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WordBubbles Answers for All Levels

If you want to play a word search game that offers you a seemingly endless number of levels, regardless of difficulty level, then you probably are looking for a game like WordBubbles. This game, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, comes to us courtesy of Apprope, and the game’s features include thousands of levels, ranging from easy to difficult. Not only do you have to guess the right word, you also have to spell it right (of course), and as you form new words, you might end up enhancing your vocabulary. There are daily challenges and bonus hints you could win in those challenges, and you can also take on your friends and try to beat your old high score.

It’s always best to do this the honest way and play the game without any outside assistance whatsoever. Part of the fun here is challenging yourself and figuring out the words on your own. But if you’re looking for a complete list of WordBubbles answers and solutions, we got it right here, in case some of the words are stumping you and you’re looking for a hint or two the game won’t give you.

WordBubbles Answers Algae Levels

Level 1 car
Level 2 fun
Level 3 cat
Level 4 sea
Level 5 ice
Level 6 sun
Level 7 cup
Level 8 hat
Level 9 old
Level 10 wet

WordBubbles Answers Plankton Levels

Level 11 lion
Level 12 boat
Level 13 fire
Level 14 lake
Level 15 hand
Level 16 palm
Level 17 mice
Level 18 ship
Level 19 snow
Level 20 bear

WordBubbles Answers Seaweed Levels

Level 21 base exit
Level 22 bore pace
Level 23 hype take
Level 24 port love
Level 25 sunk stop
Level 26 soak pork
Level 27 trip loaf
Level 28 lips life
Level 29 foul live
Level 30 fund long
Level 31 say key hi
Level 32 top by say
Level 33 sip hay is
Level 34 oil low am
Level 35 ton too up
Level 36 her to sun
Level 37 pot fur so
Level 38 six run he
Level 39 sox ore be
Level 40 red yes me

WordBubbles Answers Oyster Levels

Level 41 house frog
Level 42 about hate
Level 43 laugh late
Level 44 front note
Level 45 store fort
Level 46 foxes link
Level 47 along kale
Level 48 prove door
Level 49 paint foot
Level 50 roads tree
Level 51 jam pen pot
Level 52 pin tip fun
Level 53 rip pit nun
Level 54 pop gin ape
Level 55 him lot bat
Level 56 man sly car
Level 57 tot lie ear
Level 58 sin tie get
Level 59 win spy hot
Level 60 pig see did