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Word Jam Answers & Cheats for All Levels

We’ve got another Android and iOS word game for you, and in case you’re wondering, they just keep rolling in both app stores. And who can blame their makers? Word Jam is the latest of these games, and it’s described as a “fun and relaxing game that takes place in a crossword-style format. Playing is as simple as swiping on the letters to find and guess the hidden words, and solving the anagram puzzles as you travel from country to country, from one answer pack to the next, on the Crossword Food Truck. The puzzles get progressively harder and trickier, and in the words of PlaySimple, that also makes them “tastier.” And in case you’re looking for those old standbys of game descriptions, the title is also described as a “brain game” and “brain exercise,” and one that is “easy to play, hard to master.”

Indeed, the folks at PlaySimple seem to have covered all bases when it comes to using those catchphrases. But we’re not here to talk in too much depth about the game itself, we’re here to give you some quick and easy answers. Check out our collection of Word Jam answers and solutions, which includes answers to the first 17 puzzle packs, but don’t check out too much of it, if you know what we mean and don’t want to spoil the game too much for your own good!

Word Jam France Answers

Level 1 New We
Level 2 Row Or
Level 3 Top Opt Pot To
Level 4 Son On So No
Level 5 May Am My Yam

Word Jam United Kingdom Answers

Level 1 Net Ten
Level 2 Dad Add
Level 3 Cup Up
Level 4 Fit If It
Level 5 Art Rat Tar At

Word Jam Italy Answers

Level 1 Air Aid Rid Raid
Level 2 Bet Bit Bite Tie
Level 3 Par Pay Pray Ray Rap
Level 4 Fog For Or Of Frog Go
Level 5 As Mask Ask Am
Level 6 Lid Mid Mild Dim
Level 7 Raw Ran Warn War An
Level 8 Hit Tin Nit Hint Thin
Level 9 Rob Bow Row Brow
Level 10 God Do Log Old Go Gold Dog

Word Jam Russia Answers

Level 1 Fast At Fat Sat As
Level 2 On Know Now Own No Won
Level 3 Rib Rid Bid Bird
Level 4 Lad Day Lay Lady
Level 5 Ring Gin Rig Grin
Level 6 Mile Lie Me Lime
Level 7 Blow Bowl Low Lob Bow Owl
Level 8 Once Con Eon No One Cone On
Level 9 Bus Buy Busy By Us
Level 10 Ace Care Ear Era Acre Are Car Race Arc

Word Jam Australia Answers

Level 1 Ore Force Foe Core Fore For
Level 2 Hey Heavy Have Hay
Level 3 Self Flesh Shelf She
Level 4 Pad Apt Adapt Pat Data Tap
Level 5 Chip Hip Ship Chips Sip His
Level 6 Met Pet Yet Empty Type
Level 7 Bed Breed Red Bred Deer Bee Beer
Level 8 Omen Eon Men Money One Yen
Level 9 Ash All Halls Shall Hall Has
Level 10 Mad Mama Dam Madam