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Little Alchemy 2 Ultimate Guide & Strategies: All the Valid Combinations for 30 Select Items

Little Alchemy was a huge hit among fans of alchemy or crafting games. Now it’s back, as the company that gave you the original title is back with a new and improved game for Android and iOS, Little Alchemy 2. The new game comes with more items or materials to mix and match, a new art style, and “charming” music you can listen to as you play God and create the world from scratch. As you create more items, you can discover even more of them as you “lose yourself exploring the huge, new library.” You’ll also want to check out the encyclopedia, which comes with cool and funny item descriptions. Can you make all of them and create all the items from scratch?

Of course, it’s better if you find out the combinations or recipes for all of the items yourself — that’s the fun of these crafting games, as they’re designed to test your resourcefulness and patience as you combine more materials and discover new recipes. But you might reach a point or two where you aren’t able to figure out how to create new items. To this end, we’ve created a Little Alchemy 2 ultimate guide that covers as much ground as possible — bear in mind that we didn’t include all the items, but we’ve included a lot (30) of them, and you could check this answer key if there are any recipes for items you can’t quite figure out.

How To Make Air

Fire + Mist

How To Make Airplane

Bat + Machine
Bat + Metal
Bat + Steel
Bird + Boat
Bird + Car
Bird + Machine
Bird + Metal
Bird + Sailboat
Bird + Steam Engine
Bird + Steamboat
Bird + Steel
Bird + Train
Container + Pilot
Crow + Machine
Crow + Metal
Crow + Steel
Duck + Machine
Duck + Metal
Duck + Steel
Eagle + Machine
Eagle + Metal
Eagle + Steel
Hummingbird + Machine
Hummingbird + Metal
Hummingbird + Steel
Machine + Owl
Machine + Pigeon
Machine + Seagull
Machine + Vulture
Metal + Owl
Metal + Pigeon
Metal + Seagull
Metal + Vulture
Owl + Steam Engine
Owl + Steel
Pigeon + Steel
Seagull + Steel
Steel + Vulture

How To Make Bridge

Metal + River
Metal + Stream
River + Steel
River + Wood
Steel + Stream
Stream + Wood

How To Make Broom

Hay + Wood

How To Make Bulletproof Vest

Armor + Bullet
Armor + Gun

How To Make Bus

2x Car
Car + City
Car + Train

How To Make Butcher

Ham + Human
Human + Meat