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Combo Knights Cheats: 5 Killer Tips & Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

InAppin’s new mobile game Combo Knights promises a unique experience for RPG fans. Instead of “repetitive, complicated, (and) boring” RPGs, this game won’t ask you to login to the Internet and won’t secretly require you to spend money in order to be successful. All you have to do is keep on tapping, may it be to attack or to defend, or to string together combos you can then unleash on your enemies. You can choose which stats you want to upgrade as you fully customize your hero to your liking (read on for the caveat), and when it comes to collecting items, they’re all applied automatically to a hero. Lastly, collecting five artifacts would earn you a fight with the ultimate boss, and if you beat him, that’s it – you win the game.

If this does indeed sound like a different and interesting way to play RPGs, we advise you to stop and check out our list of Combo Knights cheats, tips and tricks for some easy success.

1. Make Your Hero As Balanced As Possible

Combo Knights stresses simplicity as a selling point – your hero has only three stats, namely attack power, health, and critical damage. As you’ll level up quickly and do so quite often, you’ll have lots of chances to improve your stats; try to make your hero balanced across the board when upgrading those three stats. Blue upgrades are more impressive than the green ones, which only seem to offer average to below-average upgrades.

2. Use Your Coins To Upgrade, But Prepare To Spend More Over Time

As you would in other RPGs, you’ll have a lot of chances to naturally collect more coins. Interestingly, you’ll have to exit the game, reopen it, then go to the character select screen if you want to spend coins on an upgrade.

Inconveniences aside, your first upgrade will cost you only a hundred coins, with each one costing you another 50 more – that’s 150 coins for the second upgrade, 200 for the third, and so on.

The caveat we told you about earlier is that each time you upgrade, you’ll get a randomM stat boost. When upgrading through coins, one attribute gets boosted at random, and sadly, you don’t have any control over that.

3. Buy New Characters

It is possible to buy new heroes on top of the ones you already own for free. And you can have them complete previous levels – grinding, in gaming jargon – so you can level them up and upgrade easily. But don’t get excited by the stats you see before you buy the character – those are their Level 300 stats, and once you buy them, they’ll start right at the beginning, at Level 1.

4. Play In The Raid Area For More Goodies

The raid area eventually becomes available after you’ve played the game for some time – this feature introduces elements of MMO gaming into the mix. Aside from grinding older levels, you can play in the raid area for more gold, XP, and stats.

5. Stay Alive

There are some chapters in Combo Knights that are harder than others to complete. But if you’re having trouble with them, the option to grind is always there. You should also be careful not to get killed, because if you do, you’ll have only one chance to revive yourself by watching an ad video.