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Guess The 90s Answers for All Levels

Guess The ‘90s is an exciting mobile game by Conversion for the iOS mobile platform. If you are someone who grew up in the ‘90s, then probably this is just your kind of mobile guessing game. Yes indeed, the ‘90s are replacing the decades before it as the nostalgia decade, and if you grew up in that era, you’ll definitely get some of those “feels” playing this game. There are hundreds of pictures where you have to guess what’s being depicted there – you can “ask Facebook” or “use a hint” as you choose letters to form a word corresponding to the picture. And we’re talking different categories here, including celebrities, TV shows (live action and cartoons), video games, musicians, political figures, and a whole lot more from the decade that gave us the disparate trends of grunge music and boy bands, among others.

If you didn’t quite grow up in the ‘90s and are stumped for answers, you may want to refer to this list of Guess The ‘90s answers and solutions. Or maybe you did, but some of the images aren’t quite ringing a bell – can’t expect to remember all those ‘90s references, after all. Whatever the case is, we’ve got loads of answers for you, so check out our complete list of Guess The 90s Answers below.

Guess The 90s Answers Level 1

Level 1-1: Full House
Level 1-2: Pogs
Level 1-3: Silly Putty
Level 1-4: Boombox
Level 1-5: Curly Sue
Level 1-6: Rugrats
Level 1-7: Nsync
Level 1-8: Slap Bracelets
Level 1-9: Britney Spears
Level 1-10: Beanie Babies

Guess The 90s Answers Level 2

Level 2-1: Bill Nye
Level 2-2: Pokemon Cards
Level 2-3: Saved By The Bell
Level 2-4: Gushers
Level 2-5: The Amanda Show
Level 2-6: Tamagotchi
Level 2-7: Backstreet Boys
Level 2-8: Friends
Level 2-9: Skip It
Level 2-10: JTT