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Idle Space Tycoon Guide: 8 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Assemble the Largest Spaceship Fleet Ever

Created by ColdFire Games, Idle Space Tycoon is a simulation game that will keep you entertained for days. The game is available for iOS and Android-powered devices, and the innovative gameplay of Idle Space Tycoon attracts a lot of players. After all, we all dream of becoming a millionaire one day. This game lets you make those dreams a reality, even though the ‘reality’ is set in space.

Idle Space Tycoon is a mobile game full of tricky missions and tasks. To pass all the tests with flying colors, the players will need all the help they can get. Our detailed Idle Space Tycoon guide with tips, cheats and strategies can lead you to victory in no time! By following these guidelines, your fleet will amass the largest fortune ever seen in space. So without further ado, let’s get down to our Idle Space Tycoon, tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Automate The Process

The goal of Idle Space Tycoon is to earn as much money as possible. Simple as that. But, this can be easier said than done. That is why we provide the players with the right pointers, to prevent them from making the same mistakes we did. For example, the need to automate the process is imperative, and it should not be overlooked.

What we mean by automation is the process of hiring pilots to drive your spacecraft. Of course, you could send out the ships manually, but this method is highly ineffective. Instead, every ship in the fleet can have a captain, and then you don’t have to do anything. Yes, you can sit back and relax while the hard-working pilots bring back the spacecraft full of cash.

Pilots are an important commodity in Idle Space Tycoon, so don’t forget to hire them as soon as you buy a new hangar. Unmanned aircraft will just sit idle in the dock. Don’t forget – pilots are flying out even when you are not playing the game!

2. Choose The Pilots Wisely

Since the pilots will play a vital part in your efforts to become the kingpin of the intergalactic economy, it is important to choose your fighters wisely. Idle Space Tycoon allows the players to have an indefinite amount of attempts at picking the appropriate captain. But, this feature does not come without a cost.

idle space tycoon cheats

First of all, when you buy a new hangar, the game will warn you that the newly acquired ship needs a pilot. By clicking on the small icon on the right-hand side, you will enter the Pilot-selection menu. Every spaceship in your hangar can have one or more pilots. The more expensive the hangar – the more money you will need to invest to hire a professional pilot.

But, the game lets you draw more pilots as long as you watch an ad. By watching the video, you get a new character, and the game allows you to choose the one you want. Pay attention to the buffs that come with the pilot. Some of them will help boost your income, bring more credits, extra loot, and so on. Or, they could decrease the duration of every flight. Either way, we advise you to always pick the best pilot for your needs and preferences.

3. Invest In New Hangars

To become a powerful oligarch, you need to spread out your portfolio and invest in various companies. That is why Idle Space Tycoon allows the players to purchase new hangars and expand their operations. Every new airpark can host up to four spaceships, which means that a lot of cash can go your way if you invest the funds properly.

Hangars are stacked on top of each other, and the higher you reach – the more money you will need to unlock the dock. But, slow steps will get you to the top. The Idle Space Tycoon is an incremental cash game, and the players can earn the cash only by following the right steps.

Once you purchase a new hangar, you will notice a number and a gauge on the right-hand side. This number shows the level of the hangar. If you level up the hangar to a certain milestone – the revenue from the dock will grow by a certain percentage (+50%, +100%, and so on).

4. Use The Boosters To Raise Your Income

The Idle Space Tycoon is all about growing your revenue and boosting your profits. Every action you take in this game will be inspired by the same goal – to raise your income. That is why boosters can be an integral part of your daily operations. After all, it is not easy to become a successful entrepreneur. You will need somebody or something to help you on your way.

idle space tycoon guide

In the Inventory section, which is located on the bottom of the Lobby screen, you can find the available boosters. As their name clearly suggests, these buffs can boost your money-harvesting process. The boosters in Idle Space Tycoon will offer you improved revenue, by a certain percentage. Also, it is important to note that the majority of boosters come with a limited duration. After two or four hours, you will have to activate a new booster.

At the bottom strip of icons in the Lobby, the players can also find the Shop. By visiting this section, they can obtain new boosters. Of course, the buffs do not come free of charge. You can either invest the in-game credits or real dollars if you want to make the purchase.

5. Double The Loot When You Return To The Game

Another cool feature of Idle Space Tycoon is the fact that your fleet never stops working, even if you go offline for a while. In fact, we already talked about the benefits of automation. The pilots you hire will take the spaceships out of the hangars over and over again, without any rest. What this means is that a certain amount of cash awaits you every time you return to the game. We suggest visiting the Idle Space Tycoon as often as you can. But, if you go back after a long period of time, a sizable amount will wait for you to claim it. Yet, the cash can potentially double in size, if you know what to do.

Upon your return, the game will present you with a report on how well your captains performed, i.e. how much money they earned. You can collect the cash, or press the ‘x2’ button. The latter option requires you to watch an ad. After that, the available sum will be doubled.

6. Level Up Whenever Possible

Once you automate the process and obtain a lot of hangars, the money will start rolling in. But, you will not be able to progress much further without leveling up. If you step up and move to the next level, the game will present you with rewards and benefits.

idle space tycoon tips

One of the most obvious rewards is the pack of credits you receive immediately upon leveling up. But, the more important reward is the ability to buy new hangars and climb the ladder in the spacecraft industry.

Idle Space Tycoon will ‘warn’ you when its time to level up. In the upper left corner, you will notice the blue gauge with EXP points. We urge the players to always keep this progress bar in sight. If the blue star and the gauge start blinking – the time is right for a new level.

7. Grab The Special Chest

Another convenient method for acquiring boosters or credits is the Special Chest. In a way, this feature acts as a bonus or a freebie, and we advise that you take advantage of the offer. After all, you will not lose anything. The goodies are up for grabs, and it is up to you if you take the chance or not.

idle space tycoon tricks

The Special Chest will appear from time to time as a hovering object on the left-hand side of the playing screen. It will even fly around, taunting you to open it. By catching the Chest, the players will be presented with generous rewards. Also, Idle Space Tycoon has always allowed the option of doubling the rewards by watching an ad. The same goes for the gifts offered in the Special Chest section.

8. Unlock New Territory

Eventually, your monopoly in a certain area will allow you to harvest all the possible resources out there. In other words, you will outgrow the economic environment. When that happens, Idle Space Tycoon allows you to move your corporate empire into new territories. A couple of towers are waiting for you to climb them. But, certain conditions have to be met before you can access those new areas.

idle space tycoon strategies

Under the Map section, which is located on the strip of icons at the bottom of the screen, the players can see the available territories. By earning enough cash, these towers can be unlocked. With every new territory, you will get a fresh opportunity to strengthen your empire. New hangars and new pilots will boost the momentum of your business, making you the greatest space mogul ever.

With the final tip on our list, we conclude our 8-point Idle Space Tycoon guide. Our tips, cheats and strategies will help you expand your wealth and boost your profits. Yet, if you are familiar with other Idle Space Tycoon tips or tricks, be sure to let us know through the comment box below!