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Candy Bubble Pop Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: 6 Tricks You Need to Know

TopTeams’ Candy Bubble Pop (iOS, Android) is a bubble-popping puzzle game that’s not unlike many others in this genre. Basically, it works by popping a set of bubbles with one of the same color, which sounds pretty easy in principle. Same with making sure that you don’t stack bubbles so far that you reach the end of your board. But the game will always be there to make this more challenging than it looks. There’s no fun, after all, if every set of same-colored bubbles could be popped each time you launch a bubble.

Bubble poppers are among the most popular types of puzzle games out in the mobile gaming space, together with Match 3 titles. Now, you may be new to the genre, which is the reason behind these Candy Bubble Pop cheats, hints and guide for first-timers to bubble popping.

1. Make Sure Your Finger Extends To The Bubble When Swiping

Launching bubbles is easy – simply swipe your finger towards the direction of the target. But you won’t always be able to let loose with your desired shot, or successfully hit your target if you launch the bubble, if you don’t swipe your finger towards the target and only let go of your screen once your finger is right next to the target.

2. Aim With Accuracy To Enter Double Score Mode

If you’re able to pop at least one bubble for several moves in a row, the game will go into its own version of Fever Mode – that’s Double Score mode. Each bubble you launch that pops others of the same color will be worth twice they normally would be, though this mode ends or exits when your streak has been broken and you aren’t able to pop any bubbles.

3. Take Your Time

There are no time limits in Candy Bubble Pop, so you’ve got all the time in the world to ensure you’re aiming the bubble properly and choosing the right targets.

4. Beware The Changing Colors

Once you’ve reached Level 10 or so, there will be times when the bubble you’re about to launch changes colors while you’re aiming your shot. This could throw some players off, so always keep your eye on the bubble so you can change your trajectory if it does change color while you’re aiming.

5. If You Can’t Find A Bubble Match, Then Launch Your Bubble Strategically

Let’s say you’re set to launch a gold bubble, but can’t find any bubbles of the same color to pop. Try launching it in such a way that it lands near a huge cluster of red bubbles, for instance, so when you’re ready to pop the red ones, the stray gold bubble could drop down once the red ones are popped.

6. Watch Ad Videos And Do The Time Lapse To Get More Lives

When you fail a level, you’ll sometimes have a chance to watch an advertisement video. Go ahead and watch the video till the end – it’ll only take 30 seconds of your time – and you’ll get the life you lost right back. You can also tweak the time on your device and move it a couple hours forward – this is the tried and true time lapse cheat that would allow you to get all your lives back without having to wait a while.