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Archero Weapons Guide: Best Weapons and Equipment in the Game

If you want a game with simple controls, easy mechanics, and satisfying action, then Archero is the one for you. This action game by Habby has been on the rise since its release and is continuing to be one of the most addictive games for mobile. With its rouge-like features and permadeath included, fans of these types of game features will definitely get to enjoy something more casual like this one on their mobile phones.

As the lone archer, you need to go through dungeons and defeat enemies in order to save the world. To do that, you need to have weapons and equipment. You’ll get to pick up these items as you progress in the game. However, there’s a variety of them and choosing which ones to use is essential in this game. In this Archero guide, we’ll give you a thorough look at all weapons and equipment. If you want to find out which weapons and equipment are the best, then you’re at the right place.

1. How To Get Weapons And Equipment

archero obsidian chest

Items can be obtained by purchasing chests and sometimes by enemy drops. Two kinds of chests are available in the shop, the Golden Chest and the Obsidian Chest. The Golden Chest can be opened for free once a day by watching ads, through keys, or by gems. The Obsidian Chest can be opened once a week by watching ads, through keys, or by gems. Opening the Golden Chest gives you a chance to obtain a Common or Great item. The Obsidian Chest on the other hand may contain a Great, Rare, or Epic item. Keys are given by completing stage rewards.

If you run out of keys or you have already used your free chance to open a chest, gems are the only option left. Gems can be collected in a number of ways. The most obvious way is through purchasing them with real money. If you don’t want to use real money in the game, you can progress further in the game and level up. Leveling up gives you 20 gems every time. You also earn gems through stage rewards. Another way is through the Lucky Spin, but it’s purely based on luck. You can do the spin several times if you’re offered to watch an ad. You can also buy items with gems through the Mysterious Vendor.

2. Rarities And Leveling Up

There are different types of rarities for all items in the game. Common (White) is the lowest quality of all weapons and equipment. Great (Green) is next, which is better than Common but not as good as the rest. Rare (Blue), as its name suggests, is an item that’s hard to come by and is a pretty effective weapon/equipment. Epic (Purple) is the most difficult to obtain when you open an Obsidian Chest and the most effective.

It is also possible to fuse items to make them even better. You can do this when you have three of the same items with the same rarity. After fusion, the item will upgrade to the higher rarity. For example, if you upgrade three Great Brave Bows, it will result in you having an Epic Great Bow. It also retains the level of the item that is the highest. If you fuse three of the same rarity where one item is Level 5 and the rest are Level 1, the item that will come out is going to be Level 5.

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There are also rarities that can only be obtained through fusion. Fusing three Epic items will result in a Perfect Epic (Purple with Gold Border). Fusing three Perfect Epic items will result in a Legendary (Gold). These items are very, very hard to get and will take a long time before you get your hands on them, unless you’re willing to purchase gems, of course.

Aside from upgrading rarities, you can also make an item better by leveling up using scrolls and coins. This makes the item stats better than the base stats that it already has. Each item has a corresponding scroll to it. There’s the weapon scroll, armor scroll, ring scroll, and spirit scroll. Scrolls are mostly dropped by enemies during runs and are very easy to get. The number of scrolls needed to level up increases each time you do it, so you’ll need a lot over time. You can also get random scrolls and coins through the Time Reward that you can collect every hour.

Upgrading an item’s level adds to its stats. On the other hand, upgrading to a higher rarity adds an ability to it. New abilities are added to your weapons/equipment up to Epic only. Further upgrading items into Perfect Epic and Legendary will only increase the base stats of an item. If you want to see what each of these abilities are for each weapon and equipment, keep on reading.

3. Weapons

Weapons give you attack damage. There are four weapons in the game with different abilities each. It is ideal to use the weapon you have with the highest rarity since it has the better stats. However, there will always be a weapon that is better than the rest. Weapons listed will be from most effective to least effective.


Tornado is a boomerang and is the best weapon in the game. Since it is a boomerang, it comes back to you unlike other weapons. It also has a built-in piercing effect meaning it goes through your enemies. Because of this, not only are you able to hit multiple enemies because of its piercing effect, you can also deal additional damage when it comes back to you.

Tornado stats for Common and Great are almost the same only differing in attack damage. Upgrading to Rare unlocks the ability Attack + 5%. When it reaches Epic, it unlocks the ability of increased damage as it returns to you.

Because the Tornado has the piercing effect, getting the Piercing Shot, Bouncy Wall, and Ricochet skills will make it less effective. With Piercing Shot, it already has this effect. With Bouncy Wall and Ricochet, it will reduce the damage it makes since it doesn’t go back the way it came from and not hit the same enemy twice.

Death Scythe

The Death Scythe is the next best weapon simply because of its heavy damage. It also has a knockback effect that pushes monsters away from you. The only slight disadvantage it has is its slow attack speed which can be taken care of by ability upgrades during a run. This weapon has the highest attack damage out of all weapons, so if attack speed doesn’t matter for you, this is your weapon of choice.

archero death scythe

The stats for Death Scythe for Common and Great are similar and only differ in attack damage. Upgrading the Death Scythe to Rare adds 5% to its Attack stat. Once it reaches Epic, it unlocks the ability of having a high chance to kill mobs with less than 30% HP.

The best skills for this weapon would be Attack Speed Boost, Multishot or any arrow adding ability, and Ricochet. Since this weapon makes powerful hits, having Multishot doubles that making it even more powerful. With Attack Speed Boost, as you already know, Death Scythe is slower than other weapons. Having this ability will greatly make up for its lack of speed. With Ricochet, although the damage dwindles down to enemies down the chain of hits, you’ll still be able to knock back a lot of them.

Brave Bow

The Brave Bow is an all-around balanced weapon. It has decent damage and attack speed. Like the Death Scythe, it has a slight knockback effect but not as strong. This weapon is a great choice if you want a balanced weapon. You can upgrade it with scrolls and coins to make its stats better. However, it still won’t be as effective as the Tornado or Death Scythe.

Brave Bow stats for Common and Great are similar but only differ in attack damage. Upgrading the Brave Bow to Rare unlocks the ability Attack + 5%. Getting it to Epic enables the ability of Crit Damage +50%.

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Since the Brave Bow is an all-around weapon, you can use the best skills with it like Multishot, Ricochet, and additional arrows to maximize its effectiveness. Once you have an Epic Brave Bow, you can start focusing on skills that increase your critical damage chances like the Crit Master.

Saw Blade

The Saw Blade is a serrated throwing knife and is the least effective weapon in the game. It has the highest attack speed out of all the weapons but also the lowest attack damage. If you want the best attack speed for your weapon, then the Saw Blade is the right one for you.

Saw Blade stats for Common and Great are almost the same with difference in attack damage. Upgrading the Saw Blade to Rare increases its attack by 5%. When Saw Blade reaches Epic, it unlocks the ability of increasing your attack speed for 3 seconds after entering a room.

Because the Saw Blade has low damage, the skills most suitable for it are ones that increase attack such as Attack Boost or any other skill that adds more to damage. This weapon could also be more effective if you upgrade it with scrolls and coins or if it comes with a better rarity. Remember, the better the rarity, the more effective it is.

4. Armor

Armor is responsible for your defensive stats and HP in Archero. They also each have different additional stats and abilities for each one. As mentioned previously, it is ideal to use the one with the highest rarity and continue leveling up that one until you find a better one.

Golden Chestplate – this armor makes your character don a golden knight’s armor. The Common and Great stats include Max HP stats and Damage Reduce + 5%. Once you upgrade it to Rare, you unlock the ability of adding 20% to healing. Upgrading it to Epic enables you to deal permanent flame damage to nearby enemies.

Vest of Dexterity – this armor is an assassin-style outfit and the most bad-ass looking one. The Common and Great stats include Max HP stats and Dodge +7%. Upgrading it to Rare unlocks healing effect of 20%. Once it reaches Epic, you get the ability to deal lightning splash damage to nearby enemies.

Phantom Cloak – this armor is an awesome looking cloak for your character. The Common and Great stats include Max HP stats and Projectile Resistance + 10%. Once you upgrade it to Rare, the effect of healing increases to 20%. Upgrading it to Epic enables you to freeze enemies that hit you and also deals thorn damage. Thorn damage means when an enemy gives you damage, that same enemy will take the same damage.

Void Robe – This armor is a robe from a demonic realm. The Common and Great stats include Max HP and Collision Damage Resistance + 10%. Reaching Rare unlocks the Healing Effect of Red Heart +20%. Once you get to Epic, you’ll be able to poison all enemies in the room.

5. Rings

Rings help you give additional damage to specific enemies. What’s good is that you can equip two rings at a time. Each ring targets a specific enemy type, so it’s definitely up to you which target you want to damage further.

archero fusion

Bear Ring – this ring gives damage to ground enemies. It has similar stats for Great and Common. Upgrading it to Rare gives you Max HP + 5%. Once you reach Epic, you unlock the ability to get 10% more coins from battle.

Falcon Ring – this ring gives damage to airborne units. It has similar stats for Great and Common. Upgrading it to Rare gives you Attack Speed + 5%. Upgrading it to Epic gives you 10% more coins from battle.

Wolf Ring – this ring gives damage to melee enemies. It has similar stats for Great and Common. Upgrading it to Rare gives you Crit Chance + 5%. Once you reach Epic, you unlock the ability to get 10% more coins from battle.

Serpent Ring – this ring gives damage to ground enemies. It has similar stats for Great and Common. Upgrading it to Rare give you Dodge + 7%. Once you reach Epic, you unlock the ability to get 10% more coins from battle.

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An effective combination would be the Bear Ring + Falcon Ring or the Wolf Ring + Serpent Ring. Since the Bear Ring covers ground enemies and the Falcon Ring covers airborne, you can cover all enemies on the field. It’s the same with Wolf Ring and Serpent Ring. However, you do have to consider their abilities once you reach Rare as that changes everything. If you want to have really high HP, you can go for double Bear Rings. If you use a weapon with slow attack speed like the Death Scythe, you can use double Falcon Rings. If you want a higher critical chance, use dual Wolf Rings. If you’re using the Vest of Dexterity, you might want to use two Serpent Rings to maximize the doge ability.

6. Spirits

Spirits are companions in the game that help you attack your enemies. You can equip two Spirits which makes it even better. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Spirits will be listed from most effective to least effective.

archero mysterious vendor

Laser Bat – this spirit is a one-eyed bat and is the best companion in the game. Although its damage isn’t the best, it can shoot its laser through walls. Levels are random and you’ll never know when you’ll encounter one with a lot of obstacles. Having the bat with you will make sure that you hit an enemy that’s behind a wall.

Scythe Mage – this spirit is like a smaller version of the grim reaper. Its attacks have a piercing effect on enemies but can’t get through walls. This spirit is most effective when you have a lot of enemies on a chapter. Its attacks are very effective and has a high damage but becomes weak in stages with obstacles.

Living Bomb – this spirit looks like a ghost holding a bomb. It tosses bombs at enemies and deals splash damage. Because of that, its attacks tend to ignore walls and obstacles. However, the downside of this spirit is that its attacks are very slow which is very weak against enemies who quickly.

Elf – this spirit looks cute but is also deadly as it fires projectiles at your enemies. They have fast attack speed, but their attacks don’t pierce enemies like the Scythe Mage, go through walls like the Laser Bat, or deal damage to multiple enemies like the Living Bomb. They only attack one monster at a time making them ineffective when attacking groups but better when attacking bosses.

Upgrading their rarities have all the same effect. Common and Great have almost the same stats of their own attack damage. Rare adds the Own Crit + 20% ability. Once you reach Epic, you add 10% to their attack damage.

And this wraps up our Archero best weapons and equipment guide. Remember, the combination of each weapon and equipment greatly matters in your survival in this game. Think carefully which ones you’ll equip and which ones you’ll upgrade. We hope this article helped you figure that out. If you have additional thoughts, please don’t hesitate to drop a line at the comment section right below.

Daniel DeChurch

Monday 30th of March 2020

Why isnt the "stalker staff" listed? I was curious of how it ranks


Thursday 9th of January 2020

He didn't mention a knockback effect of the Daggers. They are super useful.


Wednesday 1st of January 2020

Serrated dagger fav weapon, havent tried new ones tho. But when you learn move and shoot its perfect whit that high speed and lots of enemies. Plus ofcourse ricochet + bouncy + multi


Thursday 12th of December 2019

Just found out that my favorite (serrated dagger) weapon is programmed to be the weakest one of all... :(


Tuesday 12th of November 2019

Which would you pick, epic bow or rare boomerang?