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SuperCity: Build a Story Cheats & Tips: 4 Hints You Should Know

SuperCity: Build a Story is a city building and management game from Playkot, that’s now available for Android and iOS devices. These kinds of games can get really addicting especially when you are doing well. You will be building houses, factories, shops, and a whole lot more depending on the need of the city, and what your goal is. The main objective is to build the most awesome city so be sure to check out our list of SuperCity: Build a Story tips and tricks right after the jump.

1 .Help The Aliens

As you play SuperCity: Build a Story and complete some of the early quests, you will come in contact with the flying saucer. You can see these flying saucers hovering above your city from time to time. These are actually aliens that are in need of desperate help. Their ship is malfunctioning and needs help in order to go back home to their planet. You will be doing a series of quests to aid them in their journey home. There is a total of six quests for each flying saucer. These quests are the ones you should prioritize. Unlike your other quests these chained quests have a specific time limit and will disappear if you don’t complete them right away. Do them as soon as you can and you will benefit a lot from them. They will reward you with a lot of goodies and experience.

2. Play The SuperBINGO

Unlocking SuperBINGO cards will give you access to several mini quests. These quests have designated numbers on your BINGO card, and will be crossed off upon completion. Do these quests along with your regular quests. Just as in real BINGO, completing a row or diagonal will award you with a lot of awesome rewards and goodies. Superbucks and coins are just a few of them so keep doing them as much as you can in order to take advantage of this feature.

3. Don’t Leave Your Production Buildings Idle

There are buildings that will produce goods and resources in the building menu. These ones will be marked in that menu. There will be also an icon beside them that shows “ZZZ” if nothing is queued up for production. Try to always have something queued up in order to maximize your output. Even though there is an inventory cap, there is no downside to having too many resources. The inventory cap is really high so you won’t even get a chance to reach it when your too busy queueing things up.

4. Refill Your Energy

Unlike most city-builders, you won’t have much problems having enough energy in SuperCity: Build a Story. It only takes 3 minutes to regenerate one point, and leveling up will refill all your energy so try to spend as much of it as you can. Plan things out to avoid any waste in energy. Take advantage of this while you are still starting out because you will be levelling up a lot while you do your earlier quests. Use up your energy collecting coins from every house possible then spend whatever energy you have left on clearing out trees and debris around your city.

Making a utopia out of your city can be tedious but if you just follow the SuperCity: Build a Story tips and tricks listed above, you will have that ultimate city in no time.