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Word Desserts Answers & Cheats for All Levels

Word Desserts is another one of those Android and iOS word games that are advertised as a “brain ___er.” We’ve heard of brain teasers (of course), trainers, and ticklers, but this one, according to the game’s makers, is a brain “twister.” Your objective in Silly Spider’s new word game is to find as many words as you can within a level, and when it comes to levels there are hundreds of them, promising hours of fun gameplay for the entire family. Simply swipe your finger over the letters to create a word, and if you find a bonus word, that gets you free coins which go to your word jar. There aren’t any unusual twists or turns here — it’s simple, straightforward word gaming, and if that’s what you downloaded the game for, you won’t be disappointed.

Of course, there may be times when playing this game that you wouldn’t be able to move forward on a certain level. There may be some words which you can’t guess, even if you rack your brain trying to come up with the answer. Fortunately, we’ve done the dirty work for you, at least for a few answer packs, and come up with a list of Word Desserts answers and cheats. We’re only covering the first two answer packs, so read on (but not from start to finish, we hope) if you need some help in the early stages!

Cookies Pack

Word Desserts Chocolate Chip Answers

#1: Set
#2: Cat
#3: Ant
#4: Saw
#5: Ear
SL: Real
#6: Dog
#7: Rat
#8: Now
#9: Top
#10: Tab

Cakes Pack

Word Desserts Carrot Answers

#1: Lime
#2: Meal
#3: Soil
#4: Rail
#5: Fire
SL: Fried
#6: Sire
#7: Year
#8: Sign
#9: Rose
#10: Feel

Word Desserts Banana Answers

#1: Dine
#2: Shop
#3: Earn
#4: Wasp
#5: Time
SL: Timed
#6: Done
#7: Nose
#8: Torn
#9: Brag
#10: Nest

Word Desserts Chocolate Answers

#1: Bear
#2: Dawn
#3: Deal
#4: Dash
#5: Shade
SL: Tool
#6: Drop
#7: Take
#8: Lame

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