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World War Doh Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Outsmart Your Enemies

World War Doh is a brand-new card-based real-time strategy game for Android and iOS. Developed by Jam City, the same studio that brought the world countless favorites on mobile such as Futurama – World of Tomorrow, and Family Guy – The Quest for Stuff, World War Doh combines card-based combat with real-time strategy and pits players against combatants from all over the world.

Built from the ground up for fast-paced real-time PvP action strategy, World War Doh offers players plenty of depth and customizability with dozens of unique units and upgrades. While the gameplay mechanics of World War Doh is simple to learn and easy to pick up, it also has a steep learning curve at higher-level play. If you’re just starting out or want to improve the way you play the game – and maybe rank up on the leaderboards – then check out our World War Doh beginner’s guide, as it comes with a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies to help you rise to dominance.

1. Know Your Cards

There are dozens of cards to collect in World War Doh, each with their own unique stats and combat abilities. Right from the start, players are given a set of starter troops. These basic units – front-line infantry, a guy with a flamethrow, a school of walking piranhas, and more – will get you through the first few levels, but once you start engaging in combat with other players, things will get complicated. In order to help you build your own strategies, one of the most important things you can do as you start playing World War Doh is to get to know as much as you can about the cards available to you. By reading up on each unit’s stats, strengths, and weaknesses, you’ll know how to use cards better.

world war doh troop

Make sure to take a look at your deck every once in a while and read through the information page available for each card type. Get to know how hard your soldiers hit, and how much damage they can take before dying. Figure out attack ranges, deployment times, and Doh costs. The more you get to know your troops, the more effectively you’ll be able to lead them in battle. Combining different effects and different units effectively is key to succeeding in World War Doh, especially at higher levels of play.

Just like in the real world, knowledge is power. The more you know about your units – and the more you know about your enemies’ units – the more you can take advantage of your own strengths and your enemies’ weaknesses. You don’t have to study the game mechanics too extensively (after all, it’s just a game), but any and all knowledge you gain is a step in the right direction.

2. Getting To Know The Card Types And Strategies

In World War Doh, cards and units adhere to specific strategies that dictate their roles in combat. That means that cards not only have different stats – health, damage, attack range, etc. – but they also have different roles. These roles determine what they prioritize in combat. Do they focus on eliminating the enemy commander? Do they make a beeline for your enemy’s structures? Do they stay stationary and target units within their proximity? To find out a specific unit’s card strategy, go into the Info (i) page for the card you want to read about, and check it out.

world war doh card types

With five different card strategies, players can mix it up or adhere to a single directive. Either way, the way you play is up to you, but it’s important to know how these strategies work and how to use them effectively. The five card strategies in World War Doh are:


Arguably the most essential strategy, blockers provide your units with protection to help them survive longer on the battlefield. While most players don’t usually stack more than one type of blocker – like the ever-popular Safety Dome available at first level – blockers are necessary for most strategies, as it helps Commanders grab Doh and Air Drops more consistently without becoming interrupted.

Free For All

The backbone of any army, Free For All units are typically versatile damage-dealers that strike at any and all enemy targets within range. Cards with the Free For All strategy will most likely be the most common units you come across in the field. While they will focus down enemy commanders who stray to close, Free For All units will target whichever enemy is closest to them. Simple and straightforward, mastering the Free For All strategy is a must for anyone who wants to start dominating the World War Doh leaderboards.

Siege Tactics

Built to lay waste to enemy structures, cards with the Siege Tactics strategy will ignore other enemy units, including Commanders, so long as there is an enemy structure that still stands. Players gain access to the basic Siege Tactics card – Rex – almost immediately when they start playing World War Doh, and even more Siege Tactics cards as they level up and progress through the game. While structure destruction isn’t necessary to victory, depriving your enemy commander of Healing and Rage while forcing them to play more defensively is what makes Siege Tactics cards extremely worthwhile.


In low levels of play, Support cards are rarely seen. These cards support your Commander and his units by providing healing, buffs, and/or other effects to improve your army’s effectiveness and longevity on the field. In higher levels of play, supports are essential. When played effectively, supports have the capacity to make an army hit a lot harder and live a lot longer, provided that players know when and how to use them.


Disruptors are generally left to more seasoned players, as their card strategy demands in-depth knowledge of units and effects, as well as the experience necessary for effective control and timing. Disruptors are cards with special abilities that are designed to disrupt, disable, or momentarily render harmless a number of high-powered cards. If you’re aiming for the big leagues of World War Doh, then figuring out how to use disruptors effectively is the way to go.

3. Unlock New Cards

Since World War Doh is a game that’s all about tactics and strategy, one of the things that all new players should focus on is expanding their army. Players start with a handful of useful soldiers, but the starter set provided isn’t always effective, and almost never efficient. While the starting cards open up players to all kinds of different strategies and mechanics, these cards also don’t synergize very well, leaving players to feel like they can just deploy whatever, whenever.

how to unlock new cards in world war doh

Once you get to know your cards – not just by reading about them but by seeing them in action through your battles – you’ll start to get a feel for how different unit types work together and how they should be used. When that happens, you’ll start to feel that different kinds of cards would fit your strategies better.

Unlocking new cards will take time and patience (and some skill, of course). Cards in World War Doh are locked according to your League tier, which is dictated both by your skill level and how much you play. While not fundamentally “stronger” than lower-tier cards, these unlockable high-tier cards often come with unique mechanics and effects that can make or break a strategy. Unlockable cards can be viewed from the Deck tab, so you can read up about cards you want to aim for.

Need something to turn that enemy Rex into a blob of jelly? Aim to unlock the Discombobulator Ray card and lay waste to your enemies. Want a unit that can rush towards the enemy and close the distance to deal massive damage upfront? Then aim to unlock Barbarix and recruit her into your army.

With so many cards and unique effects in World War Doh, there are countless strategies and combinations for players to discover. The best part is that players unlock cards naturally as they play, and sometimes, they can spend their coins at the shop to buy new cards in bulk.

4. Level Up Your Commander

If World War Doh was a game of chess (which, admittedly, it’s similar to, but much more fun and fast-paced) then Commander is sort of like your King. The game is over when either player’s commander dies, so no matter how strong or effective your units are, they’re only as effective as your commander can be.

how to level up the commander in world war doh

Leveling up your Commander makes him more effective in both leadership and combat. While they start with a high health pool and have access right from the start to Healing and Rage, leveling up your Commander makes him even stronger. However, unlike units, Commanders can’t be leveled up as soon as you have enough cards and enough coins. In order for Commanders to gain rank, their soldiers have to rank up alongside them.

Commander experience in World War Doh is referred to as Power. Power increases by a small amount each time you upgrade your units. Once you have enough power, as denoted by the maximum in the Power bar in the top right corner of the World War Doh main menu, you can then expend Commander card copies and coins to level him up.

Commanders are such a crucial part of the game that you should level them up as soon as you can. If you have card upgrades available, make sure you upgrade even the cards you don’t plan on using because they’ll still increase your power and level up your Commander faster.

5. Join A Club

World War Doh may be entirely centered on player-versus-player, but that doesn’t mean you can pick up some friends and allies along the way, too. One of the most worthwhile features of World War Doh is the Club system, which lets players join and create communities of up to 50 members.

world war doh club

Of course, the benefits of joining a club are that you can meet and chat with people who are also interested in the game, probably to discuss strategies and tactics, but in case you’re really interested in that, it doesn’t stop there.

Joining a Club opens a player up to new events and more rewarding opportunities. The most prominent feature is the Club Chest, which gives all Club members massive rewards for attaining a certain number of victories. Each member can contribute to these victories, and the rewards are definitely worth it.

It costs nothing to join a club, so the return on investment just for joining one is infinite. Join any of the open player clubs or create your own, and play any way you want to play to get periodic rewards and access to Club-only events.

6. Run The Tower Of Loot

The Tower of Loot is one of the most fun mechanics in World War Doh, and it’s extremely lucrative, too. Once a day, players can run Tower of Loot and climb levels while picking up coins, Dohbloons, and even cards along the way. Each level, there’s a chance to run into the Red Commander, upon which you lose your rewards unless you pay a price in Diamonds (or watch an ad), and then you can keep going to get even better loot. At any time during the Tower of Loot run, players can choose to exit the tower with all of their loot in-tow.

world war doh tower of loot

The Tower of Loot is fun enough that if you don’t really have the time to play, the Tower of Loot can still give plenty of rewards for as little a time-investment as possible, and it’ll always be available every day, for free.

7. Always Open The Air Drops

We’ve talked about how important cards are, and since cards only get stronger with coin, we know how important coin is, too, in World War Doh. In all your matches, you have a chance to spawn and pickup an AirDrop – basically, it’s a chest that contains a number of random goodies depending on the type and rarity of the AirDrop. These range from common (cardboard) to epic and even legendary-tier which offer massive rewards.

world war doh air drops

However, these Air Drops don’t open by default. Instead, players can stash up to four different Air Drops at a time, all of which are visible from the main menu. Players can then choose to start opening each chest, which takes a definite amount of time depending on the AirDrop. The most common ones take only a few minutes to open but contain fewer rewards, while the rarest one could take hours, or even days to open, but gives players rare loot and greater rewards.

The timer keeps running even when you’re offline, but you can only be opening one chest at a time, so make sure you’re always opening an AirDrop. You get a chance to grab an AirDrop almost every game, and since you can only have four of them at a time, keep the loot flowing by opening them as they come.

8. General Tips And Strategies

You are now equipped to go from beginner to expert in World War Doh, but to help smooth things along, here are a few tips and strategies for players of all levels:

Take Control of Your Commander

If you lose your Commander, you lose the game, but with his high health pool and maneuverability, you can keep your Commander alive by using precise moves. Your towers are equipped with defensive turrets, so a low-health commander can always retreat to his structures.

world war doh tips and strategies

Some abilities and cards have noticeable areas of effect, so take control of your Commander to dodge and weave through enemy fire. With proper Commander control, players can achieve victory even against higher-level players with more powerful armies. In World War Doh, skill beats grind.

Save Your Doh For Something Big

Instead of deploying single units as soon as you have enough Doh to do so, try saving your Doh to deploy combinations of units at the same time. For example, with max Doh, you can deploy a Siege Tactics card, a Support Card, and probably a couple of Free For All troop cards to deploy an attacking force that would be far more effective than any of these units individually.

Don’t Let The Enemy Take What’s Yours

Since you can see everything that’s going on on the battlefield, make sure you take advantage of the information available to you. Enemy Commanders who are making a run for the Doh supplies are vulnerable while they do so, and it’s usually worthwhile to deny them those resources. Contest these points and don’t give away resources that should be yours.
Remember The Main Objective

If you want to win, remember how to win: by defeating the enemy commander. Most of the time, it seems more logical to take on enemy forces and structures before committing to killing the enemy Commander, but there can also be opportunities to defeat the enemy outright if they find their Commander in the wrong position.

9. Grab The Extravagant Pass

world war doh extravagant pass

If you like the game, grab the Extravagant Pass! It doesn’t cost too much, and it gives so much value for the price tag. If you want to cut your grind by a mile, the Extravagant Pass makes progress faster and more efficient, while at the same time giving you access to a bunch of premium features and cosmetics. The Extravagant Pass also supports the developers of World War Doh, so if you like the game and want to see it grow and get even better, then it’s a worthwhile purchase.

And this wraps up our beginner’s guide for World War Doh. If you happen to know additional tips or tricks, feel free to drop us a line in the comments below!