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Calibria: Crystal Guardians Tier List: Best Heroes in the Game

Calibria: Crystal Guardians is one of the newest team-based RPGs available for iOS and Android devices. Developed by Mars Game Hong Kong, Calibria: Crystal Guardians is an enticing new mobile title that combines popular card-based and idle elements to offer a unique gameplay experience. With tons of content and over 200+ heroes available for players to recruit, train, and equip, Calibria: Crystal Guardians is an epic adventure waiting to unfurl.

In Calibria: Crystal Guardians, players are tasked to form squads of legendary heroes to fight the evil and demonic forces who are after the power of the Calibria Crystal. Each of these heroes has access to a unique repertoire of abilities, and represent the world’s factions. In order to face challenging encounters and overwhelming odds, players must implement unique strategies to overcome their adversaries. Calibria: Crystal Guardians is enjoyed by over 100,000+ players from all over the world, each vying for fame and glory as they cooperate towards the epic campaign, or compete against each other in the Arena.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians is an epic RPG with a lot to offer, and with over 200+ heroes to choose from – each with different traits and abilities – it can get a little overwhelming. Throw in the game’s deep mechanics and combat systems – faction advantages and trait-based skills, for example – and even some of the most experienced gamers might get confused, let alone newer players. Upgrading Heroes takes time and effort, too, and few things come close to being as disheartening as realizing you just spent all your materials on a hero that doesn’t really perform well in its role.

If you’re the kind of player who a) wants to know which heroes their time and effort is best spent improving, b) likes to min-max heroes and teams for optimal combat effectiveness, c) looks for unique skills and combinations for their playstyles, or d) all of the above, then we’ve prepared this Calibria: Crystal Guardians tier list just for you.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians Tier List Overview

Before we get into the details, here are a few things to take note of. First, a lot of things can influence a Hero’s power and effectiveness in Calibria: Crystal Guardians. Level, equipment, runes, skills, and even faction plays a huge part in determining who wins and who loses in battle. This Calibria: Crystal Guardians tier list classifies some of the most powerful Heroes available in the game, but that doesn’t mean they’re so completely broken that the mere presence or participation of these heroes is enough to decide a battle. Of course, experience, skill, synergy, and even luck could allow for a team of weaker Heroes to win against a team composed purely of S-rated Heroes.

calibria crystal guardians team

That said, the classification system we’ve tried to employ in this Calibria: Crystal Guardians Hero Tier List tries to rank each Hero not according to their base power levels when you first get them, but rather according to their power potential, or how much more powerful can they get with enough effort and investment. For example, some S-Tier heroes may perform poorer than other, lower-tier heroes in the beginning, but have far more end-game potential compared to others that may fall-off at later stages.

Calibria: Crystal Guardians also lets players enjoy several game modes, which include the main PvE campaign and events, but also the PvP Arena, Guild Missions, Challenge Levels, etc. Each of these game modes varies wildly from one another – each requiring different strategies and combinations of abilities – and therefore, Heroes that are high performers in one game mode may be poor or average in another.

Generally, however, the rule of thumb is that powerful Heroes are powerful regardless of game mode, but depending on the Hero and the game mode, your mileage may vary. This Tier List is based mostly on the PvE elements of the game, but should also roughly reflect how powerful they are in other aspects of the Calibria: Crystal Guardians, as well.

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Finally, we’d like to specify that this Tier List for Calibria: Crystal Guardians will only include the top two highest rarity levels in the game – Natural 4-Star and 5-Star Heroes – with the exception of a few 3-Star Heroes that offer too much utility to pass up. The choice to include only these rarity levels was made based on the observation that in higher-tier gameplay, especially in the Arena, very few people employ Heroes lower than Epic-rarity. Instead, Heroes that are Rare, Uncommon, and Common are often used as fuel to empower other, higher-rarity heroes to improve their abilities.

If you want to know more about Calibria: Crystal Guardians or learn about a few handy strategies, tips, and tricks to getting started and getting better in the game, don’t forget to check out our Calibria: Crystal Guardians beginner guide aimed at new and intermediate players.

Now, without further ado, here’s our take on the best and most worthwhile heroes in Calibria: Crystal Guardians!

S-Tier Heroes

Heroes with game-changing abilities and nearly godlike stats are extremely rare, but in most cases they’re a welcome addition to any party or team. These are the S-Tier Heroes who bring to the game some of the most powerful abilities and output some of the highest damage numbers available. S Tier Heroes are widely regarded as the ultimate Heroes available in the game, but sometimes receive flak for being “broken” or “overpowered”.

S-Tier Attack Heroes

Eve – 5-Star Hero

eve calibria crystal guardians

Eve is arguably one of the strongest – if not THE strongest – ATK Hero in the game. With powerful Team buffs and enemy debuffs, Eve is a core Hero to some of the most effective team compositions in Calibria. Build her with ATK, CrDmg, and ATI.

Hades – 5-Star Hero

hades calibria crystal guardians

Locked behind a paywall, Hades is notorious among players for being an absolute broken beast on the battlefield. If you paid good money for Hades, then don’t worry. He’s God-tier in just about every single game mode, and if you like steamrolling the competition, then he was worth every cent.

Joan – 4-Star Hero

joan calibria crystal guardians

With a powerful AoE nuke and ATK Down debuffs, Joan is an excellent farming Hero that excels in PvE as well as in the PvP Arena. For maximum effectiveness, build her around ATK, CrDmg, and ATI.

Lich King – 5-Star Hero

lich king calibria crystal guardians

Hands down the best farmer in the game, the Lich King is equipped with a variety of abilities that make him a welcome addition to any party. His unrivaled AoE damage makes him the best option for farming even the most challenging levels with unmatched speed. His third-tier abilities also make him useful in the Arena, particularly when it comes to defending and keeping his team alive. Build him with ATK, CrDmg, and ATI.

Loki – 5-Star Hero

loki calibria crystal guardians

With his Mind Control abilities, powerful ATK Up buffs, and access to Freeze and Untargetable, Loki is highly regarded as one of the best ATK heroes in the game across every single game mode. If you want a hero that can carry you through all of the game’s content – be it PvE or PvP – then Loki is the way to go. Build him with ATK, CrDmg, and ATI.

Lucifer – 5-Star Hero

lucifer calibria crystal guardians

Another Hero that excels in just about every game mode, Lucifer shines because of his powerful ability to reduce an enemy team’s Max HP. Particularly useful against boss fights and in the Arena, Lucifer can make quick work of even the tankiest team compositions. Build him with ATK, CrDmg, and ATI.

Spider Queen – 5-Star Hero

spider queen calibria crystal guardians

Outclassed only to the Lich King in terms of farming ability, the Spider Queen is an extremely versatile ATK hero with AoE damage and the unique ability to ignore enemy defenses. Build her with ATK, CrDmg, and ATI, and pair her up with a team that makes full use of Cleave to maximize her potential.

Zeus – 5-Star Hero

zeus calibria crystal guardians

The ultimate Boss fighter, Zeus’s repertoire of abilities makes him one of the best picks if you’re looking to take on the most challenging levels in the game. While his versatile kit makes him effective in just about anything, his capacity to deal increased damage to enemies the less HP they have makes him a must-have for fast boss-fight runs. Build him with ATK, CrDmg, and ATI.

S-Tier Tank And Defense Heroes

Asura – 5-Star Hero

asura calibria crystal guardians

Asura boasts the highest damage output out of every other tank in the game, and his ability to withstand damage also outperforms quite a few of them. Hard-hitting and hard-to-kill, Asura is the go-to Tank hero for any composition. Build him with SPD, DEF, and HP.

Valkyrie – 5-Star Hero

valkyrie calibria crystal guardians

Great damage and even better survivability. Valkyrie is a popular Tank hero that can carry teams through almost all of the game’s content. While her abilities are strong enough as they are, what makes Valkyrie truly shine is her unique Revive ability, which lets her bring fallen allies back to life in the midst of battle. Build her with SPD, DEF, and HP.

Monkey King – 5-Star Hero

monkey king calibria crystal guardians

Tanky and versatile, the Monkey King achieves god-tier status thanks to his 100% chance to proc stun. In many cases – PvE, Arena, challenge levels, Catacombs, what have you – that 100% stun could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Build him with SPD, HP, and CrDmg.

S-Tier Assist Heroes

Dao Lord – 5-Star Hero

dao lord calibria crystal guardians

Dao Lord is one of those Heroes that excels no matter what game mode you put him in, and no matter how you build him. Unlike other Heroes that shine thanks to one or two of their available abilities, Dao Lord kicks ass with any of his abilities equipped. No min-maxing needed, but if you want to see just how effective he can get, build him with SPD and HP.

Elven Queen – 5-Star Hero

elven queen calibria crystal guardians

Arguably the best buffer-type Assist hero in the game, Elven Queen is a good addition to any team composition. With team buffs, shields, immunities, and even Invincibility, Elven Queen works well with just about every other hero in the game. Build her with SPD and HP.

Medusa – 5-Star Hero

medusa calibria crystal guardians

Versatile and effective, Medusa’s abilities make her an excellent choice in just about all aspects of the game. Focusing on weakening the enemy instead of buffing allies, Medusa can help make even the most difficult levels achievable even without an optimized team or fully-leveled heroes. Build her with SPD, HP, and Hit.

Mikhael – 5-Star Hero

mikhael calibria crystal guardians

Perfect for farming teams, but also the ideal Leader Hero for when you want to get in as many skills and hits in as possible before your enemy even as a chance to react, Mikhael drastically ups the effectiveness of any team he’s on thanks to the 33% SPD buff when he’s the leader. Build him with SPD, CrDmg, and HP.

Selene – 5-Star Hero

selene calibria crystal guardians

One of the best healers with a great Revive ability, Selene is the ultimate defensive assist hero with big abilities geared towards keeping the team alive. Build her with SPD and HP.

Succubus – 5-Star Hero

succubus calibria crystal guardians

With ATK Up for the team and DEF down for the enemy that lasts three turns, the Succubus makes even the hardest levels a little trivial, particularly when she’s built optimally. Build her with SPD, HP, and Hit.

A-Tier Heroes

S-Tier Heroes may be in a league of their own, but due to their relative rarity and steep upgrade curve, most players will have compositions made up of A-Tier Heroes. Excelling in their respective roles of Attack, Defense, and Assist, A-Tier Heroes are some of the most powerful Heroes in the game, and with enough time and resource investment, they can carry players through the most difficult content with ease.

A-Tier Attack Heroes

Angel of Death – 4-Star Hero

angel of death calibria crystal guardians

If you don’t have access to the legendary Lich King, then the Angel of Death will see to your farming needs. One of the most popular AoE farming Heroes, the Angel of Death is a great farming option for newer players. Build her with ATK, CrDmg, and ATI.

Archmage – 5-Star Hero

archmage calibria crystal guardians

The Archmage’s unique Reflect ability makes him one of the best counter Heroes to take into just about any game mode. Build him with SPD, CrDmg, and ATI, and take him to the Arena to see if you can turn other players’ most powerful abilities against them.

Enchantress – 5-Star Hero

enchantress calibria crystal guardians

Enchantress has some of the highest base stats in the game and coupled with her strong energy reduction abilities, she can turn even the most well-thought-out enemy team compositions into cattle for her allies to play with. The energy reduction doesn’t work in some game modes like Lair or Catacombs, but she’s still a top-tier pick in every other game mode. Build her with SPD, CrDmg, and ATI.

Mountain King – 5-Star Hero

mountain king calibria crystal guardians

With his abilities, the Mountain King is capable of dishing out strong burst damage or cycling his turns to give him extra utility on the field. Build him with ATK, CrDmg, and ATI.

A-Tier Tank And Defense Heroes

Dragoon – 5-Star Hero

dragoon calibria crystal guardians

A powerful Hero in his own right, the Dragoon truly shines in combat encounters where he can basically disable an enemy’s ultimate abilities. Most useful in boss levels and in the PvP Arena, the Dragoon is a capable fighter that can Dispel debuffs and render even the most powerful enemies useless. Build him with DEF and HP.

Popo – 5-Star Hero

pop calibria crystal guardians

When it comes to damage over time abilities, Popo is King. With his abilities revolving around dangerous amounts of Bleed, Popo is best used in the Arena where his damage potential is incredible. Build him with a mix of SPD, DEF, and HP.

A-Tier Assist Heroes

Athena – 5-Star Hero

athena calibria crystal guardians

With a powerful ability to lower team cooldowns, as well as the ability to command her allies to cast their first-tier abilities all at once, Athena is a powerful combatant and support hero. Build her with SPD and HP.

Druid – 4-Star Hero

druid calibria crystal guardians

While other heroes are “well-rounded”, the Druid is best described as just having so much of one kind of utility – defense. With DEF Up, Cleanse, Heal, Dispel, and Energy gain, the Druid excels in parties with lots of DEF Heroes who are made considerably more durable thanks to his kit. Build him with SPD and HP.

Una – 4-Star Hero

una calibria crystal guardians

With excellent team buffs all around, Una is an excellent starter choice for increasing the effectiveness of your entire party. Build her with SPD and HP.

Windwalker – 3-Star Hero

windwalker calibria crystal guardians

One of the few 3-Star heroes to make it to this list, Windwalker has the unique ability to give extra turns to your best heroes. Essential for most farming builds, pair Windwalker up with heroes like Lich King, Spider Queen, or Angel of Death to speed-farm levels in Calibria. Build her with SPD and HP.

B-Tier Heroes

Although statistically on-par with A-Tier Heroes in terms of raw numbers and power levels, B-Tier Heroes find themselves outclasses because of their situational nature. Although, in theory, they could equal or even outperform other Heroes, the situations in which they achieve this performance are rare and easily countered. Still, in the right compositions, these B-Tier Heroes are still entirely capable of pushing through the game’s most difficult levels. However, unless these Heroes fit into unique strategies for your team composition, we recommend investing your resources towards A-Tier Heroes instead.

B-Tier Attack Heroes

Boxer Mui – 3-Star Hero

boxer mui calibria crystal guardians

Tanky enough for even the most challenging content, Boxer Mui’s abilities make her an excellent choice for boss-fights and encounters with powerful enemies. Use her ATK Down and DEF Down abilities to make enemies vulnerable, and clean up with the rest of your team. Build her with SPD and HP.

Flame Spirit – 4-Star Hero

flame spirit calibria crystal guardians

Although not as innately powerful as other attack heroes on this list, the Flame Spirit, when used effectively, can surpass even S-Tier heroes. In unoptimized team compositions, the Flame Spirit underperforms. However, in the right team, Flame Spirit can dominate PvE and the Arena. Try building a team composed of Windwalker, Una, a Tank/Healer, and two Flame Spirits to see this hero’s full potential. Build her with ATK, CrDmg, and ATI.

Holy Swordsman – 4-Star Hero

holy swordsman calibria crystal guardians

Holy S.Man is an effective B-Tier Attack Hero under the right circumstances but is typically outclassed by other, more versatile heroes. Holy Swordsman shines against high-DEF heroes and is arguably the best counter to enemies stacking defense. Build him with ATK, CrDmg, and ATI.

Lumi – 4-Star Hero

lumi calibria crystal guardians

With a chance to proc Freeze, Lumi could have been A-Tier thanks to her stats and abilities. However, due to the relative unreliability of her Freeze debuff, we consider her a B-Tier Attack hero with niche capabilities. Build her with SPD, ATK, and HP.

B-Tier Tank And Defense Heroes

Abyss Lord – 5-Star Hero

abyss lord calibria crystal guardians

While generally not an ideal pick as Defense hero, the Abyss Lord is exceptionally effective at dealing with enemy Dragoons in the PvP Arena. In PvE, Abyss Lord deals moderate damage and has strong enough survivability to make him viable, but he’s widely regarded as the best way to deal with pesky Dragoons in the Arena. Build him with SPD, DEF, and HP.

Arthur – 4-Star Hero

arthur calibria crystal guardians

Arthur’s excellent stats make him the ideal choice for controlling the battlefield in your favor. With abilities that proc Taunt, ATK Down, and DEF Down, Arthur would be a great choice if he wasn’t outclassed by other DEF Heroes higher up on this list. In any case, Arthur is particularly effective in the Lair game mode. Build him with SPD and HP.

Pharaoh – 4-Star Hero

pharaoh calibria crystal guardians

A very well-rounded Tank, Pharaoh doesn’t excel in any particular situation and has average stats and abilities. However, he still sees lots of use in almost any game mode thanks to his Shield. If you need a little extra survivability, bringing Pharaoh onto your team could achieve precisely that. Build him with full HP runes.

B-Tier Assist Heroes

Holy Cleric – 3-Star Hero

holy cleric calibria crystal guardians

You get this Hero at the start of the game, and for new players, she makes excellent support. Due to her rarity level (3-stars) she’s pretty easy and straightforward to upgrade, and her utility can take players all the way through to mid-game. You’ll be keeping Holy Cleric for a while, but don’t be afraid to replace her once you have stronger Heroes available to fit her role. Build her with SPD, HP, and Hit.

Necromancer – 5-Star Hero

necromancer calibria crystal guardians

The Necromancer is an assist hero that’s a great choice for beginners. He performs pretty well in most game modes, and although his damage output isn’t something to clap about, he’s a relatively safe option that gives players steady progress. Build him with SPD, ATK, and HP.

Whisp – 4-Star Hero

whisp calibria crystal guardians

With her very versatile ability kit, Whisp is a worthwhile hero to invest in. With moderate damage abilities, and the capacity to heal, shield, boost, and dispel debuffs on her allies, Whisp fits into any team composition. Build her with SPD and HP.

C-Tier Heroes

These C-Tier Heroes, while technically still powerful as higher-rarity Heroes, are simply outclassed by other Heroes in their rarity-level, making them not the ideal choice for devoting valuable materials and resources to upgrade. However, they’re still 4-5 Star Heroes, so they’re still powerful in their own right and will most likely perform better than lower-rarity options. With enough investment and proper synergies, C-Tier Heroes are more than capable of getting past even the most challenging levels.

C-Tier Attack Heroes

Fallen Angel – 5-Star Hero

fallen angel calibria crystal guardians

We wish Fallen Angel was a little higher-up on this Tier List. He’s not necessarily weak, but his abilities are definitely situational. He’s S-Tier when it comes to Levi 10, but most players will find that he severely underperforms in just about every other game mode, save maybe for Arena where he’s only okay. For Levi 10, build him with SPD, CrDmg, and HP, but if you insist on taking him into other game modes, make sure you focus your team composition on SPD which he benefits from greatly.

Vampire – 4-Star Hero

vampire calibria crystal guardians

Powerful in some situations, and practically useless in others, the Vampire is definitely a niche pick and performs differently depending on your team as well as your enemy’s. Build him with SPD, ATK, and HP.

C-Tier Tank And Defense Heroes

Destruction Idol – 5-Star Hero

destruction idol calibria crystal guardians

Take him into high-level PvE and you’ll notice that Destruction Idol isn’t nearly as good as the other tanks in the game. However, in PvP, Destruction Idol is one of the most difficult heroes to deal with. Used by a lot of players to climb the leaderboard and maintain their rank, a well-built Destruction Idol is god-tier. However, if you don’t plan on playing PvP, there’s no reason to choose him over the other tanks mentioned in this list. Build him with full HP runes.

Iron Heart – 5-Star Hero

iron heart calibria crystal guardians

This situational tank excels in the Arena and Lair game modes but performs poorly everywhere else. If you’re struggling to get past the lair or want an advantage in PvP, an effective Iron Heart can get you there. Build him with full DEF runes and see the difference.

C-Tier Assist Heroes

Cupid – 3-Star Hero

cupid calibria crystal guardians

For a 3-Star Hero, Cupid is capable of ridiculous heals that can bring a party back from the brink of death. However, with the very high cooldown on his most useful ability, it’s often more practical to go with heroes that have more reliable heals. Build him with SPD and HP.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding our Calibria: Crystal Guardians tier list, we’d love to read about your ideas, so leave a message in the comment section below! Your favorite Hero not listed? Tell us why you think he deserves to be included in the list and we’ll make it happen.