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AxE: Alliance vs Empire Beginners Guide: 11 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Raise Combat Power and Destroy the Opposition

AxE: Alliance vs Empire is NEXON’s latest MMORPG that’s currently available on Android and iOS platforms. With more than 40 games in its catalogue, and a multitude of successful titles such as Maplestory M, Darkness Rises, and Dynasty Warriors Unleashed just to name a few, NEXON has proven to be a dominant force in the mobile gaming industry and has unleashed unique and memorable games across different genres. While there’s more than enough MMORPGs on mobile today, AxE: Alliance vs Empire sets itself apart from other RPGs with its top-notch graphics well above par compared to most mobile games, some innovative gameplay mechanics, and very deep customization options that bring your in-game character a lot closer to your preferences and play style.

With tons of content to offer various PvE and PvP game modes that break away from the typical MMORPG monotony, AxE: Alliance vs Empire promises to provide loads of new gaming experiences to even veteran RPG enthusiasts. If you are totally new to MMORPGs, don’t be discouraged by seemingly complex systems and mechanics as there is auto mode feature available from the start as well as a good progression pace to give you ample time learn everything you need to know. If you have friends whom you can play with on a game, then AxE: Alliance vs Empire is worth checking out.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire puts you and hundreds of other players in land torn between two warring factions. As each group stands firm on their own beliefs, each one considers the other its mortal enemy. As each faction has their own unique and exclusive classes to choose from, you may be compelled to choose a faction based on the character class you want. Additionally, if you have friends already playing or will be playing the game, then you ought to choose the same faction they are in. Both the Galanos Alliance and the Darkhaan Empire has three unique classes with unique strengths and skills. Be sure to read through whatever information you can before deciding on your character class. Once you begin the game, there are the usual quests and constant character growth and enhancement. There will be loads of features and game modes you can unlock as you level up and each will be briefly explained in the game.

The pace set by AxE: Alliance vs Empire provides ample time for you to grasp each concept. Whenever a new feature or game mode opens up, you will have an opportunity to test it out and there will be a quick and short guide that provides a basic description of the unlocked feature or game mode. What may become a challenge for beginners is prioritization, as there are a lot of activities you can engage in as well as a plethora of upgrades and enhancements to spend some time on.

If you’re new to MMORPGs and having difficulty deciding on what to prioritize when it comes to activities and enhancements, or if you are doing well enough but still searching for more efficient ways to go through the game, then our AxE: Alliance vs Empire beginner’s guide, including tips, cheats and strategies, can help you make a great start as well as give you a good idea on what actions to consider moving forward in the game.

1. Choose Your Character Wisely

Unless you are totally new to MMORPGs, then it should be a given that regardless of the game, each available roster of character classes to choose from should more or less reflect most roles that you are essential for having a well-balanced single and team play battle. It’s practically pointless to make side by side comparisons and only take one aspect of each class for comparison. One class will stand out for offensive power while another may have exceedingly better defensive stats. Beyond that, though, there are many aspects in-between that render each class as valuable as any other. As such, there will be no best or worst choices here.

What you have to take into consideration would be the role you want to take, especially given the game modes where you will have to work with others towards the completion of a quest or succeeding in battle. Be sure to choose one you can fight with when you are on your own as well as serve well in a team.

For the Galanos Alliance, You can choose the Titan which has high strength attributes and good close combat crowd control. The archer is your basic melee ranged expert that can also dish out some heals and support skills. Blademasters are also close combat melee experts that boast high damage and fast attacks.

Under the Darkhaan Empire, the Warrior is perhaps the Titan’s counterpart as a crowd controlling melee fighter. Valkyries average in both attack and defense and also holds some heal and support skills much like the archer. The Mage, has powerful offensive magic but potentially has the least defensive stat values.

Again, there are no right or wrong choices. Some classes will be more difficult to manage at first but each will grow to be more powerful and versatile as you progress through the game further and unlock more enhancement and upgrade elements. Exercise patience in the first few quests and take time to think about some upgrades that decide your character’s overall build. With several PvE and PvP game modes in store for you, no one character will be best for all, but with the right build and some good teammates, you can ceaselessly make good progress as you claim victories on quests and battles.

2. Prioritize The Main Quests

AxE: Alliance vs Empire doesn’t just throw you into a massive war with battles at every turn without much premise as to why you are even engaging in such. As the game’s introduction and initial quests give you an idea of what caused the war as well as present bits of lore about the game’s universe, each quest you take on provides a progressive approach to understanding the rationale behind the war and why you must fight for your faction. Beyond that, the more important reason for prioritizing main quests lies in the rewards it gives you relative to what you can acquire on other quests and game modes. As you will initially receive your most basic needs from accomplishing some of the main quests, the amount of experience it provides for your character to level up as well as the additional features and game modes it unlocks gives you more options early on for you to spend more of your extra time to further farm from.

axe alliance vs empire guide

As you may be taken to a different screen whenever you unlock a new game mode or feature, be sure to take note of the brief explanation. In cases where you may need to try some game modes out, you can freely do so as well. In fact, there will be instances when a main quest may require you to try out some of the new game modes you gained access to for you to progress. Main quests aren’t always about hunting mobs as there will be instances where you need to only go to and converse with some NPCs or even gather some materials from the field. Occasionally, there will be boss battles as well. The only time you may reach a dead end following main quests are instances when the game will notify you that your overall combat power is less than what is recommended for the quest and although it will still be possible for you to accomplish it, it will be more challenging than the usual. If you do try and fail, it is recommended to try and raise your combat power to be within or even above the recommended. Take on some sub-quests and other game modes to acquire some needed materials and experience points and hop back into the main quest as soon as you are able to.

3. Know When To Avoid Using Auto-Battle

Auto Mode has become a regular part of action MMORPGs and it is a feature that everyone can very much enjoy and appreciate. As vast lands to explore may be troublesome to manually travel to and from, auto mode makes it several folds easier for you to travel anywhere efficiently and leaves no chance for getting lost. Additionally, auto-battle can satisfactorily take over the battle for you especially on easy mobs that you may find physically exhausting at some point. With auto mode enabled in mobile MMORPGs, quests, travels, and even some battles have become much of a breeze.

On the other hand, some battles in the game, especially after the introductory chapter, can become a little more challenging for auto mode to handle. These may involve more difficult mobs, bosses that are more powerful, or other players. As the A.I. in AxE: Alliance vs. Empire, as well as in all other MMORPGs with auto-battle, only use the basic attack and skills as they become available, it won’t impose any strategy whatsoever. Likewise, you’re A.I.-controlled character will never dodge any incoming attack. As such, for more difficult opponents, where power play-offs won’t work in your favour, relying on auto-battle will most likely result in a quest fail or a loss in battle.

axe alliance vs empire auto battle

At some point, therefore, and the sooner the better, you have to learn to play AxE: Alliance vs Empire manually, especially on the battle part. Dodging will be a tide-turner in battle and using skills efficiently can be of great help to you in a lot of the harder missions. In battle, be sure to keep an eye out for red spheres or paths which indicate the area where an enemy’s skill will hit. Learn to use dodge before the skills activate and use the directional pad as well to aim your dodge move. As difficult as this may seem especially for first-time players, mastering these basic battle necessities will give you an edge even against more powerful enemies and players.

4. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Guilds are an essential part of every MMO game, and AxE: Alliance vs Empire is no exception. With various game features that rely on cooperative participation, and with some rewards that can be much easier acquired through guild activities, it has become imperative for each and every player to be a part of any active guild to ensure character growth and game progression as much as everyone else.

axe alliance vs empire guild

Although the Guild system becomes available before you know it, joining a Guild in AxE: Alliance vs Empire may not be as easy as with other games. For starters, you need to pay 1,000 gold to apply to any guild. You can only apply to one guild at a time and will have to await the guild leader’s approval before you can join in. Some guilds require a certain minimum level requirement and once you are able to join, can impose daily contributions and activity for you to be retained as a member. As guilds are a good source of teammates for a lot of the game’s multiplayer battles, you need to be certain that the guild you choose is active enough to have sustainable growth as well as powerful as far as its general roster goes.

5. Develop Weapons And Armor From Time To Time

Equipment in AxE: Alliance vs Empire follows the typical rarity system denoted by colors from White (Normal) to Yellow (Mythic). The higher the rarity of an equipment, the better stats it has. For the most part, though you will initially obtain mostly Green (Fine) and Blue (Rare) ones. Each piece of equipment can be developed by sacrificing similar types of equipment to raise its level and stats. As you will obtain tones of equipment that would otherwise be useless, be sure to sacrifice some of it often as you can carry only a limited number in your inventory. Remember as well that you can sacrifice up to twenty pieces of equipment at a time. You may want to also prioritize higher rarity gears for upgrading as replacing one later on will not carry over the previous one’s development level.

axe alliance vs empire weapons

Once a piece of gear reaches max development level, you can further strengthen them with upgrade stones. Combining two max level gears of the same grade level can result in a higher level gear and although it may take a lot of time and resources to do this, it’s a god way to massively increase your character’s combat power.

6. Carefully Choose The Skills You Level Up

Unlike in most MMORPGs where all characters within the same class practically have the same skill sets, AxE: Alliance vs Empire offers more variety in that there are more than enough active skills to unlock and equip for your character. As such, be sure to choose carefully from the available skills which ones more suitably fit your play style in the game. With limited points to spend on both active and passive skills, you have to identify which is more important for the character build you have in mind.

axe alliance vs empires skills

Beyond the numerous skills to be acquired and used, there are attributes as well where you can choose one from two choices. This is perhaps the character enhancement mechanic of the game which would make your character unique as far as customizations go. Be sure to read through each attribute description and while both choices may seem equally preferable, one should suit your taste a little better. You can spend Blue Diamonds for additional skill points and attributes but in the early part of the game, you may want to test out a lot of the skills and attributes first as you learn more about which ones you really need to spend premium currency for.

7. Engage In Various Battle Modes

axe alliance vs empire battle modes

There are plenty of game modes you can engage in AxE: Alliance vs Empire once you find yourself stuck on a main quest. Some game modes require you to finish a certain chapter on the main quest to unlock and this is perhaps one of the more important reasons you would want to prioritize pursuing the completion of main quests. Dungeons and the Arena will be among the first additional modes you will unlock and participating daily on each of these modes can earn you equipment and materials which will otherwise be difficult to farm anywhere else. Be sure to expend all attempts you can on each game mode daily and continue to strive unlocking the rest of the game modes.

8. Finish Repeatable And Daily Quests

Although you will initially be finishing main quests and even sub-quests easily at the start of your game, there will surely be a point wherein the main quests will become a little too challenging for you to accomplish, it may primarily be due to lack of combat power as a result of many possible reasons. In such cases, while there are various battle modes that reward you with equipment and items which may help you raise your combat power further, engaging in repeatable quests, as well as daily quests are basically guaranteed bonus experience points.

axe alliance vs empire daily quests

As most of these will be easy for you to accomplish, all it requires is actually a little of your time and a bit of effort to pursue. You can freely choose which from among the available quests to accept first and an idea of what you can get out of it will be provided. Don’t pay attention to the actual experience points you receive from killing mobs as these are mostly irrelevant. What’s important is that you finish the quest as the rewards for that is perhaps the only thing worth obtaining.

9. Complete As Many Missions And Challenges As You Can

On top of the actual rewards and experience points you receive within and through various quests and battles in AxE: Alliance vs. Empire, there are loads of missions and challenges you can accomplish to earn additional rewards. There will often be times that you will accomplish the objectives needed to claim your rewards from either the missions or challenges, as most of these requirements are activities you should naturally be engaging in as you normally play the game.

axe alliance vs empire cheats

To access the missions, click on the menu (window) icon at the top of your screen and you will find it there. Be sure to take note of some objectives you can easily achieve to get as much from it as you can. Likewise, regularly check on the challenges icon on the left side of your screen and although these challenges are divided by chapters, with the next one only available once the requirements of the present one have all been satisfied, there are instances that you can readily claim rewards for the newly unlocked chapter as everything you do from the start of the game counts here.

10. Complete Achievements And Raise Reputation

axe alliance vs empire achievements

On top of the numerous quests, missions, and challenges to complete, there are achievements in AxE: Alliance vs Empire as well which serve as milestones that you need to achieve to level up your reputation. Each increase in your reputation level also grants boosts to your character’s stats and the achievements you accomplish reward you with gold as well. Be sure to check all tabs in the Achievements Menu and aim to complete as many as you can immediately. This is in essence of equal importance to your character’s level as every bit of stat increase you gain helps you become stronger. Additionally, every source of stat increase should be given value as these are what’s mostly important in the game.

11. Always Check Your Inventory And Mail

Oftentimes, you will be rewarded with treasure chests that contain equipment and consumables and you need to open these up in your inventory to have access to your true rewards. Likewise, some rewards you earn in AxE: Alliance vs Empire will not directly go to your inventory and will be sent to your mail. As such, be sure to always check both as the consumables, in the form of treasure chests, are best used sooner than later. Keep in mind as well that rewards in your mail have a limited period for claiming so be sure to check it at least once daily.

Well, that’s all we have for our AxE: Alliance vs Empire beginner’s guide. As we continue to play and explore the depths of this remarkable game, be sure to stay tuned as we may return again with another guide. We certainly hope you enjoyed these AxE: Alliance vs Empire tips, cheats and strategies and that you learned something before you went further into the game. If there are tips and strategies you feel should be included in this guide, be sure to let us know through the comment section!


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hi Claudia, I have the same issue. were you able to go past this point in the game?


Thursday 1st of April 2021

im very new and i cant get past the first quest eliminate the hidden goblin how can i abandon and retake it