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Magic River Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips for Unlocking New Items and Getting a High Score

Magic River is another one of those iOS/Android casual titles from Ketchapp, an endless game where your goal is to move through the river without hitting any obstacles. In the developer’s traditionally succinct style, Ketchapp also tells you that you can explore different locations as your boat drifts down the river, and that you can collect gems so you can unlock new characters and new boats.

Sounds easy enough? As is often the case with these games, the premise is very easy. There are no bells and whistles to complicate things for you, as all you have to do is to float down the river and make sure you don’t hit any obstacles along the way. But that’s easier said than done, and you may want to check the following Magic River cheats, hints and tips to help you score more points and unlock more new items.

1. Understand The Tapping Mechanic

Tapping your phone or tablet’s display would change the direction your boat moves. It’s very simple, but the mechanic can also get quite frustrating. One wrong tap may mean the end of your game – you may end up crashing against an obstacle if you tap at the wrong time, so keep practicing until your timing’s down pat, and preferably practice with both thumbs – right thumb turns right, left thumb turns left.

2. Look Far Ahead

When navigating your boat, one thing you should always remember is to look as far ahead as you could. Seeing far ahead of you would allow you to know when to tap, and know when not to tap. Do this so you can plan ahead and be prepared for the potential consequences of your next move(s).

3. Go Straight For As Long As You Could

Now, if you don’t tap on your display, you’ll just go straight ahead. You may want to go straight without tapping for as long as possible. As long as there aren’t any obstacles in your way, you can earn anywhere between three to ten points.

4. You Can’t Do Anything With The Gems Yet

This is a fairly new game from Ketchapp, and because of this, you really won’t be able to do anything with the gems. But Ketchapp, being a reputable and well-known maker of mobile games, is sure to roll something out soon and issue Magic River’s first update – that’s when you’ll be able to buy new characters and boats, as promised, with those gems.

5. Unlock New Characters

Fortunately, if you’re looking to unlock a new character, you can go on missions and complete them. Don’t expect these characters to add anything to the gameplay, such as power-ups or special skills. They offer nothing more but cosmetic changes, but if you’re bored with your original character, you can always buy yourself a new one and see if that freshens things up for you. Regularly check the missions menu to see what’s next in line for you; only one mission shows up at a time, which means you should go back to the menu once you’ve completed it.