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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff – PeterPalooza Update Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is a game we have featured in the past, and it’s an Android and iOS title from TinyCo. According to the story of the game, Peter Griffin has accidentally destroyed Quahog, and it’s up to you to save the city, playing as your favorite characters from Seth MacFarlane’s long-running animated series. You will be creating your own Quahog, one so good it “fits enjoyably in your pants,” unlocking outfits for Peter and the rest of his family and friends, and decorating your town with a number of Peter-centric items. Oh, and you’ll also have to deal with “pirates, evil chickens, and other invasions.”

The game’s latest update introduces PeterPalooza, a festival based on the popular Lollapalooza alternative rock festival. Now, your job is to reveal a “mystery music hater” who’s out to sabotage PeterPalooza, and make sure the festival goes on without a hitch. It’s going to be a big one alright, with the likes of Avril Lavigne, Alice Cooper, Snoop Dogg, Weird Al Yankovic, Deadmau5, and even Rick Astley confirmed to participate. So with that said, let’s bring you to the meat of the matter, which is our list of Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff cheats, tips and tricks for the PeterPalooza update.

1. Collect Glowsticks To Unlock The Performers

That’s apparently the task at hand – catch the Greased-Up Deaf Guy by holding a music festival with all the aforementioned artists covering various genres…and generations. And when it comes to unlocking these musicians, you’ll have to collect glowsticks and guitar picks, which you’ll then use to “unlock more stuff,” the stuff here being Avril Lavigne, Snoop Dogg, and everyone else confirmed to play.

2. Here’s What You Should Do When Looking For Glowsticks

When trying to make it through the early goings in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff’s PeterPalooza update, you’ll have a much easier time if you look for those toads. They’re a great way to secure yourself some glowsticks, and they also help you in completing the first few quests. Hit on “Go” while on a quest, and you’ll be directed to a toad which you can then tap to squash.

3. Unlock The Musicians, Here’s How

Avril Lavigne is PeterPalooza’s first performer, and you’ll have to fix her seating arrangement, and go around town to collect the above mentioned glowsticks, guitar picks, and also some hockey pucks. You may have some trouble collecting the hockey pucks, but not so if you’ve got Lois, Herbert, and Bruce unlocked. Unlocking the Canadian rocker allows you to unlock most of the other “stuff,” so you’ll want to focus on Avril before everyone else.

4. Collect Stuff To Let The Concert Begin

As the performers hit the stage and play their music, fans would flock to the stage and you can win some prizes. But they won’t play unless you collect more, er..stuff. Tap on the concert stage and you’ll find out what each performer needs in order to play their set in front of Quahog’s adoring fans. Hit “Start” when you’ve found all that they need, and wait for your rewards to come along when they finish the show.

5. You Can’t Have A Concert Without The Fans

With more fans you get better rewards, and each concert is different from the other. Tap on the stage after the concert begins to view the requirements, and take note of the timer – this will tell you how much time you have to bring some people over to watch.

6. Perform An Encore

If you’ve been watching concerts for a while, you’ll know the unwritten rule – there’s got to be an encore. Once a musician plays their first concert, tap on the stage to check what you need for an encore performance. Fulfill those requirements and pick any performer that’s available.

7. How To Get Even More Glowsticks In A Hurry

As you may have figured, glowsticks are the main form of currency in PeterPalooza, and you’ll want a lot of them, not to twirl around, but rather to unlock stuff with. Be on the lookout for the Neon Scorpion and Neon Rhino; they release 25 and 100 bonus glowsticks respectively each time you collect. The catch here is that you’re going to need to pay some clams upfront, but the scorpion and the rhino both pay for themselves in the form of glowsticks.

8. How To Redeem The Stuff You Won

See the big red guitar with a ton of merchandise underneath it? The one with flashing lights and all the swag located onstage? That’s the Festival Merch Crafter, and that’s where to go if you want to see which prizes are available to redeem. For example, Week 1’s swag included a Polar Bear Shark, Makeover Meg (you’ll need this costume so you can complete most of the early quests),and different decorations. You can get Makeover Meg for 300 clams, though you can also get her for free if you’ve got 350 glowsticks and 400 guitar picks. Also make sure to hit on the “GET” button if you want to craft some merchandise.

9. Be Aware That Peterpalooza Won’t Last Forever

Like a lot of other Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff specials, PeterPalooza won’t be around forever. It’s going to expire on Thursday, September 17 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT. Content needs to be unlocked by that time if you want to keep them.

Don’t see your favorite (or one of your favorite) artists among the available musicians? Never fear, as TinyCo typically releases new content every week.

10. Make Sure You’re On The Latest Version

This may sound like a no-brainer, but just as a reminder, you can only play PeterPalooza if you’re using the game’s latest version. It’s currently available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, so download it, install it, wait for Snoop Dogg to tell you to restart the game, and voila – you’re all set for the hottest summer music festival, at least in the Griffins’ hometown of Quahog.