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64 Games – Super Max Adventure Cheats: 4 Stunning Tips & Tricks Every Player Should Know

Does Hao Games’ 64 Games – Super Max Adventure remind you of anything? Or should we say, anyone? Of course it does, because the main character and the game’s mechanics are virtually identical to Super Mario. Though, if you look at the game description, and not the game’s images and videos, you probably wouldn’t know it. According to game’s story, Super Max is a super hero of fantastic magic world, just like the Oscar star in Hollywood. The game supposedly combines the classical gameplay of retro games, all of which are super famous, and own ten millions of fans around the world.

Regardless whether you’ve got experience with the Super Mario franchise or not, we suggest reading our compilation of 64 Games – Super Max Adventure cheats, tips and tricks if you’re just starting out and feeling your way through the levels.

1. Play It Safe And Practice

One rule of thumb you should always live by in this game is to play it safe. Don’t try to play the hero so often – yes, you are under time pressure, but in the opening levels you’ll have more than enough time to complete the levels. Analyze the situation before making your next move, and be sure you aren’t risking your lives for coins, or trying to knock off too many enemies, e.g. slugs or snails. A conservative approach is the best way to go in Super Max Adventure, especially since the controls, we admit, can be very frustrating.

Speaking of those controls, we advise you to keep practicing until you get the gist of the controls down pat, until you’re able to time your moves right, based on the movements of the game’s enemy characters.

2. Make Good Use Of Your Power-Ups

There are a few power-ups you could gather in Super Max Adventure, but the most common in the start would be the burger power-up – incorrectly spelled as “burge” in the game description. This allows you to become bigger and jump higher, while needing to come in contact twice with an obstacle or an enemy before losing a life, instead of once. You can find power-ups typically by jumping on the squares with golden smiley faces on them, so get them if you see them.

3. How To Regain Lost Lives

The game will ask you if you want to pay gold coins to regain a lost life, but we’d advise only doing this if in tougher situations, and not the early levels. You can also wait it out as your lives regenerate automatically. But this game, as of this writing, still allows for use of the time lapse cheat. Simply advance the time on your device by at least 30 to 45 minutes and you’ll be able to get some, or all of your lives back without having to wait.

4. Grind Previous Levels

Need more coins or gems? We would best advise you to replay previous levels, or grind them out – this is a nice and easy way to add to your currency, may it be standard (coins) or premium (gems), though definitely more on the standard part.