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WordWhizzle Twist Answers & Cheats for All Levels

WordWhizzle Twist is the latest in Apprope’s series of WordWhizzle games, and you may also recognize AppRope as the maker of WordBubbles. The objective of WordWhizzle Twist is a simple one, and that’s to find all the hidden words in the board filled with jumbled-up letters. You will be creating words by swiping your finger to create the words, thereby removing the letters you’ve already used, and helping you out in finding the next one. It sounds easy, and in the early stages, it is easy. But it won’t always be that way; like in other word games of its kind, things can get progressively more difficult as you push forward in the game.

If you’re looking for a complete guide to this game, we’ve got something that could come as close as possible to that — this is our list of WordWhizzle Twist answers and cheats, which includes almost 250 answers spanning 20 puzzle packs. That’s a lot of answers, though you wouldn’t want to use this guide to get ALL of the answers. That, after all, defeats the purpose of these games, which, as is often said in many a way, is to train/tease/tickle your brain.

WordWhizzle Twist Easy Peasy Pack Answers

#1: Run
#2: Yes
#3: Nice
#4: Boy
#5: Tin, In, It

WordWhizzle Twist Baby Steps Pack Answers

#6: One, No, On
#7: Now, Own, No
#8: If, Fit, It
#9: Pea, Ape
#10: Mad, Ad, Dam

WordWhizzle Twist No Sweat Pack Answers

#11: Tip, Pint, Nip, Pit
#12: Rust, Us, Rut
#13: Nod, Done, Node, Do, Doe
#14: Mist, Is, It, Sit
#15: Ear, Near, Earn, Era

WordWhizzle Twist Keep It Movin Pack Answers

#16: No, Bone, One, Be
#17: Prom, Mop, Romp
#18: Ham, Arm, Ram, Harm
#19: Let, Tie, Lit, Tile, Lie, It
#20: Hip, His, Ship, Sip, Is
#21: Sap, Soap, Spa
#22: Sort, Rot, To, Or
#23: Pal, Lap, Spa, Slap
#24: Oil, Silo, Soil, So
#25: Tar, Rant, Tan, Ant, Rat, Art