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EVE Echoes Advanced Guide: Tips & Strategies to Progress More Efficiently in New Eden

EVE Echoes has quickly established itself as the top space sandbox MMORPG on mobile just as EVE Online has proven itself an accomplished and reputable title on PC. Staying true to the core principles of its predecessor, EVE Echoes exhibits a vast open-world galaxy that players can freely explore and a wide range of activities to engage in.

There are no gameplay elements in EVE Echoes that prevent players from spending as much free time as they want to continuously develop their pilots and improve on every aspect of their voyage. For the most part, the delimitations lie in the pilot level and tech level, which you gradually raise based on the quests and bounties you engage in, and in turn unlock ships and other features for you to enjoy. Well, there is a natural need for Isk and Plex as well for purchases, but regardless of how you spend your time in New Eden, there will always be a plethora of ways to continue earning money.

eve echoes tactics

If you have just started diving into EVE Echoes and still need to reach a certain level of familiarity with the basic features as well as the activities you engage in early on, then we urge you to read through our EVE Echoes beginner’s guide. In most cases, our beginner’s guide plows through all the basic contents of the game and provides simple tips and strategies to help you go through each one at a faster and more efficient pace. Given the enormity of the game’s scale and the details associated with each of its features, however, we stuck with the most basic concepts for our first guide.

In this new EVE Echoes strategy guide, we will be tackling on more advanced concepts and features we did not delve into in our beginner’s guide. While these are all available right from the start of your expedition, know that spending a bit more time in the tutorials, as we mentioned in our earlier guide, will help you understand the next set of tasks to accomplish. A near-endless grind for XP and resources is a conventional part of every MMORPG but to ensure that every bit of skill points, currencies, and resources are utilized efficiently, strategic planning is necessary.

1. Customize Shortcuts

Tapping on your pilot’s portrait at the top left corner of the screen to bring up the main menu is actually a quick and easy enough way to browse through the plethora of features and systems in EVE Echoes. Despite proceeding through a lengthy tutorial session and engaging in various bounties and quests, there are still a number of features that will remain untouched or unexplored depending on the general line of activities you choose to engage in.

eve echoes shortcuts

As each player will venture or steer more adherently within a particular career, each one’s needs for a quicker access to these features will vary. As such, it is important to create an manage shortcuts to each feature based on your needs. To do so, you only need to click on the “+” icon below your pilot’s portrait. You can then choose any of the available features as to which ones are more important for you to access more quickly or see information on readily.

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You can only choose 3 of the many features to lodge on your screen but that should be enough for most people. For the wallet and skills, as an example, seeing how many Isk you have and how much time of training is still left should already bring you a lot of convenience.

2. Research On Ships Before Making A Purchase

Every person who loves space fantasy games definitely fancies spaceships as well and EVE Echoes certainly offers a wide variety of ships to choose from, guaranteed to cater to even the most demanding players. Ships are basically categorized into 6 different types based on general functionality and there are various models or variances per type, which also differs from one faction to another.

Frigates are on of the most basic types of ship and will be the initial ships you will use belong to this category. Frigates are generally smaller than all other ships and while they can deal damage, their specialty is more attributable to their speed, making them the most difficult ships to hit. Frigates are the most fragile type as well so they are not usually set on the frontlines.

Once you reach tech level 3, you will be able to purchase destroyers, which have more firepower and defense than frigates but a little slower as well. The same pattern works across cruisers, battle cruisers, and battleships with battleships being the biggest of the bunch with more firepower and armor and the slowest of them all. Note that as you climb tech ranks, ship availability will progress towards battleships and as far as module slots are concerned, higher ranked ships tend to have more capacity in adding in more modules.

eve echoes ship tree

Ships, in a way, adhere to the proverbial “rock-paper-scissors” of gaining advantages in combat. Faster ships can hit and run the slower ones and will be difficult to hit, while having weak armor and shields that make them an easy kill for ships that are fast enough to hit them. Bigger, sturdier ships can easily outgun relatively smaller ones, but will have difficulty hitting the smallest and fastest ships.

Since tech level associated with ships available for purchase are tied up to your pilot level, chances are that you will unlock higher grade ships that cost millions of Isk at a relatively early stage where you only have a couple of hundreds. For example, we reached pilot and tech level 5 while only being able to afford tech level 3 ships. In such cases, you have a choice of whether to purchase what you can readily afford or save every bit of money you have and grind away at earning enough to pick up a tech level 5 ship.

While it may seem like a difficult dichotomous choice for beginners, the better alternative is to actually go with the former. Quests, or the accomplishment of quests rather, are heavily impacted by the tier or grade of ship you have. While most higher-paying quests only present recommendations as far as ship strength or capacity goes, the actual possibility for you to be able to accomplish the tasks at hand rests on the grade or level of ship you have, as well as the modules fitted into the ship.

To ensure or raise the chance of completing quests, a good investment on ships and modules is needed. Note that quest tiers are the basis of payouts anyway so spending right on your tools of the trade will lead to a solid return on your investment.

Choosing your first ship to purchase may come as soon as you are able to afford one but for subsequent purchases, it is best to plan ahead and decide on the ones you really should aim for. While some players may opt to be a collector of ships, financial resources and grinding needed to do so will not come with little time and effort.

As such, it is best to pick just one for every tier and set subsequent ones as goals once you obtain the current one. As we mentioned in our first guide that you should streamline your skill choices to your desired career in mind, so should you consider ships you need for your profession in New Eden.

The Ship Tree, which you can access through the main menu will serve as a great guide for you to look into each ship you have unlocked as well as the next set of ships you can unlock at the higher tech levels. Ships are classified into the factions they belong to so be sure to look into each one of 4 factions.

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By clicking on any ship in the Ship Tree, there are various details like stats, module slots and bonuses to look into. For starters, you should check the number of available slots at the upper right side of the ship window as well as the role bonus and other bonuses you can get out of the ship.

There are 3 basic slot types to check out: the high, mid, and low slots. The high slots house the main weapons of the ship such as lasers, railguns, cannons, missile launchers, and decomposers. This is where harvest equipment, remote shield boosters, and remote armor repairers go as well. Mid slots are the sub weapon slots and will be likely empty unless you purchase modules from the market. Drones and stasis webifiers are the most common modules for this slot although there are other component types that can be fitted.

Last, but not the least, are the low slots where various enhancement modules can be fitted it. These modules range from enhancing shields, armors, and weapons, as well as boost capacitor efficiency or even provide boosts to your ship’s speed.

Starting at tech level 4, ships will have additional modules available such as engineering rigs and combat rigs. These can further lead to a more customized build of your ship and can boost its efficiency even outside of combat.

3. Focus On The Modules You Need The Most

Beyond investment choices as far as ships go, everything that you can fit in your ship of choice should also be in accordance with a pre-established plan. With the sheer number of available options to choose from for each slot your ship has, it can be a challenging feat to mix and match different parts. Each ship, however, has a given role to begin with, as dictated by the set of bonuses it has.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the details to look into when you research on ships to acquire should center on its set of bonuses. Some ships offer bonuses to damage of specific primary weapon types but if you are more of an industry or business type pilot, then some ships offer boosts to delivery and yield as well. It is best to capitalize on what each bonus provides but then again, you are also free to compensate for what you feel your ship is missing, most especially in the case of military ships.

eve echoes modules

For the most part, choosing from among the array of primary weapon options is the easy part especially if one of the ship’s bonuses apply to a specific weapon. The choice of secondary weapons and enhancement modules may require some field testing and may even vary from one scenario to the next one. You will most likely obtain several MK1 modules from looting ships that you destroyed in pursuit of quests and bounties early on. As you engage in higher tier missions and battle with higher tech level ships, there is a chance to obtain modules of higher quality.

With regard to modules as well, their quality is indicated by the “MK” tags in their name in most cases. For the most part, you can fit any quality of a given module on your ship regardless of the ship’s tech level. What you should pay close attention to is the size of some components which can be limited to a ship’s capacity. For example, tier 1 to tier 4 ships typically only allow small weapons to be fitted. As such, you should not bother with [M] missile launchers yet until you obtain a big enough ship to lodge it onto.

While it can be a concern for some beginners as to what a perfect ship setup looks like, there are actually no perfect ships and module sets. As each player has a unique preference and general activities to engage in, which should be essentially unique, a perfect set of modules for one person should be different for another. In any case, if you are having a difficult time to decide on what the best setup is for your ship, you can always test out different combinations and mixtures of modules.

4. Be More Selective With Quests You Take On

If there is a specific feature in EVE Echoes that you would spend most of your time on, it is probably the quests from the news feed. Quests, like ships, follow a tier to classify their difficulty level. Although you can still accept quests of higher difficulty level regardless of the ship you are currently on, adhering to the minimum recommended ships will help raise your chances of clearing the uest at hand.

Quests are classified among basic, advanced, and expert difficulty levels. Basic quests are T1 to T4, advanced quests are T5 to T7, and expert quests are from T8 to T10. The tier level basically reflects the tech level of the ship recommended to take on the mission. Note that missions within the same tier or difficulty level may still have varying amounts of rewards, but as you accomplish more and more quests, you will come to get accustomed to the disparity of reward ranges from one quest tier to another.

eve echoes quests

Another important point to consider, most especially for battle-frenzied pilots, is that not all quests revolve around eliminating threats or engaging in bounties. There are naturally quests that cater more to the industrial and business aspect of the game and would require you to mine certain ores, or deliver certain goods. If your primary instinct is to immediately accept quests that offer a huge payout, then you might wind up having to abandon some of them midway. To be sure that the quest you take on is a perfect fit for you and your current ship, tap and hold on each quest to view its details and requirements.

Once you are ready to take on advanced quests (T5 – T7), click the drop down menu within the news page and select it from the choices. After hitting the refresh beside it, the array of quests you will see all belong to those tiers. Early on, it would seem that quests are infinite and that you can readily proceed to accomplish them one after another.

At some point, however, you will run out of quests. You should also consider refreshing the news page to have a new set of quests to take on, including some repeat missions. After refreshing quests, you will need to wait 30 minutes to be able to refresh the list again.

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You can also delimit the types of quests that appear on your feeds. Tap on the button at the upper left corner of the page to open a smaller window where you can tick on or off mission types. You can also choose to only accept high security or low security missions. Another important feature is being able to sort quests based on rarity and distance so be sure to take advantage of this feature to be a little more selective when it comes to taking on quests.

5. Patience Matters In The Market

As you continue to push for progress in EVE Echoes, relying entirely on loot will not suffice to give your ship the capabilities it needs to take on the ever-increasing challenge of the worlds around you. To start off, your ship itself will need to be parked and replaced with stronger ones from higher tech levels. This will help you conquer quests on higher tiers and begin to earn you higher amounts of rewards. Having a higher grade ship is not the end of it as well as you will have to secure higher quality modules for each available slot as well.

As a beginner, you are less likely to spend recklessly in the market and for good reason. The amount of Isk you will earn especially on lower tier missions will hardly suffice to get you all of your needs in one go. It takes a lot of grind regardless of what profession you choose to follow and beyond hard work to earn and save your monetary rewards, it is important to be patient as well when dealing in the market.

eve echoes market

EVE Echoes, much like its predecessor, offers a unique system where players largely, if not entirely control the economy, Supply, demand, and prices all rest at the hands of the general community and while there are recommended or bas costs for every merchandise you will find, actual prices hardly coincide with the displayed prices you see upfront.

Prices for merchandise in EVE Echoes change quickly and while most would be in close semblance with one another, you can chance upon really good deals that stray far from the average price listings. Depending on the immediacy of your need, therefore, you can opt to exercise a lot of patience instead and wait for a good deal to drop by. It may take some time but in a lot of cases, most especially for ships and modules that are on the upper niche of quality and pricing, it is certainly worth it.

Location can be a factor to consider as well when it comes to hunting for great deals. Buyers have various options as to how the trade is to be set. Interstellar delivery involves paying a fee for the merchandise to be deliver to an Interstellar Delivery Station chosen by the buyer. It is aptly convenient but given the number of available Interstellar Deliver Stations, it will may still involve a series of jumps and long distance travels for the buyer.

Regional Delivery is a more efficient method and will usually cost more fees as the buyer can choose an actual station to pick up the purchased goods. For those who want to save on delivery fees, there is always an option to pick the goods up yourself.

As you will continue to gain a lot of modules that you will not need for your ship, it is best to always consider selling them as part of your routine as well. Selling is not as clear-cut easy as in other MMO games and you will also need to dispose of unwanted modules at trading centers. Be sure to make a habit of clearing your inventory when you choose to pick some goods up after purchasing.

You will need every bit of obtainable Isk as you move forward in your pilot career anyway, so as much as you can, sell unwanted modules. In that regard, though, higher grade modules will have a chance of having a higher value dependent on New Eden’s economy. If you are bent more towards the business side of being a pilot, that is one point of consideration you would want to capitalize on.

6. Learn To Use The Star Charts

Early in your exploration, chances are that you will entirely rely on auto pilot to get you from point a to point b. While auto pilot is on, you can tap on the path progression bar under your shortcuts to check and edit the auto pilot options. By default, it will travel through star gates and systems following the shortest route and you may opt to go for the safer route or even its opposite. In almost all cases, this will be efficient but as EVE Echoes progresses further and more pilots jump into New Eden, you may have to make changes to how you travel.

The current situation in EVE Echoes surrounding Jita 0.9 is a perfect example of why you need to familiarize yourself with Star Charts and customizing pathways. Jita 0.9 stands as the best trading center in New Eden and is always heavily populated by players. There are occasional instances when you will not be able to enter Jita 0.9 and will have to wait until there is enough room for you to squeeze yourself in that region.

how to use star charts in eve echoes

If you have set up your base within that system, either accidentally or voluntarily, then it is best to transfer all your inventory to your ship on your next visit and set up camp elsewhere. If you are looking to purchase or sell something in a trading post within the system, then you can spam tap on the auto pilot button to try again and again to use a stargate to get inside of it.

The trouble is that as you take on different quests, you will be continuously jumping from one solar system to the next one and regardless of what path you choose to take on auto pilot, there are still plenty of chances that you will have to pass through Jita 0.9. As smash tapping away on the auto pilot button to retry entering the system may take a while, it is best to consider an alternative setup to your auto pilot pathway.

This is where using the Star Charts come in handy. Once you tap on Star Charts, you will be taken to a regional layout of New Eden. Tapping on any dot, which is a region, brings up a menu allowing you to look deeper into that region via the Region Map option. Within the Region Map, dots represent an entire solar system and tapping on each one will present you with a wide variety of options.

Among these options is a feature that will allow you to avoid specific solar systems so you can choose to avoid Jita 0.9 if you are only passing through it as you career towards completing missions, one after another.

Alternatively, on the Star Charts page, you can tap on the magnifying glass icon, type in the name of the solar system, choose it from the list if applicable, and choose to avoid it. Currently, this stands as the only reason for you to want to avoid a particular star system but later on, there are bound to be other reasons for you to want to map out unique paths for you to take.

7. Expedite Skill Learning If Needed

Another activity you will constantly keep tabs on as you venture through EVE Echoes, is skills training. Learning skills take time, by default, and the good thing about EVE Echoes is that you can queue in several skills you want to learn at a time. The queue limit is impacted by the total number of hours it would take to complete the training sessions rather than the number of training items lodges on queue.

In this sense, the most important factor to consider is the continuity of training sessions. Before going offline, make sure that you have training sessions in progress to last the entire duration of your time away from the game.

eve echoes skills

Reaching new pilot levels will earn you skill points that can be used to expedite or instantly finish a training session. While tempting and very handy, to say the least, keep in mind that as you reach higher pilot levels, it becomes much more difficult to earn more free SP. As such, it is only practical to save your earned SP for very critical training needs.

As an example, if you have a tier 3 ship and can complete all basic quests with relative ease, then there is not much need for you to expedite any training process. Once you have secured a tier 5 ship and am having difficulty completing advanced missions (T5 to T7), then that should be a predicament that justifies the consumption of SP to advance more of your skills.

This consideration works hand-in-hand with our strategy in our first guide about streamlining your skill learnings. If you want to focus on combat, then lodge military skills one after another in training. Perhaps, curiosity will prompt you to venture into other disciplines or you may have initially opted for a jack-of-all-trades pilot build, but for efficiency, especially considering the amount of time and SP you need to learn all the skills in a particular field, the best way to go is to specialize in one of the 3 given careers in EVE Echoes.

We have certainly covered a lot in both the beginner’s and advanced guides for EVE Echoes but, surely enough, plenty more tips and strategies are left to be discussed. As we continue to dive deeper into all corners of New Eden, we hope that this guide, as well as the previous one, has proven to be a great help to you and that you enjoyed reading it as well. If you have explored New Eden extensively enough and have chanced upon something we have not yet discussed in any of our guides, be sure to share your voyages with us through the comment area!