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Candy Block Cheats & Tips: 4 Tricks to Get a High Score

Looking at the title alone, SG Technology’s Candy Block (Android) might sound like a Match 3 title unlike Candy Crush. But looking at its sample photos, there won’t be any prizes for those who guess where the game is based on – Tetris. But it’s actually Tetris with a bit of a twist – the game’s mechanics are dynamic, and we will be explaining that in a bit. Other than that, there isn’t really much to infer from the game’s description, which contains several odd word choices and little explanation of what makes this game different from Tetris and its other variants.

If you’re new to these type of games, you should read on by all means. Now, if you’re a Tetris veteran, you might want to check this out too – our Candy Block cheats, tips and tricks for getting a high score.

1. Pay Attention To The Game’s Dynamic Changes

When you start playing Candy Block, you’ll only have two pieces to work with – the orange piece with two blocks, and the dark blue piece with three blocks in a straight line. There will also be an arrow moving constantly in the middle of the board, one which we suggest you should ignore at all costs. That’s going to allow you to get a high score right off the block, one in the 4,000-point mark or higher. But just when you think you’re all set, you’ll have to think again – more pieces get introduced, though the arrow does disappear eventually. That’s going to lower your score in most cases as you adjust to the new setting, but it all comes with the territory. Practice regularly as you get accustomed to the new pieces and you’ll be beating out your “getting to know you” scores (the ones you may have achieved when you only had two types of pieces) in no time.

2. The Board Fills Out By Itself, But You Don’t Need To Worry

This another area where this game differs from the average Tetris-based title – you’ll notice gray lines forming from underneath, making things more challenging as they fill out the board automatically, from the bottom. The best way to get rid of these lines is with the neon green piece – one solitary block that seeps through other blocks, thus allowing you to easily clear lines in the lower part of the board.

3. Take A Break

This is probably the simplest and most useful tip we can give you – in our years of playing games of this kind, we’ve seen that it’s much better if you take a break from the action every now and then. Maybe a 30-minute break in between sessions would help, because you don’t want to be making frustration or fatigue-related errors, which could add up in a hurry.

4. Play The Game Without Ads

Another simple tip, but in these games, you want to play ad-free as much as possible. Of course, you should play every now and then with your Wi-Fi or cellular connection on, because that’s the only way the developer can earn. But it happens quite a lot here – clicking on an ad while maneuvering the blocks around. That could throw one off their game, so if you’re really gunning for a high score, we advise you to play with your Internet connection off.