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Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow Ultimate Guide: 16 Tips & Tricks for Completing More Goals and Missions

TinyCo has released a new Futurama game for all fans (and non-fans) of Matt Groening’s popular futuristic animated series of the same name. Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow is now out for iOS and Android, and it allows you to go on Space Missions, build your own version of New New York, fight enemy aliens, and travel to strange new planets, all while playing as your favorite characters from the series — Fry, Leela, Bender, and the rest of the gang from the Fox series. And if you happen to be a fan of Futurama, the game’s been described as a “thrilling and hilarious game” with “epic and funny” 16-bit combat action, as well as dialogue written by Groening himself, as well as Simpsons/Futurama writer David X. Cohen.

Although, Futurama (the series and the game) could be a barrel of laughs, it’s no laughing matter if you’re having trouble figuring out how things work in a brand new game. But that’s why we’ve come up with something that any player, regardless of experience level, could use to their advantage — a Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow ultimate guide. Read on, as we’ve got a ton of tips and tricks that cover every aspect of the game, including, but not limited to running the city of New New York, and going on the many Space Missions available in this game.

1. Save Some Space By Placing Unwanted Structures In Inventory

If you want more space to create more buildings, you’ll most likely want to use those “hypnotons” to clear out more blocks. But that’s going to require a lot of hypnotons for starters, and you’ll have to earn them and hang on to them so you can clear hypnowaves out. That might take a while, so you might as well place some unwanted structures in your inventory in the meantime. As your buildings will earn you bucks and EXP, you won’t want to clear them out just yet, but you can definitely set aside those decorations.

In order to do this, you’ll have to long-press on a decoration until you see three tabs. Tap on the middle tab, and you’ll be storing the unneeded deco in your inventory. But clearing them for the meantime doesn’t mean getting rid of them completely. Anytime you feel like you’re ready, or whenever your city has enough free space, you can return to your inventory and place the decorations right back to their original place. Tap on the settings button (the gear icon, as is usually the case) on the bottom of the screen, and tap on Inventory. Tap on the down arrow on the lower right of the Inventory screen, and tap on each decoration you want to put back to their original place.

Pro-tip: long-pressing on structures allows you to move and rotate buildings to your liking.

2. Don’t Ignore The Decorations Either

If you’re a new player, you may be under the impression that decorations are merely there for aesthetic purposes, but don’t really serve any purpose when it comes to the actual gameplay of Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. But when you’re customizing New New York, you’ll also want to prioritize those billboards, establishments, and other attractions, as they could allow you to level up the city, unlock new buildings, and even get more fuel for your ship. You’ll also have more room for currency storage, so decorating your city is something you’ll still want to devote some attention to.

3. Here’s How You Can View More Details On A Character

Each of the characters in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow has their own unique class. Tap on the characters button found on the lower right hand side of your screen, right next to the Shop button. Once you tap on the profile icon of each character, you’ll see their name, their class, and other pertinent information about the character. For example, Bender would obviously be part of the Robot class, and would have a blue background color to further designate where he’s from.

4. How To Level Characters Up Faster

Now when it comes to leveling up your characters, you won’t be able to do that unless you have some career chips. That sounds simple enough, but if you’re trying to speed up the process and make better time with your characters, you should use career chips that match the color representing a character’s class. Using the above example, that would be blue chips for Bender. Or in Amy’s case, as she’s a Scientist, that would be red chips. Leveling up characters improves all their stats across the board, so you’ve got nothing to lose by making them better!

You can earn more career chips in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow by completing the space missions. For instance, let’s take a look at Cowboys in Space — for this mission, you will get one-time rewards of three robot chips and three mega science chips if you complete it for the first time.

5. What Else Can You Get From Space Missions?

Aside from career chips, which we explained above, there are other benefits that you can get from Space Missions, may it be those one-time rewards, or the rewards you get when you replay those missions over and over again to your liking. Then again, you should also take note that most of the Space Missions have multiple paths and challenges within them, which we would recommend you try to complete. Doing so could allow you to collect additional hypnotons, and once you get 100 percent completion on a Space Mission, you’ll get free pizza slices, which we’ll be elaborating on in a later tip.

6. How To Get More EXP

The game allows you to level up once you’ve filled up your player level status bar. And once your player level is upgraded, that could mean a ton of benefits for you — you get more Nixonbucks and more fuel storage, and get more fuel, period, through refills. Take note that you’ll need that fuel to explore planets in space missions. But how do you go about increasing your EXP, or experience points, anyway? Yes, you’ll have to complete tasks and level up the characters you unlock, but it goes without saying that you should also take your own player level into account and ramp up on that EXP.

The first thing to do to get more EXP is to complete tasks, or actions, as they’re called in the game. If you complete a set of actions, you will, in turn, complete a goal — just tap on the goal to see the list of actions you need to finish. You’ll be able to find the Goals area at the lower left side of your screen. And once you complete goals, you’ll get more XP as a reward.

Next, you can win turn-based battles and get EXP as a reward, especially if you win that battle without losing any one of your characters. Placing decorations and buildings while building your city gets you one-time EXP rewards, and buildings earn you both EXP and bucks every few hours or so once you’ve placed them. Make sure you collect from your buildings on a regular basis!

Lastly, you’ve got your space missions and dialogue-based missions. It would do you good to purposely look for goals that include actions where you have to complete a space mission. Doing this allows you to get EXP for both the space mission and the action/goal! For the latter type of mission, it’s all about choosing the right things to say, as that could earn you a variety of rewards, XP included.

7. Get More Nixonbucks And EXP By Placing The Right Buildings

EXP, quite obviously, refers to experience, while Nixonbucks, or bucks for short, are the game’s common currency. And the best way to earn both of these resources is to construct more buildings. Go to the Shop icon found on the lower right corner of the screen, and tap on the Buildings tab. You can then choose from a range of buildings, but before you make your decision, you should check the amount of EXP and Nixonbucks that could be earned by creating them. Also take note of the construction time — you don’t want to wait too long before a building is created while you’re still awake, right?

Citing a basic example in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, you’ve got the Hip Joint, which earns 35 EXP and 55 Nixonbucks every four hours, and takes three hours to construct. Now that obviously isn’t too bad of a choice to work on while you’re actively playing, but in order to optimize your building creation endeavors, you may want to take a look at goals and their requirements. Amy’s Classing Up the Joint Pt. 3 goal, for instance, includes building the Hip Joint as one of the goals, so you might want to save that building for the time you’re working on this goal.

8. Why You Need Pizza Slices, And How To Get Them

What are pizza slices, and why are they important in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, apart from this being a reference to Fry’s original occupation, and what he was doing when he was sent to the future? Well, as you should know, all actions require time to complete. And if you want that time to go by faster, you’ll need pizza slices. It’s best to use pizza slices exclusively on tasks that take ages to complete — yes, they are indeed important, and we’ll be telling you next how you can get more pizza for free in the game.

First off, you will get five pizza slices as a reward for exploring the whole planet in one space mission and finishing all stages included. Chances are you’ll be needing a specific character to unlock specific parts of a planet; you won’t be able to get full completion unless you bring that character with you! Secondly, you can also watch ad videos to get pizza slices without any effort whatsoever — by tapping on the TV set above the sea, you’ll get to watch a 30-second video clip, and while that’s only good for one slice, the pizza could add up as you keep watching more and more ad clips.

9. Use Mega Career Chips For Faster Leveling Up

Going back to the leveling-up process, the game also has mega career chips, which are pretty much career chips with an even more visible effect when used to level up a character. Think of them as higher chips on the rarity tier. Likewise, you’ll be able to level up those characters REALLY fast if you use mega career chips of the same color, instead of the common ones, also of the same color.

10. Work On Getting Those Crit Hits

Moving on to the battle system of Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, it’s interesting to note that this system puts a premium on critical hits, on top of the premium on defense. So how do you get those critical hits to begin with? First of all, you’ll have to tap on the screen when the circle below an enemy is all filled up. Defending, on the other hand, would require you to tap the screen once your own circle below your character is full. Thankfully, both crit hits and defense are quite easy in this game, so you can definitely take solace in that — scoring a critical hit and playing defense, after all, oftentimes isn’t easy.

If you’re a new player, however, you shouldn’t worry too much about the defensive side of things. Focus instead on scoring critical hits, as these attacks could greatly reduce an enemy’s HP, allowing you to take them out faster. But if you’ve been playing the game for a while, you’ll want to work on scoring a critical hit, and coming right back on defense once it’s the enemy’s turn to attack; this oftentimes is quite challenging, as enemies could get back on the attack very quickly!

11. Make Sure You’ve Got Enough Health / Revive Packs For Difficult Space Missions

There may be some Space Missions that may simply prove to be too challenging for you. If you’ve encountered such a mission where you couldn’t make it to the very end, you might want to keep your crew well-prepared by bringing along a few health packs and revive packs. Health packs allow you to restore the health of one crew member to 100 percent, while revive packs do a similar thing, bringing a crew member back to life after their health gets zeroed out.

12. Experiment With Your Space Mission Crew

Each Space Mission would require you to have a crew, but as we explained in the previous tips, all the characters in the game have their own class, as well as their own specific stats, and also styles of attacking, abilities, and other features. That means there may be some characters better-suited to one mission or another. You’ve also got Space Mission paths that require you to have a specific character onboard, or even a special outfit or level. Feel free to experiment with your crew, and try different configurations! You just might stumble upon something that could work for you in the long run.

13. Use Two Robots To Clear Out Hypnowave-Infested Areas

Going back to the hypnowaves we told you about in the very first tip, we might as well tell you that you will eventually have to spend some cash to buy a second robot to help in the clearing out of hypnowaves. Normally, you can also buy Robot 1-X by paying 50 pizza slices, but since you start out with only ten and might take a while to reach the 50-slice mark, you might as well splurge on this robot. Waiting times for clearing out Hypnowaves could oftentimes take several hours, or even a couple of days. So if you’ve got a second robot to help out, that would, at least, free your main robot up for those quick actions required for you to complete a goal.

14. How To Unlock The Next District In Your City

When trying to unlock the next district in New New York, you’ll be required to collect ancient alien artifacts from Space Missions. This is the same mission where you’ll be asked to restore the universe following the chaos caused by the Hypnotoad mating ritual. Depending on the planet, you’ll be given several missions, but the most important mission is the final one, as that’s where you will be collecting the required artifact. As a minor spoiler, there’s a secret message to be revealed once you’ve collected all seven artifacts — decode it if you can!

15. What Happens When You Run Out Of Fuel?

Unfortunately, the fuel in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow takes quite a while to replenish on its own — think about one unit replenished per eight minutes of actual, and not in-game time. And since the maps in this game can be quite large, with each dot on the map costing you a bit of fuel, you would really need a lot of it to get around. Some players have observed that buying fuel with real-life money is one way where the game’s makers turn this title into a “cash grab,” but you don’t need to panic if you ever run out of fuel while in the middle of a mission.

If this happens to you, then you can choose the option to “temporarily return” by hitting the castle icon on the top right corner of your screen. That would allow you to return to New New York and take care of business, and once you’ve got enough fuel to continue the mission, you can go right back to where you had previously left off.

16. Complete All Space Missions Before Placing People On Timer Missions

One thing a lot of players overlook when it comes to Space Missions is the fact that you cannot bring along characters whom you’ve already dispatched and tasked to take care of timer missions in New New York. This could really sting if the character on a timer mission is absolutely required to complete a certain path in a Space Mission. To avoid this complication, all you need to do is to complete all the Space Missions you possibly could on your fuel, then send that character off on the timer mission you want them to complete. And as a bonus tip, always remember that you can go to the lower-left corner of your screen to take a look at any unfinished tasks or missions — just tap on any one of them, and you can go back to where you had stopped, easy as that.

That’s all folks. If you have something to add or just want to share your thoughts about Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, then feel free to leave a comment below.