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Pocket Platoons Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: 8 Killer Hints for Surviving the Battle of Normandy

En Masse Entertainment’s Pocket Platoons is a war game set in World War II, where you can draft your own army of soldiers, tanks, machine guns, and artillery. Like in other games of this kind, there’s a lot of battle strategy involved, and you can train your troops and upgrade/defend your base from the enemy. There are more than 180 missions as you take part in the Battle of Normandy, and you can train up to 29 combat units, each of which can be customized based on your preferred playing style. You can have a lieutenant handle your army, collect blueprints to make better weapons, and defend your base (as we said above), as you fight as either the Allies or Axis. Aside from tower defense elements, there’s also a real social element here, as you can invade the bases of other players and match tactics in PvP battle.

Despite the cutesy-looking animation, Pocket Platoons is serious mobile war gaming. And if you’re having difficulty planning your strategies, or, for that matter, learning the game, we have got a quick Pocket Platoons cheats and strategy guide you can refer to at any time.

1. Check The Defenses Of Your Enemies

Your battle strategy should always include a certain level of scouting – when in battle, check your enemy to see how their defenses are stacking up. Tap and hold units to see their stats; you are able to check everyone’s power, defense, accuracy, and a variety of other stats. Once you’ve gotten done scouting, you can then look for those low-defense units and focus weaker attacks on them, and use your strength in numbers (if applicable) to deal with the tougher ones. You wouldn’t want to have units with low health points to open fire on an enemy that is able to counter-attack.

2. Turn Order Is Very Important

If you see several small yellow diamonds adjacent to each unit’s name, that’s the indicator that will determine your turn order. You should always look for that number and keep it in mind for all units, may it be your own units or those on the enemy’s side. This would, in simpler terms, allow you to focus your gunfire on high-damage enemies and get rid of them before they can wreak havoc – nipping things at the bud, in other words.

3. Be Aware That Base Troop Management Is Paramount

The only troops you can deploy on the battlefield are those you can see from your base camp. And if you don’t have much room for new units, you have your share of choices – you can free space by discharging units, or create more fields so you’d have more room for your good guys.

Deploy soldiers from your inventory if you want to reactivate them. And feel free to discharge units completely if you feel their services aren’t needed anymore; you won’t get all your resources back, but you’ll at least get some of them.

4. Tanks Do As Their Name Suggests

In RPGs and MMOs, a “tank” refers to the gaming parlance for characters with high HP ratings. The tanks in Pocket Platoons, of course, are actual ones, and they serve a similar purposes, blocking the way and giving units a place to seek cover from the enemy onslaught. But is it always a good idea to do this? We say nay. Sometimes the enemy could have mortars that can deal out damage to any surrounding units. And with that in mind, you want to avoid placing your infantry soldiers behind your tanks if you don’t want the enemy to score an epic attack on you.

5. Get More Powerful Units, Here’s How

This can be done by completing elite-mode battles that are free to repeat at any time. Take note, though, that they’ll only be available once you complete the fifth skirmish in a campaign, and that the difficulty level in these battles is way off the charts. You’ll win blueprint pages as a reward, and you’ll then have to collect all of the pages and combine them in such a way that you’ll be able to add some special units to your army. These ultra-difficult battles can be grinded, so there really is a lot to look forward to from these seemingly impossible missions. (They are possible, though!)

6. You Can Re-Roll Your Bonus Stats

When a unit receives a medal (through gaining levels, that is), that unit automatically gets statistical bonuses. These bonuses come at random, but you have a choice to re-roll the bonuses in hopes that they come out more to your favor. These will cost you some gold, but if you get the stat boosts you want, it’ll be worth it.

Take this example – you may want your rifleman to have better offensive skills, such as increased power and accuracy. But if you get additional HP instead, you’re free to pay a fee to re-roll the bonus skills. And as a bonus tip, pun definitely not intended, you can hold out for medals that will give your units more than just one bonus. That’s because when you upgrade them later on in the game, you can make your units into virtual juggernauts, or at least something close to that. You can also use a Reissue Medal to re-roll after a medal has been applied – these medals are found in the store, or can also be acquired in the course of the game.

7. Formation Counts In Siege Mode

Siege Mode is a neat way to earn more gold, XP, ranking points, resources, and other goodies – your units will have to face multiple enemy waves, and once you survive those waves, you can get some nice rewards. It helps to deploy as few units as possible if you want to get a higher Siege Mode score.

8. Use Obstacles To Your Advantage

Obstacles can be your best friend in most occasions, operative word most. Some units, such as artillery and snipers, use indirect fire, which means they can target your units even if they’re under the cover of an obstacle. Always tap enemy units to see more details on their stats, and use your own indirect-fire units to take out those of the enemy.