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LYN: The Lightbringer Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Conquer Your Enemies

NEXON Company, the creator of hugely popular mobile games such as AxE: Alliance Vs Empire, Point Blank: Strike and Darkness Rises, has done it once again. LYN: The Lightbringer is the latest one in NEXON’s collection of addictive mobile RPGs. With games like this, the initial thought would be that it’s a race for Combat Power (CP). However, LYN: The Lightbringer is and is not such a power rating race at the same time. There are a variety of tactics and strategies to consider before going into battle. You can’t always go into the content and attempt to “muscle” your way through it all. Check out our LYN: The Lightbringer guide for tips, cheats and strategies in order to win more battles and conquer powerful enemies!

1. Know The Basics Of The Game

Initially, you will have some serious downloading to do to get LYN: The Lightbringer fully up and running. Also note, the game is still very new as of this writing. Beyond that, there’s a lot that can be played.

lyn the lightbringer guide

Upon initial inspection, the above screenshot of the main screen doesn’t seem like much. For the most part, it is. The first part you should be highly focused on is in the upper middle area. That’s your in-game resources. Going from left to right, you have your Adventurer’s Wings. That’s your limit to playing (think stamina or energy). When you first start out, there’s a good chance you’ll get a lot via rewards. The trick to it is to not use it for repeating maps in the Adventure mode early on. You should go for distance in the Adventure mode maps rather than repeating maps for hunting. In doing so, you’ll unlock more content.

Next is the gold and red diamonds you’ve gained. Here’s where you should not let the game tempt you so much! And yes, it can be tempting! When you’re first starting out in LYN: The Lightbringer, save your money as much as possible. The real aim is to go for bigger and better things later on. There’s a good chance that going for bigger and better will take time. That’s ok since no one is rushing you! You will need the gold and other things to perform the various upgrades on your heroes. So if you were saving as much as possible right from the start, it won’t be much of a problem. Lastly is the blue diamonds which are gained with real money. Of course, spending real money is always done by choice.

The UI of LYN: The Lightbringer is designed fairly nicely so that you can get to the different sections quickly. The sections you want to pay attention to are the ones with the red exclamation points on them. They mean you have something to collect or do there. Notice the red exclamation on the Timer icon? That’s the free rewards section for staying in game for up to 1 hour. The tip for that is to do exactly as described and stay in game for at least 1 hour per day. Then you’d collect all of the rewards at the same time. Basically, it’s a giveaway so feel free to take them! If done all at the same time, you’ll spend a little less time going to collect things and more time playing.

In the upper right corner is a menu with access to the various sections of LYN: The Lightbringer. More importantly is the fact that some parts of the game are only accessible from that menu. For example, the Quests section is only found in that menu. If you have quest scrolls, you can use them to gain rewards as described. The strategy for using the quest scrolls is to mostly go for EXP gains. Also, start a quest just before you exit the game for the day. When you get back in game the next day, you can collect it and the Daily reward towards it. Use your heroes with the lowest amount of EXP and are still more than 1 level below their current maximum level. You don’t want to overshoot EXP gains and waste them. The rest of the UI is pretty straightforward stuff and the game will walk you through all of it.

2. Adventure Mode Strategies And Things To Watch Out For

The Adventure mode of LYN: The Lightbringer is where you’ll gain lots of rewards for map completions and unlock everything. But certain things can catch you off guard.

lyn the lightbringer cheats

The very first part to any Adventure mode map in LYN: The Lightbringer is the CP recommendation. Check the above screen shot to see that this map is only at 2 stars when completed. But notice the recommended Combat Power and the currently showing CP in the lower left. The current CP is much higher compared to the recommended CP but the map couldn’t be defeated with 3 stars. So what went wrong?

Check the team in the above screen shot. Notice the 2 support heroes?! Clearly, that wasn’t the best of ideas! Even though that team has a higher survival rate with 2 healer heroes, its damage output wasn’t enough. Even with the higher CP, a better strategy was needed. So in switching the 3star support hero to a mage type hero, the damage output was increased to gain 3 stars from this map. As mentioned, LYN: The Lightbringer was not just a race for Combat Power. And yes, you can get caught like that at random.

Another part to watch out for, but this applies to all of LYN: The Lightbringer is the animation timings of skills. This refers to the amount of time between the use of a skill and the actual hit and damage done of the skill. You’ll see various instances where a skill is activated but it does no damage. This is caused by the target being killed by other heroes on your team before the skill reaches it. It’s very wasteful and happens a lot with the use of full auto. Some of that waste can be reduced depending on where your heroes are placed.

Lastly is the rewards section of each map in the Adventure mode. When you first play a map, you will have at least 1 guaranteed reward. Any repeat attempts on that same map will give you random rewards depending on what’s showing in the list. Keep in mind, you could repeat a map 100 times and get gold only each time. You could also repeat that same map the next day 100 times again and get all the listed loot each time.

3. The Team Editor And The High Importance Of Hero Placement

In LYN: The Lightbringer, it was never a matter of just putting heroes in random places or wherever you like! Proper hero placement is part of the tactics of the game. You have to place your heroes into your teams firstly according to their skills and then according to their Line Passives. Take the example of the 4 star York in the above screen shot (Adventure mode). She can’t be placed into the front line. That only leaves the middle and rear lines. When you check her skills, you’ll see that her ultimate skill is for healing and it works on heroes in a circular area. For her best chance to make the healing skill work on all heroes in that team, she’ll have to be placed somewhere in the middle line.

From there, York’s Line Passive, a skills cool down reduction, applies to heroes in the front line. As showing in the above screen shot (Adventure mode), the cool down reduction will apply to both heroes in the front line. When you check Charlotte’s standard passive, it applies a dodge boost also to both heroes in the front line. So Leora and Jean get 2 boosts. When you check Jean’s Line Passive, it only applies to heroes in the same line as he’s in. Then Leora’s Line Passive applies to the heroes in the rear line. So if you wanted more dodge for York, you’d have to put Jean in the middle line. So check and place your heroes carefully.

4. The Gains From Friends

The LYN: The Lightbringer devs didn’t want you to play alone! So if you have friends IRL that can join you, that usually works out great. However, there’s still ways to gain from the Friends list. Just don’t forget what’s in the Friend Shop!

lyn the lightbringer friends

So how do you gain from a bunch of strangers in a game?! You simply add them all. Notice the empty Add Friend section in the above screen shot?! It doesn’t matter if you know them or not. You’re all in it for the Friend Points anyway! So while you’re below the maximum number of friends allowed, keep on adding everyone that shows up in there. From there, simply click the Give and Receive All button in the Friend List (bottom right corner). Even if you only do so once per day, you’ll be loaded up with Friend Points in no time flat. If you do manage to fill your Friends List you can always remove the not so active players and keep adding others.

5. The Codex And Its Gains

The Codex in LYN: The Lightbringer is where you’ll see the info for heroes and items even if you haven’t collected them yet. You’ll also find some other nifty things in there too such as rewards.

lyn the lightbringer tips

The Hero Codex is where you’ll see info about the various heroes in the game. Just that section alone can certainly help you when it comes to team builds. The Item Codex is along the same lines. It’s the Book of Records and the Link Codex sections that will give you rewards such as red diamonds.

When you check the Book of Records, all the collectible pieces listed there also come complete with their locations! So basically it couldn’t get any easier to find them. The trick was to not go after them until you’re at your current limit. Eventually you’ll encounter an Adventure mode map you simply can’t defeat. That would be a good time to either get a stronger team somehow or repeat for the collection pieces for the Book of Records. So yes, you did have a good option for repeating maps even at the lower levels!

The Link Codex of LYN: The Lightbringer is why you should always lock a hero as soon as possible. With the locking feature, you won’t be able to accidentally use it and/or lose it somehow. One of your first moves considering the Link Codex is to check the newly gained heroes to see if they’re listed there. The star count of the hero in question does not matter. If you get the set found in the Link Codex, you’ll gain the associated red diamond reward. After collecting the reward(s), you can do as you like with the heroes in the sets. But be sure to check all of the sets. Several heroes are included in multiple sets.

6. PvP Tips, Strategies And Tactics

LYN: The Lightbringer wasn’t kidding around when it comes to the PvP modes! However, there are a couple of ways to still win.

lyn the lightbringer rank blitz

The Rank Blitz is where you’ll find PvP matches against other players. The tactic here is to go for the opponents with the lower CP compared to yours. A few thousand or more lower CP than yours should guarantee a win every time. Don’t feel bad about it. There is zero chance that opponents that find your team will mercifully skip a win over you exactly the same way! If you don’t find such an opponent, either get a higher Combat Power or use the Refresh button in the lower left corner of the screen! Basically, always aim for an opponent with a higher ranking than yours at the time. The Rank Blitz of LYN: The Lightbringer is always on full auto play. So when the match begins, click the Speed Up button and the match should be over in no time!

You might be thinking where’s the fun in always winning because of a higher CP compared to your opponents? The whole point to the PvP content is to always win! The highest doubt is gaining more and more Knight Tokens will hurt your feelings! Also consider the higher your rank in the Rank Blitz, the better your rewards will be. As always, it’s your choice as to which opponent you go after. Just remember that you’ll only gain half the Knight Tokens with a loss. So no, it wasn’t an entire loss. But if you manage to lose against an opponent with a lower Rank Blitz ranking, you risk losing position in the rankings which results in lower rewards gained.

The other side of the PvP content which is unlocked via the Adventure mode map completions is the Arena.

lyn the lightbringer arena

This is an entirely different PvP setup in LYN: The Lightbringer. Yes you are battling against real opponents and you can still use full auto play if you wanted to. But most things don’t matter here. Every opponent is in there with the aim to get higher in the rankings just like you would. However, the real problem with this PvP setup is your opponents can be vastly higher in level compared to you. The LYN: The Lightbringer devs decided to produce the match making based on the player’s current score.

Take a look at the upper right area underneath the tier you happen to be in. That’s your score showing there. It’ll increase or decrease with wins or losses. Others with a similar score will be matched against you no matter their level. No amount of tactics and/or strategy can help you against much higher level opponents. The better bet, currently unfortunately, is to wait until the devs either change the matchmaking setup or get a really strong team. Notice the Win/Lose record showing in the above screen shot? Because of the matchmaking system, the win was gained via a disconnected opponent.

7. Team Building Strategy

One of the most important parts of LYN: The Lightbringer is being able to put together a team of heroes that can tear through anything in the game. Sounds like fun but it most assuredly won’t be easy! The main problem is gaining the heroes you’d want because of the gacha gaining method of most collection type games. Some players manage to get very lucky and gain very powerful heroes right from the start. Others will end up sad! The good news is that you could end up with heroes that get the job done anyway. It was a matter of what to look for.

When you gain a hero, your first move should always be to lock it. Then you should check how many skills that hero has. If it’s less than 5, the typical case is that it’s “food”. Use it to develop your other heroes. If it’s a match to one of your heroes, use it to enhance your hero in use. But even before you use it as some type of food, again, check it in the Codex for rewards. If it has 5 skills, check the skills very closely. What you’re looking for is the effects of those skills especially in the Active 1 and 2 skills. The effects you’re looking for the most are Knockdown, Knockback, Stun, and Area of Effect (AoE). Healing skills being excluded of course! These skill effects are used to buy you time to attack more compared to your opponent. The exceptions here are Knockback and AoE. AoE makes sure you hit many targets. The Knockback effect still allows the target(s) to continue attacking. The wanted effect is there with Knockback but it’s not nearly as long as the other 2.

With Knockdown, you’ll buy your team quite a bit of time to attack. When the effect takes place, the animation kicks in to show the effect. There’s time gained for your team’s attacking. Then any time the target spends on the ground in added in. Then the time it takes for the target to get back up and start attacking again if it’s still alive. A downed target(s) has/have no ability to attack once the effect starts. So it’s pretty much rendered useless for the duration. One or more heroes with or without AoE capabilities can attack the downed target. The better bet is using heroes with AoE capabilities so they can hit other targets at the same time. With the Stun effect, it’s the same idea where the target(s) is/are unable to do anything against you, but you can still attack it. The difference is the amount of time the stunned target(s) is/are unable to do anything compared to the downed target(s).

When you first start playing LYN: The Lightbringer, you have 2 slots to build teams with. So no, you don’t have to take apart your first team all the time! You could setup teams for various purposes if you have enough heroes to play with. It’s really a matter of getting past the gacha hero gaining system to get good and/or powerful heroes. Or at least somehow gain heroes with the right effects! But once you have the heroes decided for any team, it’s a matter of you sticking with them as much as possible. If you’re getting “wishy washy” about it, you already lost. If you keep changing heroes, you’ll end up burning resources on characters you suddenly want to swap out. The better bet to avoid that is to set heroes into the other team slot(s).

There you have it! This ends our detailed LYN: The Lightbringer guide. We hope you’ve enjoyed this set of tips, cheats and strategies for the game. In case you know other tips, that we haven’t included in this LYN: The Lightbringer guide, feel free to let us know in the comment area below!