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Calibria: Crystal Guardians Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Achieve Glory

Calibria: Crystal Guardians is the newest RPG from Mars Game Hong Kong, developed for iOS and Android platforms. An exciting and unique addition to the hybrid card-based RPGs for mobile, Calibria: Crystal Guardians offers tons of new gameplay elements and introduces over 200+ heroes across multiple factions. Level up your heroes and form effective teams as you do battle against demons and protect the Calibria Crystal, a symbol of hope and sacred power to your people.

In Calibria: Crystal Guardians, players can give command to hundreds of heroes, each with their own unique abilities and traits. These heroes also synergize together to form unique combinations and implement diverse strategies and tactics. With a player base having just broken over 100,000+ users, the race is on to collect and select the best and most powerful heroes, to push forward the story-driven campaign as well as compete with players around the world to see who stands tallest in the game’s ranked Arena. With so much competition and literally hundreds of heroes to collect and upgrade, we came up with a detailed Calibria: Crystal Guardians beginner’s guide, including tips, cheats and strategies, to help players get started in this exciting new RPG. So without further ado, let’s delve into our Calibria: Crystal Guardians beginner’s guide!

1. Focus On Character Progression

Calibria: Crystal Guardians encourages players to progress through the world and unlock more and more stuff as they and their heroes get stronger. While most RPGs encourage the opposite – others want players to savor the different experiences during the leveling process – Calibria wants its players to get as strong as they can as fast as they can, so they can get to the best rewards and unlock all of the game’s content.

calibria crystal guardians character progression

Character progression in Calibria involves leveling up heroes to attain more power, which will then allow players to progress through the game’s world and overarching story. Progression also involves finding and equipping more powerful gear and runes, as well as spending Calianite (the in-game currency) to enhance equipment as well as heroes. For the fastest way to level up and get stronger in the game, follow these tips and tricks:

Finish Your Starter Perks

Starter Perks are Calibria’s tutorial missions. While they’re in the game to introduce players to various game mechanics, features, and options, the Starter Perks also reward players handsomely for their time and effort. Even for doing the most basic tasks – like opening certain menus, perusing features, or doing things you would normally be doing anyway like leveling up heroes and battling monsters – the Starter Perks reward players with Gems (premium currency), experience, energy, and so much more.

calibria crystal guardians starter perks

If you’re just starting out, doing all the Starter Perks is a quick way to give yourself a decent boost towards higher-level play. Make sure you finish all of them as fast as you can so you can be eligible for the Super Pack reward, which is doubled if you finish within the time challenge. The timer starts when you first start playing the game, so good luck and godspeed.

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Follow Your Growth Plan

Since growth and character progression is such a big deal in Calibria: Crystal Guardians, the devs put in well-thought-out and brilliantly-implemented game system for rewarding players for their time and commitment.

calibria crystal guardians growth plan

The Growth Plan in Calibria works similarly to a Battle Pass in most games, except it’s completely free with no “Premium Track” that puts a paywall between you and your loot. The Growth Plan simply outlines certain tasks for you to do, like quests – Collect 5 Runes, Reach Level 5, Upgrade a Hero to Level 10, etc. – and then gives you rewards for accomplishing them. These rewards are definitely much more than what simple battle can offer.

The Growth Plan is nearly limitless and will continue to provide players with tasks and goals, as well as ever-increasing rewards. Every time you finish a set of tasks in your Growth Plan (referred to as a round), you’ll immediately be given a new set of tasks which are more difficult, but often much more rewarding.

How To Level Up Fast

how to level up fast in calibria crystal guardians

Apart from the Starter Perks and the tiered rewards you get from your Growth Plan, there are also several widely-known (and some not-so-widely-known) tricks to leveling up faster. If you want to get your characters as far into the game as possible and in as little time, then check out these tips:

Use Your EXP Cats

EXP Cats are pseudo-heroes that can you sacrifice to give your actual heroes a massive amount of experience, allowing you to level them up in almost excessive quantities. Gained as a reward for a handful of quests, and sometimes (although rarely) as a drop from battle, EXP Cats, if you have enough of them, are the de facto fastest way to level up, bar none. However, considering their rarity, EXP Cats often serve simply as a boost to help characters get within proper fighting ability, and will rarely be used to max out a brand-new hero.

Pop Your EXP Booster

calibria crystal guardians exp booster

Gained as a reward from a variety of quests and achievements, EXP Boosters are items that increase your experience gained from various sources. If you want to level up your heroes fast but do it in the traditional way – battling monsters and doing quests – then the EXP Booster will help you get there with far less effort and time investment.

Run The Quick Level Quest

A popular option for new players who are just starting out but want to get their favorite hero strong enough to lead the rest of his party, the Quick Level Quest is definitely the way to go. To attempt the quest, simply go into the Quest (available from the Main Menu), then select the Fight tab, and choose the Quick Level quest.

Not only does the quest give heroes a massive amount of experience, but it also rewards players with powerful gear and an EXP Booster to help them along towards higher-level play.

Pair A High-Level Farmer With Low-Level Heroes

This may be a little advanced for newer players to pull off, but if you’re already well into the game and just want to level other heroes more efficiently, then this strategy will do the trick.

Most players place high-level farmer heroes in groups with low-level ones, and then take the party to combat where the farmer hero does all the work and the experience is split among the party. Farmer heroes can include anyone with lots of area-of-effect DPS skills, but if you have them, we recommend the Lich King, the Spider Queen, and the Angel of Death.

Get Free Pack Codes

calibria crystal guardians free pack codes

Of course, one of the fastest ways to level up is to gain access to the game’s rarest and most powerful heroes. While this part is mostly RNG, you can improve your odds of getting good heroes by taking advantage of free pack codes which are usually available from the Calibria developer’s social media pages like on Facebook.

2. Battle Strategies

Now that you know how to gain strength and acquire power in Calibria: Crystal Guardians, it’s time to introduce you to the game’s mechanics and strategies. Despite being heavily farming-oriented (gaining experience, acquiring gear), the game isn’t all about bigger numbers. With its turn-based combat, its wide variety of skills, and different hero/faction synergies, even a low-level party can take on overwhelming odds if they play their cards right.

calibria crystal guardians battle strategies

Although strategy and tactics are rarely needed in lower-level content, they are absolutely essential once you get to higher levels, particularly in the player-versus-player Arena. If you’re struggling to come up with a battle plan, or want an edge over the leaderboard competition, here are a few strategies and tricks to help get you started:

Mix And Match Hero Types

There are four main Hero types in Calibria: Crystal Guardians. These are the Attack heroes, Defense heroes, Assist heroes, and Tank heroes. True to their names, Attack heroes are focused on dealing high amounts of damage and are typically well-suited for offensive roles. Defense heroes are outfitted with stats and skills to provide the party with defensive buffs and abilities. Assist-type heroes focus on keeping the party alive and effective with a variety of healing effects and buffs, as well as keep enemies weak and vulnerable. Tank heroes are designed to take massive amounts of damage, sacrificing offensive capability for crowd-control effects.

calibria crystal guardians hero types

If you want to succeed in Calibria: Crystal Guardians, its important to mix and match hero types to create a well-rounded party. A group consisting purely of Attack heroes won’t fare well when up against tanks and healers. Conversely, a group of Defense heroes might not be able to output enough offense to finish the enemy off before their own defenses run out. Make use of various hero types and combine them with other types to form a party that is effective and efficient.

Choose The Right Captain

calibria crystal guardians captain

Heroes in Calibria: Crystal Guardians come with their own unique set of skills and abilities, but on top of that, each of them also shines when put into the role of leader, or Captain. Apart from how they perform in battle, Heroes also affect others around them when they take the lead of the party. Some heroes may embolden allies with increased health or speed, while others may provide the party with a defensive boost.

Take into account what makes your party strong, and what it is weak against, and choose the best Captain to highlight those strengths and eliminate those weaknesses.

Pick The Best Skills For Your Heroes

calibria crystal guardians skill tree

The heroes of Calibria may have access to a wide variety of skills, but players can only choose to equip a handful of these abilities into battle. Depending on what your party needs, make sure to select the skills that make your party more effective as a group. If you find your heroes always dying to enemy AoE attacks, maybe you can swap out one of your heroes’ offensive abilities for one that provides a team-wide defensive buff.

On the other hand, if your party has plenty of damage already rendering some heroes not very effective, maybe you can swap out their skills to be more Utility-focused instead.

Max Out Your Best Heroes First

In Calibria: Crystal Guardians, not all heroes are made equal. Apart from their Hero Type, heroes in the game are classified according to rarity, as denoted by the number of stars in their character info page. The bread and butter of your parties, especially at lower levels, might consist mostly of 3-star heroes, but at higher levels of play, 4-star and 5-star heroes dominate the playing field with their innately higher stats and generally more powerful skills and abilities.

how to max out heroes in calibria crystal guardians

That said, even among heroes of the same star-level, there are those that shine and there are those that are outshined and outclassed. Check out this tier list (updated Feb 28, 2020) for some of the most powerful heroes to get your hands on.

3. Hero Tier List


S-Tier A 5-Star Assist Hero, Selene is arguably one of the best healers in the game. Having Selene in your party has been proven to be the difference between victory and defeat in a lot of cases, as she outclasses almost any other healer in the game.

Elven Queen

calibria crystal guardians elven queen

S-Tier Another 5-Star Assist Hero, the Elven Queen is a well-rounded hero that excels in almost every role. She has excellent offensive capabilities, the capacity to shield and protect allies, and even has healing abilities that can rival that of Selene. As a Captain, the Elven Queen also increases the resistance of the entire party.


A-Tier A 4-Star Assist Hero, the Druid is extremely versatile and well-rounded. With the power to deal damage, dispell enemy buffs, and slow enemies, and increase the speed of his allies (when Captain), the Druid is a popular pick that has helped many players through the more challenging levels of Calibria.


A-Tier Una, as players may know as the elven girl who shows players the ropes in the in-game tutorial, is a 4-star Assist Hero that sees plenty of use in high-level play thanks to her unique ability to prevent enemy healing for a time. Una can also dispell buffs from enemies, making her one of the best heroes to use against a Healing/Buff focused enemy,


A-Tier A 5-Star Attack Hero, the Dragoon is a fearsome combatant capable of outputting massive amounts of damage while staying healthy and alive with his naturally high defenses. The Dragoon is also capable of dispelling magic and stunning enemies, giving him enhanced utility and usefulness in any role.


A-Tier Despite being only a 3-Star Hero, the Windwalker is a must-have Assist Hero, especially for players who want to farm content. While moderately powered in terms of offense and defense, the Windwalker shines with its unique ability to heal and recover energy for allies, allowing them to stay alive longer and use their abilities more often.


A-Tier A 5-Star Attack Hero, the Archmage is capable of dishing out some of the highest damage numbers in the game. He also has access to plenty of area of effect attacks, including Freeze which is one of the few skills in-game that can disable enemy parties entirely.

4. Choose The Right Runes

Runes are Calibria’s version of gear and equipment. Instead of outfitting your character with weapons and armor (they already have that, obviously), you enhance their capabilities by equipping them with magical runes that provide various magical effects. These runes boost character stats, and when combined properly, can grant powerful set bonuses as well.

calibria crystal guardians runes

Using runes, players can improve hero statistics such as health, power, defense, etc. Make sure to choose the right runes for the right heroes depending on the role they play in your party. Tanks and Defensive heroes will need more health and defenses, while your offensive Attack heroes might make better use of speed and attack than increased survivability.

5. Master The Faction Mechanic

calibria crystal guardians faction mechanic

With Calibria’s Factions mechanic coming into play at mid- to high-level content, gameplay becomes deeper and complexity increased, but in a good way. All of the heroes in the game belong to a certain faction, and each of these factions interacts with others in different ways. Simply, faction bonuses and disadvantages are calculated below:

Lawful Faction

Signified by the color Green, Lawful Heroes receive a bonus when fighting against Evil, and a disadvantage when fighting against the Chaotic.

Chaotic Faction

Depicted in the color Yellow (or Orange), Chaotic Heroes receive a bonus when fighting against the Lawful, and a disadvantage when fighting against Evil.

Evil Faction

Represented by the color Magenta, Evil Heroes receive a bonus when fighting against the Chaotic, and a disadvantage when fighting against the Lawful.

Light and Dark Factions

Of opposite ideals and beliefs, the heroes of Light and the heroes of Dark both receive a bonus when fighting against the other.

There you have it! This ends our beginner’s guide for Calibria: Crystal Guardians. In case you have discovered other tips or strategies, that we haven’t included in this guide, feel free to let us know by leaving a message in the comment area!