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Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate Tier List: Best Characters in the Game

From the makers of Game of War – Fire Age comes Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate, one of the hottest RPGs available on mobile today. Designed for both Android and iOS, Crystalborne is a fast-paced, action-oriented tactical RPG that lets players lead a team of heroes into battle. Throughout the game, players can collect heroes, equipment, and various materials to boost their power as they progress through multiple game modes and challenges.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate’s unique squad-based gameplay revolves around summoning and recruiting the world’s heroes to your cause. Set in a futuristic fantasy universe, Crystalborne lets players experience an in-depth progression system through their choice of heroes, who will assist them as they play through an epic campaign, or as they do battle against players from all over the world.

Featuring over 100+ unique heroes – each with their own stats, abilities, and even personalities – Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate is a tempting draw for casual and hardcore players alike. However, with so many heroes available to everyone, it can get a little overwhelming which heroes to use. After all, materials and upgrades are hard to come by, and nobody wants to invest time and resources beefing up a hero only to find out that they’re outclassed or simply incompatible with their specific playstyle or strategy.

crystalborne heroes of fate team

Whether you’re a brand-new player just about to summon his or her first Hero, an intermediate player who’s looking to invest in his or her first Legendary-tier Hero, or even an inveterate gamer looking to min-max his or her team composition for high-end content and competitive play, you’ll want to know how Crystalborne’s Heroes fare in comparison to one another. While each character in Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate has their own strengths, and inevitably, weaknesses, here’s our take on some of the most worthwhile Heroes to invest in.

Crytalborne: Heroes of Fate Tier List

Before we start with our Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate Tier List, here’s a little disclaimer: this list will only include heroes of Epic and Legendary Tier. We chose to do a Tier list for Epic and Legendary heroes because lower-rarity heroes (Rare, Uncommon, and Common) are often used in Crystalborne as food to upgrade more powerful heroes, or as placeholders until players gain access to rarer heroes.

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Another thing we’d like to point out is that power and combat effectiveness in the game is determined by a myriad of factors – stars, stats, gear, experience, affinity, etc. Just because you have an S-Tier Hero on your team doesn’t mean you’ll be steamrolling in PvP right away. These Tiers represent potential power in the sense that some Heroes max out a lot higher up than others, and are therefore more worthwhile investments in-game.

Now, without further ado, please enjoy our Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate Tier List.

S Tier Heroes

Although balanced enough to keep the game exciting and fresh, most Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate players might consider a few of these Heroes to be broken – and to be honest, one or two of them might as well be. These are the S Tier Heroes of Crystalborne. Through any combination of increased stats, powerful abilities, and/or overwhelming synergy with other Heroes, those included in this list represent the most powerful Heroes in the game.

If you’re lucky enough to score one of these epic or legendary champions, then we recommend you max them out as soon as you can. S Tier heroes outclass almost every other hero in the game in their respective roles, and any party composition would likely stand to benefit from having them among their ranks.

S Tier DPS

Warpblade – Legendary

warpblade crystalborne heroes of fate

Definitively one of the most powerful Attackers in the game, Warpblade is capable of insane amounts of damage through the use of Stealth and Extra Turn abilities. He is capable of granting multiple buffs on himself at once, increases the speed of all the attackers on your team, and has access to one of the most powerful team-wide nuke abilities available in the game. Pair him up with your best Energy Attackers like Cyclone, and you’ll be one-shotting entire encounters all the way through to the most challenging levels in the game.

Arrano – Legendary

arrano crystalborne heroes of fate

The ultimate Attacker, Arrano perfectly combines attack, defense, and utility in his abilities. Inflict Static on enemies as a powerful debuff, which in turn empowers your other abilities to provide you with shields and bonus damage. His team-wide attack skill, Lightning Eagle, not only deals some of the highest damage numbers possible in Crystalborne, but also can proc Extra Turn, making his offensive onslaught near-limitless.

S Tier Tank

Signus – Legendary

signus crystalborne heroes of fate

By many players’ accounts, Signus is just downright broken right now. Take advantage of his innate kit to buff allies to the point of invulnerability, while at the same time disintegrating enemy’s defenses and offensive capabilities. If that’s not enough to convince you how broken Signus is, a lot of his damage scales directly with his defenses, making it so that not only is he one of the most difficult Tank heroes to kill, but also one of the hardest-hitting. In his current state, Signus is capable of outclassing even A-Tier DPS heroes in terms of raw damage potential over the course of a battle.

S Tier Support

Aria – Epic

aria crystalborne heroes of fate

Versatile and highly-effective, Aria is currently one of the best healers in the game. Her abilities all revolve around healing damage, cleaning debuffs, and increasing defenses for her entire team. However, what makes Aria an absolute must-have Hero for a lot of team compositions is her ability to generate Mana with her abilities, allowing her team a huge advantage in when and how they use their skills.

Jesse Jo – Legendary

jesse jo crystalborne heroes of fate

Jesse Jo’s entire skillset revolves around concurrent team buffs and enemy debuffs. Using her abilities to empower her allies while at the same time weakening her enemies makes Jesse Jo one of the most effective Support heroes in the game. Not only that, but each of her abilities has a chance to proc Ability Seal on the entire enemy team, rendering them unable to use their abilities for the duration.

Reina – Legendary

reina crystalborne heroes of fate

Reina is a Support hero that blends offensive and defensive utility with a focus on rendering enemies weak and vulnerable. Her skills revolve around inflicting debuffs on the enemy team – including lowering their defense stats and making them unable to use their abilities – while at the same time increasing the damage output of her entire team.

A Tier Heroes

A Tier Heroes may not be as absolutely God-like as their S Tier brethren, but make no mistake – A Tier Heroes are excellent at their roles and are often the driving force behind some of the game’s most successful players and their most popular team compositions. A Tier Heroes achieve supremacy through higher numbers – better offense, better defense, better utility – and often have abilities that make them outclass just about everyone else (save for a few S Tiers).

If you’re having trouble getting S Tier Heroes on your team (after all, they’re the rarest and most difficult to find/upgrade), then these A Tier Heroes will get you through even the toughest content the game has to offer – provided that you invest enough in them to help them reach their full potential.

A Tier DPS

Cyclone – Epic

cyclone crystalborne heroes of fate

One of the most popular Attackers in the game (and arguably, one of the easiest A-Tier Heroes to upgrade and max out) Cyclone is a staple Hero used in almost every game mode. Particularly popular among newer players for the early access to a team-wide nuke, Cyclone is a multi-faceted attacker than excels at dealing massive damage to his enemies, while passively increasing the effectiveness of his allies. Pair him up with Energy-based Heroes to make full use of his abilities.

Micah – Legendary

micah crystalborne heroes of fate

Widely considered to be the ultimate Boss Fighter, Micah’s abilities revolve around dealing massive, non-stop damage with debuffs and straightforward damage increases. Micah gains damage whenever he kills an enemy, giving him an excellent opportunity to ramp up damage against bosses, and receives huge damage bonuses to enemies at low health.

Strip away your enemies’ defenses, take out his minions, and execute even the most powerful bosses with Micah’s unique skill set. His only downside is that he doesn’t have access to team-wide attacks, but when it comes to single-target damage, he’s practically unmatched.

Maelstrom – Epic

maelstrom crystalborne heroes of fate

A powerhouse of Energy attacks, and capable of using Mana to devastating effect, Maelstrom is an excellent attacker that makes use of Static debuffs to control the battlefield. Using his mana pool, Maelstrom can even empower his abilities to deal massive damage to all enemies. Combined with Arrano thanks to the synergy with the Static debuff, Maelstrom is a welcome addition to any team composition, especially if you feel the need for more raw damage.

Odette – Epic

odette crystalborne heroes of fate

An excellent choice for Energy-based team compositions, Odette has a lot to offer. Not only does she passively increase the speed and damage output of Energy-based heroes, but she also gives players early access to the powerful Burn debuff, which scales increasingly well and is effective in almost all game modes. You get Odette right from the start in Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate and her shards drop often enough to make her a hero worth investing in.

Whisper – Legendary

whisper crystalborne heroes of fate

For all you marksman and sniper fans out there, Whisper is a highly-effective hero that excels in dishing out massive physical damage to single targets. Using a combination of stealth, self buffs, and inflicting Wound debuffs on enemies, Whisper’s damage output is in a class of its own. However, she lacks the team utility to really make her an essential S-Tier hero, and so here she is, one of the best A-Tier Physical Attackers in the game.

Wraith – Legendary

wraith crystalborne heroes of fate

Another sniper with a similar skillset to Whisper, Wraith is an Energy-based hero that deals massive single-target damage to enemies, and uses a combination of stealth, stun, and critical chance modifiers to deal even more damage. Again, while she excels in DPS, she doesn’t provide the team with much utility outside of her ability to inflict Stun.

A Tier Tank

Eir – Legendary

eir crystalborne heroes of fate

Using a combination of powerful attacks and team-wide buffs, Eir is an excellent Energy-based Tank hero that excels in just about any game mode and in any team composition. While her allies benefit from her ability to grant damage reduction and speed up for her allies, Eir benefits even more from providing these buffs. Her ability, Bring the Storm, is a team-wide nuke that increases in damage the more allies she has that are under the effects of her buffs.

Merak – Legendary

merak crystalborne heroes of fate

Merak is a relatively straightforward Hero, making him not only a very popular option for players needing an Energy-based Tank hero, but also one of the most powerful heroes available for that role. Merak’s skills combine energy attacks with shield buffs and the chance to lower enemy Energy, but his abilities truly shine when players are able to proc his guaranteed Stun more reliably.

Yurei – Epic

yurei crystalborne heroes of fate

As a tank, Yurei excels at controlling the battlefield with Taunt abilities. However, thanks to his versatile skill set, Yurei is also capable of stripping enemy speed and defenses, making him an ideal defender.

A Tier Support

Dahlia – Legendary

dahlia crystalborne heroes of fate

Dahlia combines offense and utility in her set of abilities, allowing her to deal damage while keeping her allies healthy and alive. Based on popular life steal mechanics, Dahlia’s healing effectiveness and offensive capability go hand-in-hand. Use her abilities to deal damage while healing the party by an amount proportionate to the damage dealt.

Remedy – Legendary

remedy crystalborne heroes of fate

Remedy’s entire kit revolves around healing. Unlike other Support heroes that offer a mix of offensive and defensive support capabilities, Remedy’s kit is more focused and specialized. While she may not have a lot of fancy buffs or debuffs, Remedy is arguably the best healer in the game. When it comes to healing, she’s unmatched, but if you’re looking for a more flexible support Hero, know that healing is pretty much all she does.

B Tier Heroes

B Tier Heroes are great at what they do. They make solid tanks, excellent damage dealers, and worthwhile supports. While arguably not as strong or as versatile as A Tier Heroes, B Tier Heroes shine in specific team compositions. They’re skills revolve around taking advantage of the Affinity system to up their effectiveness.

In some situations, these B Tier heroes might even outclass some A Tiers (or even some S Tiers in rare cases) thanks to their unique blend of high-tier stats and unique abilities. However, while they do shine in particular situations, they’re more often outclassed by A Tiers, hence their position on this list. Not necessarily weak, but at the same time, not especially strong, B Tier Heroes play to their strengths to overcome the challenges they face.

B Tier DPS

Erebus – Epic

erebus crystalborne heroes of fate

Although outclassed in terms of raw damage by a lot of other Attack heroes mentioned in this list, Erebus excels at taking out Defenders. If you find yourself at odds with team compositions built around having high defenses, Erebus is a popular niche pick for countering those strategies. Not only does straight up ignore a percentage of an enemy’s physical defenses, but he also deals increased damage to all Defenders.

Flare – Epic

flare crystalborne heroes of fate

Perfect for team compositions and builds based around the Burn debuff, Flare is a powerful attacker that maximizes the use of flames to inflict Burn on as many enemies as possible. Flare can also consume Burns to deal bonus damage to enemies.

Hanna – Epic

hanna crystalborne heroes of fate

Hanna’s kit revolves around inflicting Bleed and stacking them on a single target to deal massive amounts of damage over time, while at the same time empowering her next attacks on a bleeding target.

Although strong enough in her own right, and extremely effective in Boss Fights, her lack of AoE abilities makes her fall off in most stages of the game. If you want Boss Fight potential but don’t have Micah, then Hanna is your best bet.

General Carst – Legendary

general carst crystalborne heroes of fate

Carst is a popular pick for players who want to take full advantage of the Crystalborne’s Faction system. Not only does General Carst have access to several powerful debuffs like Wound and Burn, but he also passively improves the combat effectiveness of him and his team depending on the presence of Heroes from his allied factions.

General Kaine – Legendary

general kaine crystalborne heroes of fate

Kaine is nearly identical to Carst in a lot of ways, except that instead of being able to deal Burn, Kaine instead inflicts Frostbite. In any case, both Carst and Kaine are popular picks in Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate, but you’ll generally see their effectiveness increase when you have both of them on your team at once.

Scirocco – Epic

scirocco crystalborne heroes of fate

Nearly identical to Cyclone except for the fact that he inflicts Energy Attack Down instead of Energy Defense Down, Scirocco is considered much weaker than his shadow-themed counterpart. However, thanks to the similar mechanics used by him and Cyclone, Scirocco is still a versatile damage dealer that excels in situations where you need to lower your enemy’s damage output.

Zorah – Epic

zorah crystalborne heroes of fate

Another hero that players immediately have access to at the start of the game, Zorah is an effective combatant that uses critical chance modifiers and Bleed to deal damage to enemies. Being a Starter hero, she’s relatively easy to level up, and her skills are worth investing in, particularly for Physical-based builds and team compositions.

B Tier Tank

Ingrid – Legendary

ingrid crystalborne heroes of fate

Ingrid excels in one thing – defense. Although she lacks the defensive team utility offered by other tanks, Ingrid is an effective defender that pretty much acts like a bonus health bar for her allies. Passively, Ingrid takes the brunt of the damage directed at her allies, and her combat effectiveness increases when she’s at low health.

Simon – Legendary

simon crystalborne heroes of fate

One of the most reliable tanks in Crystalborne, Simon is capable of offensive utility by inflicting Stun on enemies, as well as defensive utility by providing allies with defensive buffs. His passives, however, feel a little underwhelming – increased accuracy and a small chance to gain a small amount of mana every time he gains a buff. It can be powerful under the right circumstances, but the mana gain is a little too unreliable to spend considerable resources to upgrade.

Wolfe – Legendary

wolfe crystalborne heroes of fate

Wolfe has it all – shields, ability seals, stun, and minor offensive and defensive bonuses. He’d be a lot higher up on this list, but a lot of his abilities only have a chance to proc the debuffs that would have otherwise made him god-tier.

B Tier Support

Inarae – Epic

inarae crystalborne heroes of fate

One of our personal favorite Support heroes, Inarae provides tons of utility to any party. With shielding, minor heals, the chance to inflict attack debuffs, and passive mana gain per turn, Inarae is definitely worth investing resources into is, especially if you’re always running out of mana to pull off your combos. She’s B-Tier only because most of her abilities rely on chance to be effective; otherwise, she’d be a lot higher up.

Sarina – Legendary

sarina crystalborne heroes of fate

Popular in a lot of team compositions thanks to her abilities, Sarina’s playstyle revolves around the generou application of the Freeze debuff. Focusing on slowing enemies down while shielding her enemies from damage, Sarina is an excellent support that gives players a lot of control over the battlefield.

Sula – Epic

sula crystalborne heroes of fate

A niche pick for Energy-based team compositions, Sula can sunder enemy energy defenses while increasing her own team’s energy defenses at the same time. She has a powerful heal ability as well.

C Tier Heroes

Of all the Epic and Legendary Heroes, C Tier Heroes are generally the weakest. Their abilities don’t offer much in the way of team utility, and their strengths are situational at best. However, because of their rarity, these Heroes are still a cut above Rare, Uncommon, and Common heroes, and are therefore welcome additions to any Hero Squad, especially for new players.

C Tier DPS

Dirge – Epic

dirge crystalborne heroes of fate

Thematically, Dirge sounds like an excellent offensive choice, utilizing poisons, heal immunity, and ability seals to deal plenty of damage to enemies and reduce their overall threat. If you’re struggling with levels or even PvP teams that have powerful enemy healers, Dirge is one of a few heroes that can provide the solution.

Mara – Epic

mara crystalborne heroes of fate

Mara could have been great, except for the fact that she’s an Energy-based Hero that empowers Physical attacks. Although her strange blend of abilities make her stand out like a sore thumb in a lot of team compositions, her ability to buff Physical Attack on all of her allies is reliable enough to make her a valid option in Physical-based teams.

Maximov – Epic

maximov crystalborne heroes of fate

Maximov is a straightforward damage dealer that enjoys high base stats and excellent scaling, but lacks the team utility needed to shine in later stages of the game.

Mikkel – Legendary

mikkel crystalborne heroes of fate

With Mana Steal abilities and increased damage potential against low-health enemies, Mikkel is a great choice for PvP and some boss fights, but without the right build and gear, he’s just outclassed by other heroes who simply deal more damage and offer more utility.

C Tier Tank

Dendar – Epic

dendar crystalborne heroes of fate

Dendar is a great choice for new players who need a reliable and effective Tank/Defender for their team. Although basic and not very powerful, Dendar benefits from an exceptionally high health pool and has access to Taunt and Stun. If you don’t already have a Defender you’re happy with, Dendar just provides just enough defensive utility for you until you unlock one of the higher-tier heroes to fit his role.

C Tier Support

Nyx – Epic

nyx crystalborne heroes of fate

Used mostly for her team-wide Cleanse, Nyx is a good Support hero that is absolutely essential in some situations, but also sometimes useless in others. Pick her when your team is suffering from big AoE debuffs like Stun or Blind.

Smolder – Epic

smolder crystalborne heroes of fate

Smolder doesn’t do a lot in combat – in fact, he’s only really useful at one thing: buff stripping. His attacks revolve around removing buffs from enemies, making them more susceptible to damage, more vulnerable to certain abilities, etc.

Why Are There No D Tier Or F Tier Heroes?

Technically, the heroes we’d consider to be D Tier or F Tier are the heroes with Rare rarity and below (Common and Uncommon included). While it’s okay to have a party composed of lower-rarity Heroes, players are far better off replacing them with Epic or Legendary Heroes first chance they get. In almost any case and in just about every aspect, Epic and Legendary Heroes completely blow lower-rarity heroes out of the water.

That’s it for our take on the best and most powerful heroes in Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate. If you have any comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear them! If you think your favorite Hero should have been higher up on this list, let us know in the comments section below!