls, and the necklace, earrings, and rings require an accessory enhance scroll. You will notice that guaranteed successful enhancements are indicated on each item, which means that beyond that, there is a risk of failure. You may want to hold off on enhancing gears up until you are certain that you will be using the equipment for a long time.

By tapping on a piece of equipment, either equipped to your hero or lodged in your inventory, you can click on the “Manage” button to see available options with regard to gears. Enhance is for when you want to strengthen the piece of gear, suitable for the equipped ones. The other option, Unlock Potential, is for when you want to sacrifice extra pieces of equipment to boost specific stats of your hero. At the potential window, feel free to tap on the “Register in Bulk” button to more swiftly choose the lowest rarity gears in your inventory. Along with gold, these items will be sacrificed to increase your hero’s attributes.

Another necessity for you to regularly sacrifice obsolete gears is the limited number of items in your bag and the weight limit your character can carry. After breaking certain thresholds, the movement speed of overburdened heroes will be impacted by the weight they carry.

Before you use all extra gears to boost your hero’s potential, remember to consider registering one copy at the item set feature within the main menu. Each piece of gear you acquire can be registered in the item set and completing a set earns you a collection reward in the form of stat boosts. You only need to register one item of each kind, so the rest can be disposed of instead to the unlock potential feature for your hero.

5. Expend Imprint Stones On The Demon Slate

As you battle through the many regions within the world of V4, you will earn imprint stones that you can utilize to further boost your hero’s stats and overall CP. This can be done through expending these imprint stones on the demon slate to unlock each slot that can be equipped with demon stones. There are 5 different demon slates to unlock and fill up with imprint stones and each one becomes harder to complete than the previous one but also provides better boosts.

v4 demon stones

You can view and tinker with these demon slates by tapping on the menu button and then clicking on the “Imprinting” icon. You can simply tap on the auto imprint button at the bottom right side of the window to quickly and more efficiently upgrade the level of imprinting across each available slot. Once all slots have been maxed out as indicated by a star, you can equip demon stone shards on each of the 4 demon stone slots. You can acquire better demon stones from region bosses although for starters, chances are that you will have a full basic set by the time you fill up the first couple of demon slates.

6. Utilize Your Companions Efficiently

Although it may take a while before you can join in on a coop adventure with in-game friends or other players in the world of V4, you certainly will not be progressing on your adventure entirely on your own. In addition to your pets and mounts who will be with you early on, you will regularly unlock NPC companions that can aid you in gathering resources or farming from mobs independently. As such, you should make it a point to utilize these allies as soon as they become available.

how to use companions in v4

You can view companions by the similarly titled icon under the main menu. Each companion can be sent to gather materials, hunt specific mobs, perform Region Conquests, or even accomplish Named Conquests. Higher grade companions can perform 2 or more of these tasks but the first ones you will obtain are or likely able to perform only one feat.

In any case, make sure to deploy them to specific tasks as soon as you are able to. To do so, simply tap on their portrait and tap on the map to point them to where you are sending them off to. A timer will indicate how long the task will take and the potential rewards that can be earned. Once your companion’s task is complete, there will be an indicator on the upper left side of your screen and you can tap on it and dispatch them again to the same task.

7. Tend To Requests From Locals

You can expect every RPG to come with a wide range of side quests to further help you amass experience points and resources to boost your progress and V4 does not shy away from giving you tons of side quests to accomplish. Each area and vast region you explore comes with as many requests to take on for extra benefits and while we recommend pursuing the main quest ahead of everything else, you may also tend to these requests on a per region basis.

As you travel around the world map in pursuit of completing main quests, you will regularly notice other quests appearing underneath the main quest at the right side of your screen. As you may have to ignore these early on, there is a quick and easy way to backtrack to each location you visited and complete all the side quests one after another. Tap the main menu button and then the “Quest” icon.

v4 tricks

The Alliance Journey which is on the left side of the quest window relates to your main quest. The Request Log on the upper right side, on the other hand, contains all the side quests in the land. You will notice that requests are divided across the different regions and that some are locked. Simply finishing the first request in the area unlocks subsequent requests.

As pursuing these side quests will effectively send you back to previously conquered areas and regions, the battles you engage in will be relatively easier. Most of these side quests are like simple errands from the villagers and if you did not break a sweat and breezed through the main campaign up to this point, then there is a lot less to worry about in completing each side quest. Side quests will not continuously automate from one request to another.

At regular intervals, you will have to go back to the quest window and the request log banner to find the next request in line and move to that location by tapping on the “footsteps” icon beside it. The requests from earlier regions may not reward you with much experience points and gold but every bit of free resource is a good one so be sure to keep at it.

8. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

As guilds, alliances, factions, clans, and whatever other terms are used to signify an online brotherhood of sorts, it has become increasingly important, if not necessary, for every player to be a part of one in any online game. While it is true that you can enjoy V4 and most other MMORPGs entirely on your own, some of the features in the game are exclusive to guild members.

Likewise, being a emember of any guild provides various perks and advantages to each member, so opting out of one will clearly put a player at a huge disadvantage. Beyond quantifiable benefits, there is also a given advantage in terms of having friends and allies to team up with for more challenging feats, while aligning yourself with any guild leaves little to no disadvantage at all.

v4 guild

The guild option unlocks early on in V4 and while some guilds will require you to apply first and wait for an approval before you can finally join in, others are open enough for you to instantly join them. It can be a challenge to determine a guild’s overall activity early on but in V4, you can clearly see a guild’s level and number of current members as against the maximum number of members they can hold.

Chances are that the stronger and more active the guild is, the more demanding it likewise will be with regard to donations, contributions, and active playing. In any case, choose a guild which is right for you based on its level and how much you can commit to the guild’s demands.

As soon as you join a guild, you can already earn a check-in reward. This can be done on the first tab or the main screen of the guild page. This is where you can make a donation as well so do make it a habit to donate each day to boost the guild’s XP and also earn guild coins for yourself. You can alos view your fellow guild members and even invite them to party up with you.

As the guild earns more earns more experience points and reach higher levels, it can house more mebers, unlock additional items at the guild shop, and provide more buffs for each guild member. There is also a guild dungeon that guild members can engage in once it unlocks.

9. Accomplish Feats And Missions

V4 certainly provides various rewards for you to earn instantly with each battle you engage in and each quest you accomplish. Beyond the outright rewards, however, more can be obtained through the game’s feats and missions features. Both these features can be checked separately by their respective icons within the main menu. The similarity lies with the fact that each one holds a wide variety of objectives that directly relate to your overall activities and progression in your journey.

The missions are classified into daily missions, weekly missions, monthly missions, and guild missions. Daily missions are the easiest to accomplish and reset each day for the same set of objectives. Both weekly and monthly missions serve as pumped up versions of the daily missions and with each daily mission objective you accomplish, the further you reach into completing objectives in the latter two. Guild missions naturally unlock only if you are a member of a guild and are also relatively easy to accomplish.

v4 feats and missions

Although you can earn rewards from each objective in the missions list you accomplish, it is best to push to complete all tasks enumerated as more rewards can be claimed above each page based on the number of objectives you have cleared. While each objective is simple enough to engage in, you should make it a habit to look into each target and let it serve as your guide towards accomplishing each one.

Compared to missions, feats can be a little more challenging to accomplish and typically offer one time rewards for milestones you reach across a wide variety of game aspects you can progress in. Feats are classified into 4 different sets of accomplishments relating to your adventures, character development, life skill usage, and guild activities.

Note that each set of feats earn you experience points for each one in addition to the outright rewards you can earn. Reaching new levels will give you a CP boost as well so be sure to take some time reading through each accomplishable task and exert some effort into accomplishing each one as much as you can.

10. Make It A Habit To Check Your Inventory

We mentioned earlier that you will have to occasionally do a clean up of your growing collection of gears by sacrificing them to either the item set feature or the unlock potential option. As it is important to always leave empty spaces in your bag and ensure that your weight is well within your capacity, you can definitely do more to keep both slot and weight capacity in check.

v4 inventory

For the most part, items and resources you earn are usable outright but some come in chests or other packages that you need to open to reveal the true rewards. These items all wall within the last tab of your inventory so be sure to check on it from time to time as some of the items within are best used sooner than later. Be sure to look into the consumable items on the fourth tab of your bag as well. In addition to basic potions, there are some items that can temporarily boost your stats or even increase the amount of XP you can gain for a limited span of time. Remember to use these items wisely.

11. Earn More Stat Boosts From Monster Research

There are various monsters lurking around in the world of V4 and each one of them is indexed in the Monster Research feature. Each monster you eliminate earns you their markings and these markings can be expended through research to earn you various stat bonuses.

how to boost stats in v4

The Monster Research feature can be accessed through the research icon within the main menu. Monsters are categorized by their spawn area and if you have earned enough markings for each type, you can tap on the “Analyze Markings” button at the lower right side of the window to expend the markings and upgrade the research level for each one. Each monster research can reach a maximum level of 5 so it may take a while to max out research for some monsters.

Once you do, however, the extra monster marking you earn can be exchanged at the Markings Shops in towns for markings of other monsters. For each area in the game, progressing research on the monsters you can hunt within it can earn you rewards at the top of the page so be sure to remember claiming them once you reach a milestone.

12. Auto Hunt And Auto Gather If You Cannot Play Actively

While accomplishing quests can basically be put on auto mode in terms of travelling from one location to another and battling through mobs of monsters, there will still be instances when you have to tap here and there to complete a quest or to initiate a new one. While no player can and should actively stay online indefinitely, there are ways for you to make progress in V4 without paying much attention to your device’s screen. This is through either the Auto Hunt or Auto Gather feature in the game.

how to use auto hunt and auto gather in v4

Once you are unable to move forward with quests or need to be away from your device longer than it would take to accomplish any undertaking, you can initiate either one of these features. To do so, simply tap on the menu button and click on the map icon. At the map, you can select any area with mobs within it as indicated by the swords icon.

Make sure that your CP is close or equal to the recommended CP of the area and tap on either the Auto Hunt or Auto Gather icon at the right side of the screen. You can see the list of monsters as well as resources in any specific area. Be sure to have enough potions as well before leaving your character in the area.

13. Take Advantage Of In-Game Events

Beyond loots from battle, quest rewards, and extra rewards from missions and feats, there are still plenty more bonuses you can obtain by accomplishing objectives in in V4’s numerous events. Some of these events are around regularly while others are only available for a limited amount of time.

v4 events

In any case, be sure to check each tab in the Events window out as some of these events, especially the time-limited launch events offer valuable rewards that can tremendously boost your hero’s growth and your overall progression in the game.

Do note that for the time-limited events, most objectives coincide with the missions and feats, which all relate to your activity in the game. If you really want to stay ahead of the pack, therefore, you should push to reach each objective to claim the top rewards for each event category.

14. Basic Battle Tips And Strategies

With V4’s auto mode on and the relative ease of the early PvE content, it can happen that some players, especially beginners, may be surprised later on as they experience dying on the battlefield while staying idle or by coming unprepared for the rise in a new area’s challenge level. To begin with, auto mode is very convenient to have but should not be heavily relied on in every case.

As you progress from one area to the next, the gap between your hero’s CP and the recommended CP for that area will soon dwindle, and eventually grow with the latter being on advantage. In such cases, auto battle becomes a lot less efficient and if you venture within those areas, then you better be prepared to battle through mobs manually.

v4 battle tips and strategies

Some beginners may easily gain the mentality that auto mode plays better than they do. However, even as a beginner, you can strategize more effectively than the A.I. by using skills more efficiently and running towards a safer spot if needed.

While the Demon Hunter mode is set to be activated manually in combat, you can set it to auto mode as well but you should only do so if you are hunting idly on a map where mobs cannot hurt you just to speed up farming. Normally, you should consider saving the Demon Hunter Mode on tougher foes or bosses as the ability takes a long time to recharge.

Always check on the map status in your area as you would want to mainly stay in locations deemed calm by status. If it says otherwise, then there may other players belonging to guilds that have been declared as enemies of your guild. Note that V4 is the type of MMORPG where all areas outside of towns are basically PvP areas so to be safe, be sure to stay within calm territories as much as possible, especially if you are just starting out.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you always have to stock up on potions before heading out in the field. Although you will have a plethora of both HP and MP potions at the early part of your journey, your consumption of both will grow the further you progress in your adventure and the freebies will not be able to sustain your needs. You can tap on the home button at the top right area of the screen to travel to the closest town, and then tap on the potion icon to purchase the needed potions from a merchant.

15. Check The Shop For Helpful Items You Can Afford

While you can certainly make through on a daily basis even without visiting the in-game shop, there are still a wide variety of items you can purchase from it that can help you progress faster in the game. While a lot of the items and packages for sale are either for real cash purchases or red gems, which are basically the same, there are valuable items you can buy with gold coins.

how to spend gold coins in v4

Be sure to check the different tabs for pets, mounts, rings, daily products, weekly products, and the general products that can be purchased using gold coins. You will have a plethora of gold early on and should be able to spare some for items that can boost your CP. We particularly recommend purchasing a companion chest daily as each companion provides a stat boost and having more unlocked early on means more deployment to hunting and resource spots.

V4 certainly holds a lot more features that we can cover in one guide but for now, this is where we end our beginner’s guide. We hope that you learned a lot from the simple tips and strategies we shared and that you enjoyed reading the guide as well.

As V4 is the type of game where the time you spend on it can directly impact your progress, you can most certainly catch up to players who started out earlier by dedicating more time on quests and grinding. If you have played V4 extensively enough and chanced upon some other tips or strategies we have not mentioned in this article, you are very much welcome to share them with us through the comment area!


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No word on the moral lawful and neutral I'm guessing there is a evil or something too ...


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coral can be found in the slime monster area.


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I’m stuck on dig I can’t find madden ravine to farm coral or the cursed area to farm platinum please help