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BnB M Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Outsmart Your Opponents and Dominate the Arena

NEXON is one of the longest standing mobile game developers out there and has been very popular to a host of mobile gamers for good reasons. With a remarkable reputation for successful titles like AxE: Alliance vs Empire, DomiNations and MapleStory M just to name a few, NEXON’s titles are always likely to amass hundreds of thousands, if not million, of downloads and earn largely positive reviews. BnB M is the latest competitive arcade game from NEXON, and it’s no surprise how it earned over a million downloads fast within just a short time after its release.

Highly comparable to Hudson Soft’s Bomberman and a host of similar games that followed it, BnB M takes it several steps further with a variety of skills and a wide array of game modes that make both cooperative and competitive gameplay much more fun and exciting. Regardless of whether or not you are familiar with Bomberman and know how to play it, BnB M makes it so that every player can learn how to play the game easily and gives a fair enough chance to win matches. If you are looking for a great time-killer that you can enjoy with friends as well as with random players, then don’t hesitate to check BnB M out.

BnB M holds a variety of game modes, all of which provides distinct features and ultimately leads to a fun and exciting water balloon battle. The basic idea is to place water balloons strategically and hope to catch unsuspecting enemies in the line of its explosion. Everyone, including yourself, won’t instantly perish once caught by the explosion and will instead be caught in a bubble.

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Popping a balloon with an enemy inside of it earns you a point and popping one with an ally within helps save them. It’s usually a race to get to 5 points the fastest or victories can be decided by whichever team racks up the highest score by the end of the match. While water balloon bombs and bubble popping, on its own, sounds fun enough, having a wide variety of skills to unlock, mix, and match makes for an even more exciting battles, with loads of potential strategies and counter-tactics to craft and utilize as you head on from one match to another

The controls and general objectives of BnB M is fairly easy to understand although there will be a lot of ideas about skill combinations and strategy to think of. As far as getting a firm grasp of controls and objectives are concerned, the tutorial provides ample time and a good enough demonstration of what you can do and even shows basic tips on how to use each skill. What’s great about BnB is the presence of the Training Center which can guide you through some advanced mechanics of the game as well as guides on how to use super skills and various gears.

Beyond all that though, if you are commonly finding yourself in the losing end of some matches and having a bit of a struggle to compete against other players and win matches, then our BnB M beginner’s guide, including tips, cheats and strategies, can be a great help to give you an edge towards your quest in order to be a formidable competitor in each of BnB M’s game modes.

1. Complete The Training Center Sessions Once They Become Available

Although you can also learn much by jumping from one battle to the next and learn through actual experience; the basic concepts of the game that you ought to know lie within the training center. On top of some basic strategies that can help you fare much better across each battle, the training for super skill and gear uses can give you a good idea of how each one works before you equip and use them on actual matches. Take note that some of the training sessions only become available once you reach a certain level or unlock the actual skill. Just the same, be sure to check for new ones that become available as indicated by the small “n” mark at the upper right side of the Training Center which can be accessed through the Guide Center at the lower right side of the main screen.

bnb m training center

Although it won’t be that much, completing quick and easy training lessons grant you Lucci which is the basic currency you will need for upgrades and item purchases. As it does have tons of uses, earning currency however you can is an important task you can’t ignore throughout the game.

2. Destroy As Many Blocks As You Can Fast

If you are totally new to these types of games, then chances are that you will initially be just laying out water balloons on a random tile and keep out of its way as you want to clear blocks to reach other players and grab some boosters along the way. In general, it’s an okay way of going about the game but for higher efficiency; always go for setting up your water balloons where it can destroy 2 to 3 blocks at a time. It may not be easy on the first few times but with a clear mindset, you should be up to it in no time.

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Trying to eliminate more blocks faster doesn’t only clear your surroundings faster and give you more mobility; it is equally effective at giving you more opportunities to grab power-up to have an early advantage in the map. Increased balloon count, blast distance, and movement speed all contribute to a much better performance and if you outright aim and manage to destroy blocks early on, the chances of you becoming stronger than the enemies earlier is already an advantage by itself.

Relative to this, be sure to stay conscious of your own balloon’s blast distance, especially if you plant more than one of them in a fit to eliminate more clocks simultaneously. Once there is path between you and your opponents, be sure to keep an eye on them as well as they may use such opportunities to try and get a point out of you. For best results, only focus on eliminating blocks at the early part of the game and when there is no clear path between you and the enemies, once players can reach one another, your focus should be on defending against them and eliminating them.

3. Reactive Strategies Work Well Sometimes

BnB M, much like Bomberman and similarly-themed games basically gives you the idea that you have to eliminate your enemies to win. Although there is nothing particularly wrong with that mindset, it often creates an aggressive mood that can push you into harm’s way or even into making your own mistakes that lead to your loss. In addition, the presence of the countdown timer on each match adds further to the pressure and often sends players into a panic to nab points as early as possible. For one though, you should consider the timer as a distraction and instead be more conscious about how you can survive. While aggressive playing can push the opposition to make their own mistakes, it is best to leave that for later when you are very much used to having a great eye’s view of the entire battlefield in that you are fully aware of which tiles are safe and have a great calculation as to when each water balloon will explode.

It’s only fair to expect a few losses on the earlier matches that you engage in. To tip the scales of batter more in your favor, however, play more defensively and be more reactive to your opponent’s actions in an encounter. For example, waiting for an opponent to set a water balloon and get out of its way can be an opportunity to set up another one that would cause a chain explosion. You can use this in a way where your balloon’s explosion could reach your opponent on a tile he previously thought was safe. More so, going for this tactic may include instances where there are blocks in the way of your opponent and that he won’t have a place to go to avoid being hit by the explosion.

Another consideration for playing more defensively lies in the existence of other players. Friend or foe, it gets hard to predict where everyone else will plant their water balloons and chances are, a lot of players will get tagged by the explosion of their own water balloons and even the ones deployed by their teammates. It leaves a lot of opportunities for you to simply pop bubbles and score points for the team as well as be the savior of your teammate, in case he or she gets tagged a lot, and be a point guard of a sort. It will be fairly easy to detect the level of aggressiveness enemy teams have and as this may be the case for a lot of matches you get into, make the most out of many expected opportunities to be the bubble popper.

4. Use Your Needles Wisely

As the first and most basic tool you will have in your arsenal, it’s practically a given that the needle is an indispensible defensive tool you ought to always equip yourself with in battle. Beyond having it equipped, you should also make smart use of it as tools have cool down periods and with needles taking a full 40 seconds before being available again, using it carelessly will make it a lot more challenging for you for the next 40 seconds. As such be sure to only subscribe to using it when you are out of options and have to escape the bubble quickly to either prevent the enemy from scoring or when opportunities to score are so close by.

Just to give an example, if you are trapped in a bubble but enemies have no way of getting to you then you should definitely not bother expending your needle. Even if there is an open path between you and your opponent or opponents, use the needle only when they are clearly on their way to pop you. In matches where you enjoy having a partner, try to hold using your needle off if your ally is close by as well.

On the other hand, if you are trapped in a bubble but then so is an opponent relatively close to you, feel free to use the needle immediately and run to pop your opponent for points. There is a chance that they have needles as well but then it’s an opportunity that should not be wasted as you need to earn points as well. There may come a variety of unique situations you will find yourself in but essentially, basing your decisions to use the needle relative to our examples will be very advantageous for you.

5. Know Each Character Well Before Using Them

There are plenty of cute characters to unlock, collect, and play with in BnB M and their appearances aren’t all that makes them unique. Each one has different stats and abilities that become available following certain conditions. You will be playing with Bazzi as your starting character and you will also receive Dao as an alternate character once you finish the tutorial. For a brief rundown on each character’s uniqueness, we will just be highlighting each one’s special ability and starting stats to give you an idea of which one to choose and which one to want to unlock next.

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Bazzi, the first character you will be using, receives a temporary speed boost every time he escapes a bubble. His starting stats have base level balloon count and blast distance but sport an enormous level 5 speed. He is actually kind of decent for a starting character. Bao, your second character, can have a temporary shield after he frees an ally from a bubble. He starts with 1 level of blast distance higher than Bazzi but his starting speed is only at level 4. Uni’s speed boost ability activates once he successfully captures an opponent in a bubble and his stats are the same with Bao.

Kephi is perhaps blessed with a more unique ability in that he can decrease his skill cool down period when he consumes an item. His starting stats are equal to both Bao and Uni. Dizni, much like Bao, has a skill that activates once she frees an ally from being captured by a bubble. She can temporarily become transparent and move faster and her starting stats gives her 2 water balloons, a level 1 blast distance, and a level 4 speed. Last, but not the least, is Dankie whose movement speed maxes out whenever his teammate gets taken out. Dankie shares his starting stats with Bazzi.

It’s important to know what each character’s advantages and limitations are even if you won’t choose to use them. Having a good enough idea of what each one can do can bring advantages even when you are playing against them. If you have friends to play with in cooperative gameplay, it would be best to set roles following each of your preferences relative to character selection and play style. It may be difficult to generalize and come up with the best partners from this roster, but take time to use different character combinations that bank on their advantages in battle as well as the most suitable skills and tools for each player.

6. Test Each Skill Out Before Deciding On What To Equip In Battle

With plenty of strategies you can come up with on the unique skills and attributes each hero has, BnB M takes customization up another level through the existence of various special skills and gears you can unlock and equip as you progress through the game. You can equip 1 super skill and 2 different gears before each match. While gears unlock depending on your account level, super skills become available much like characters do which is primarily through gacha in the store.

bnb m skills

There are currently 10 super skills available in the game that you can unlock and 19 different tools. Skills can be upgraded by collecting extra puzzle pieces while extra amounts of tools can be purchased from the store with lucci once you unlock them. Highlighting each skill gives you a good description of what it does along with its cool down period. It would be best to try each one out in a match for a first-hand experience. Always remember to set your skills and gears up in the skills menu which you can access through the skill icon below the screen. You may also explore different combinations as you go through one match to another but remember that you may want to hold on to your needles up until you can more confidently win a match without ever needing them.

7. Aim To Accomplish Quests For Extra Rewards

On top of outright earnings from each match, you should also pay attention to the main quest and daily quest that you can view from the guide center at the bottom right of your screen.

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Accomplishing these objectives are relatively easy as some follow the natural progression and usual activities you would want to engage in as you play the game. Tons of lucci and purple lucci are up for grabs from completing quests and if you can, aim to earn enough points from completing daily quests to earn the best rewards from it.

This is where our BnB M beginner’s guide ends and we hope you learned much from it as well as enjoyed reading through the simple tips and strategies we shared. There’s definitely a lot to learn as you play and engage in the various game modes available for you in BnB M and as promising updates are noticeable from the game itself, much more content are bound to become available soon. If there are some relevant tips or strategies you know and would like to share with us, feel free to let us know through the comment area below!