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Math Academy Answers for All Levels

SCIMOB is well-known for its word puzzle games like Word Academy, but it also offers puzzlers in different genres, such as its series of “94” games, e.g. 94 Seconds, 94 Degrees, and 94%. Math Academy (Android, iOS) focuses on the numbers side of things, quite obviously, but the premise of the game is quite an interesting one – what you have to do is “find mathematical operations that result in (a) zero to make all the squares in the grid disappear.” This, according to SCIMOB, is quite an easy process at first, but over time, you will indeed be dealing with grids that contain a great deal more numbers and more operations that you have to find in exactly the right order.

Finding mathematical operations that end with a zero may sound easy – after all, we all know that three minus three equals zero, for instance, or that any number multiplied by a zero is equal to zero. But SCIMOB does make it hard for players as the game goes on, and it’s really important to do the calculations in the right way and choose the right squares. So if you’re stuck somewhere and are having a hard time clearing out the grid, we’re happy to tell you that we’ve figured it all out for you and come up with a complete list of Math Academy answers and solutions.

Math Academy Practice Answers

1-1 = 0

Math Academy Easy Answers

2+2-4 = 0

Math Academy Four Fours Answers

4+4-4-4 = 0

Math Academy In 2 Shots Answers

2-2 = 0
2×5-10 = 0

Math Academy Dozen Answers

3×4-12 = 0
12-6+6-12 = 0

Math Academy U Answers

2+3×2-10 = 0
1+7-8 = 0

Math Academy In 2 Shots, Tougher Answers

3×2-6 = 0
4-4 = 0

Math Academy One Two, Three Threes Answers

1-3+2 = 0
3-3 = 0

Math Academy Easy Division Answers


Math Academy Squared Answers