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Party of Heroes Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: 5 Killer Hints You Should Know

Kongregate’s tactical RPG Party of Heroes is currently available for iOS and Android mobile platforms, and like in other role-playing games, you’ll start by creating a team of heroes that you believe would have the best chance of surviving against the monsters; that means taking note of everyone’s abilities and mastering them. It doesn’t say how many heroes you can choose from, but there are a lot, and this game features some other hallmark mechanics in the RPG genre, such as the ability to train, upgrade, and fuse your units, and the chance of finding “legendary” gear to boost your heroes’ stats. There’s also little information about the game’s storyline, but Kongregate describes it as “deep and engrossing.”

Those are the basics of the game, but what if you’re just starting out here and not quite sure what to do? Never fear – our Party of Heroes cheats and strategy guide is just what you need if you’re a newbie to this game.

1. How To Get Some ‘Money For Nothing’

To quote the classic song, you’ll be getting “money for nothing” simply by upgrading your mines. And we mean it – you can just leave the mines as-is, preferably when you’re about to go to bed for the evening, and collect the gold when you wake up. Of course, you need somewhere to store that money, and if you run out of space for the coins, you can always upgrade your Treasury to expand your storage.

2. Upgrade The Other Buildings Too

It’s not just the Treasury you should be upgrading. For instance, you can upgrade your Tavern so you can get higher-level heroes you can invite to your team. And there are far more buildings you can upgrade, all for the good of your team.

3. How To Get More Resources

Why should you grind, or repeatedly play and replay campaign battles? Well, you’ll be needing some special resources so you can level up certain buildings. And campaign battles are the only place where you can find them. Also, do as what’s said if you want to earn a resource that requires you to master a certain level. Duel mode, likewise, allows you to do more than improve your rank; if you win consistently, you can get some nice rewards in the process, including additional resources.

4. Other Benefits Of Stage Mastery

Stage mastery has other benefits aside from giving you resources you may need at certain points in the game. You can also master stages if you want free gems – the game’s premium currency.

5. Save Your Potions For When You Really Need Them

Potions are great to have around, but you’ll need them the most when you’re dealing with an especially hard-to-beat boss. If you have an especially effective potion, hang on to it until you’re in a battle that you previously lost because you just couldn’t take out that nasty, ornery boss. Potions won’t do you good if you use them against an easy-to-defeat boss or group of enemies.