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Om Nom: Run Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Earn Coins and Unlock Everything Fast

Back in the day when there were not as many apps on the mobile gaming market, and the most popular ones are likely installed on every device that can run them, ZeptoLab has already made a name for itself. With a current roster of only 13 games under its 9-year old app portfolio, and over 600 million aggregate downloads of its releases from the Google Play Store alone, Zeptolab has proven that its most popular games then are still well and alive today for newer generations to play and enjoy. Mostly known for their chart-topping Cut the Rope series, the company’s other popular games include CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, King of Thieves, and Pudding Monsters.

Om Nom: Run is Zeptolab’s latest game for iOS and Android platforms. Om Nom, Om Nelle, and other popular characters from the Cut the Rope universe, return for a unique kind of adventure unlike any they have been in before. As an endless runner type of action game, Om Nom: Run has every fun and exciting feature most games within the genre have along with its own unique twists of mechanics that add to overall charm of the title. With over a million downloads from the Google Play Store alone, largely positive average user reviews, and various spots within top ten lists of games in more than 20 countries, Om Nom: Run is a definite must-try not just for Om Nom and endless runner fans, but players who want to test how great their reaction time is.

Om Nom: Run is as easy to pick up and play for gamers across all ages. Swiping left and right moves you from one lane to the next and swiping up and down lets you jump over obstacles or slide through them, respectively. There are only coins as a currency and serves as your all-in-one need to unlock more characters and upgrade each one’s stunts. Various mission types break the monotony of blindly running as it gives you something unique to focus on in addition to surviving the level.

If you find yourself stuck on a particular level or simply looking for more efficient ways to earn coins and unlock everything, then stay with us and read our Om Nom: Run tips, cheats and strategies. Our Om Nom: Run beginner’s guide features several useful tips and tricks to boost your coin-farming activities and unlock all of the game’s content.

1. Be Familiar With The Touch Sensitivity

As an important assurance that that there is little to no gap between how you want to move your runner across the level in contrast with how the runner actually moves, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with how sensitive to the touch your device is as you start playing Om Nom: Run. While there are no extra settings to toggle it in accordance to your preference, it is entirely up to you to ensure that you can consistently be able to move your runner the way you want to especially in longer levels.

om nom run touch sensitivity

In addition to that, keeping your device’s screen as clear and clean as you can also help. While endless runner gameplay are typically a lot easier on the starting levels, you will discover that the rise in speed and challenge level may come a bit quicker as you reach greater distances in Om Nom: Run. As such, be ready to have both your playing hand or hands as well as your device for long, challenging plays.

If it helps, the first level of Om Nom: Run stands as the most basic and easiest to accomplish. It will work well as a practice ground for you to master the controls fully before jumping further into the more challenging stages. There are no limitations as to how many times you replay the stage and there is no in-game stamina as well that limits how much time you spend on the game. Although pushing forward is a natural desire for every player, mastering the game’s basic controls should always come first.

2. Keep Your Eyes Ahead Of The Path

Another basic strategy that applies to Om Nom: Run as much as other runner games is to always keep your sights ahead of the path. Breaking the bad habit of locking your eyes down on your runner is a bit of a challenge especially for beginners, and Om Nom: Runner’s stunt feature just adds to that further. The thing is, keeping your eyes on your runner gives you a lot less focus on the plethora of obstacles ahead, consequently leading to having less time to prepare and react to each of them.

om nom run tips

For some players, there is a precautious need to see their runner move left or right with each swipe and would likewise have a need to check every jump and slide to ensure that they swiped enough and just in time. In any case, there will be nothing more anyone can do in instances when a swipe has been missed anyway, so you might as well trust each swipe you do while maintaining your sights as far ahead as you can see.

This adds value to mastering the game’s sensitivity level in the previous tip we discussed. As you replay the first level to ensure you have full control over your runner, you should likewise learn how to play without sticking your sights on the character. It may take a bit of practice for total beginners, but once you master it your overall performance in the game will greatly improve.

3. Stay Focused On The Mission

You are naturally expected to do a lot of running in Om Nom: Run but beyond that and the menacing mix of obstacles along the way, the game comes with a variety of missions to accomplish in each level. In fact, levels are basically classified into missions where you need to accomplish the current mission to be able to take on the next one. Beyond reaching a certain number of meters in terms of distance travelled, though, some missions require you to collect letters, perform stunts, or even collect tokens.

om nom run mission

Letters and tokens will only be available on missions that require you to collect them, but for stunts, coins, power-ups, and the rest of the colorful objects on each running location, everything will always be present. It is important to take note of and pursue the current mission and consider the rest as second priority, if not distraction. Once you have secured the mission objectives and have earned a star on a mission, you will be free to take on the next challenge.

Do note, however, that missions in Om Nom: Run always come in threes, meaning that the objective you initially see only speaks of the first star mission completion. For those with a bit of obsession over completing everything, a full 3-star completion of the mission means clearing the objective 3 times. Naturally, these objectives grow more difficult after the previous one so expect the first star completion to be like playing on easy mode.

4. Prepare Well Before Playing Endless Run Mode

Om Nom: Run, much like most endless runner games, have an endless run mode where you can run as far as you can without any set objective in mind save to beat your own personal record as well as other players’. Although the endless run does not have any new obstacles making it additionally difficult and anything whatsoever to be wary of, the top factor that can lead to mediocre runs here may be due to your own lack of stamina.

om nom run tricks

No mission in normal mode compares to how long an endless run can take and beyond the lure of earning lots of coins based on your performance, being too conscious of how far you have gone can be a distraction all on its own. As such, be sure to only focus on the path ahead just like you would if there was an end to it and mentally prepare yourself for any surprise obstacle that may come ahead.

It will be a lot easier to break records in endless run when you have accomplished a lot of missions in the game’s normal mode. In truth, playing through several missions first is highly recommended as you will need to be very familiar with unique obstacles in the game as well as learn from each of the previous mistakes you have made.

Likewise, if you have limited time to play Om Nom Run or if you tire relatively easy from swiping quickly all throughout a level, then it is best to do an endless run after a fresh log in on the game. You may want a quick mission 1 replay to warm up a bit but chances are that you will perform a much better run with this method.

5. Consider Coins Within Each Level As Distractions

It is well understood that you will want to obtain as many coins as you can in Om Nom: Run given that coins are the sole currency you need to unlock each character and upgrade their respective stunts. While there are plenty of coins to obtain across every mission, these are all relatively small amounts compared to how much you can earn outside of the levels. Likewise, having a fixation of sorts on these coins will only lead to making mistakes that will cut your run shorter.

om nom run hints

In relation to having a focused strategy on the mission at hand, therefore, it is important to have a solid mindset that you are always pushing for distance. In most cases, prioritizing distance even more than the mission itself is an even better strategy as missing a stunt, token, or letter here and there will not end your run. For any type of mission, there will be an overabundance of opportunities to see and grab everything you see and pushing for distance increases your chances.

Do note that you will always nab coins along the way regardless of whether you are consciously chasing them or not. The idea here is not to avoid coins but rather blank them out of the path and consider the safest lane as the best lane even if the same does not have coins in them.

6. Earn More Coins Through Runs And Freebies

On top of the consideration that coins within the levels serve as distractions that can shorten your run, there are also numerous better ways in Om Nom Run to help you earn coins quicker. If you want to earn coins faster, then go for a solid endless run and keep pushing for a higher distance to obtain coins by the thousands. You can also push for higher places in the stunt championship for larger amounts of coins.

om nom run coins

Even the free spin at the wheel of fortune offers a large amount of coins and the shop also has chest rewards that give free coins. Of course, you also have daily login rewards that provide generous amounts of coins. It may come as a principle for some players that every bit of coins earned is important but then, going for the bigger amounts is what really counts.

7. Watch Some Ads For Some Huge Boosts

Video ads have long since been a usual element in free-to-play mobile games. Although there may still be some games that randomly flash some ads in-between stages or at certain points while you are playing, most of these games are voluntarily played and provide huge boosts to your game as a reward for playing them. While there may still be people who easily get annoyed by the presence of in-game advertisements, it is important to know and understand that these ads make it possible for the game to be made available for everyone to play without spending any real money.

how to get boosts in om nom run

In Om Nom: Run, there are actually a lot of perks to get from playing some video ads. In fact, grinding for coins and unlocking the rest of the characters, as well as maxing out each one’s stunts, is a completely different level of challenge without the help of these ads.

For starters, there is a “save me” that will always be available whenever you fall victim to an obstacle. Under normal circumstances, this should end your run but by clicking on it and watching a 15 to 30-second will revive you on the spot to continue your run from exactly where you left off. You might think that it is a one-time per run offer but you can actually take advantage of this for an unlimited number of times.

Regardless of how many coins you actually nabbed during your run, you will earn a bigger amount taking distance traveled along with the computation. On its own, it may be okay enough but you can get 5x as much if you play an ad after finishing a mission. Both the wheel of fortune, as well as the golden treasure chest from the shop, seem to have no limit with regard to the number of times you can watch an ad to earn coins from them.

While we keep getting 500 coins from the golden chest, the minimum amount of coins you can have from the wheel of fortune is actually 1,000 coins. You can actually spin it continuously while watching TV or doing something else. Note that you need to play the game online to be able to play ads and obtain the rewards that come with them.

8. Replay Mission 1 For Stunt Points

If you are having a hard time earning stunt points from the higher mission levels, you can always go back to mission 1 and perform one or a couple of stunts in your run to earn stunt points. As we mentioned earlier, the stunt championship, which you can view via the trophy icon at the upper right side of the screen, is a great way to earn tons of coins. However, some of the latter missions may make it difficult for you to earn stunt points. Unless the mission itself is about doing stunts.

om nom run stunt points

If you want to rack up some quick and easy stunt points, however, but just not in the mood to have a challenging run with the latter mission levels, then replay mission 1 as many times as you want. It may take a few runs to make it to the top of the list but these runs will be very quick. In any case, if you feel that this is becoming too easy or monotonous, then feel free to up the ante and replay some previously beaten stunt missions.

And that covers every tip, cheat, and strategy we know about Om Nom: Run. Taking each of the items we discussed into consideration as you get ready for your next run guarantees a much bigger intake of coins to help you unlock the rest of Om Nom’s friends. We hope you enjoyed reading our guide and if you would like to contribute your very own tips and strategies into the mix, we very much welcome your inputs and other comments down below!