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King of Thieves Cheats: 8 Tips & Tricks to Become a Professional Thief

King of Thieves is a new game that is partly platformer, partly PVP, as the game’s developer ZeptoLab describes it. Among the things you can do in this game, which is available for Android and iOS platforms, include stealing shiny things, defending the stuff that you steal, competing with other players from around the world, customizing your character, and a whole lot more. As a professional thief, your objective is to avoid traps and steal gold from other players. And if you need to get yourself more booty and be the best thief you can be in this game, read on and check out our share of King of Thieves cheats, tips and tricks below.

1. Play In Single Player Mode To Get New Totems

Totems will be very important for you in King of Thieves, as they can crumble if you use them repeatedly. As such, it’s essential that you complete the computer-generated levels you find on the map; finishing these levels won’t just earn you the standard experience and gold, but also new totems.

2. Collect Coins In Your Lair And Upgrade Your Storage

You’ll notice that coins will appear regularly in your lair; go grab them as often as possible. But since you won’t be able to gather any more coins once you’ve reached maximum storage, it is also important to upgrade your storage units for more space to keep those coins.

3. Learn From Your Mistakes And Watch Replays

Once somebody else raids your base, it’s best to “learn from your mistakes.” That would mean watching a replay of the other player’s raid – that way, you can figure out where your defenses were weakest and most vulnerable, and how to patch up those weaknesses.

4. Clear Your Traps First Before They Can Be Saved

It may sound like great fun to create impenetrable traps, but in order for traps to be saved to the game, you have to clear them two times consecutively.

5. Jazzed-Up Outfits Can Help Your Character

When we said “customization” earlier, it’s much more than making your character look spiffier. Completing levels will allow you to earn leaves, mushrooms, and other items, and while these items might not seem too appealing, they can be used to customize your character’s appearance, albeit for additional stats.

6. Earn Orbs And Experience By Going On Missions

Tap on the hooded guide while in your home lair, and you’ll be guided toward a variety of missions that you can complete for additional orbs and experience.

7. Before Anything Else, Upgrade Those Locks

Locks, simple as they may be, are actually your first line of defense against other thieves. Build as many locks as you could, and also upgrade them to strengthen their security and frustrate your opponents.

8. Be Careful When Upgrading Your Traps

At the end of the day, upgrading your traps allows them to protect your lair better from opposing thieves, but there is a disadvantage to the upgrade process. Upgrades take a while to complete, and while your trap is in the process of being upgraded, it won’t be able to protect your lair. That makes it important to upgrade your traps one at a time, or use orbs to expedite the upgrades.


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